Wilson Staff Duo & Duo Spin Golf Ball Review

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50 Words or Less

The Wilson Staff Duo has been a favorite since it was released because of its unparalleled soft feel.  The new Duo is even softer and the Duo Spin has that soft feel with added short game spin for aspiring or better players.


For 2015, Wilson Staff is releasing three new golf balls to align with their familiar F-C-D player segments.  The F (Feel) player will get a new version of the exceptional FG Tour, and two new versions of the Duo fit the C and D players.  The 2015 Duo, built for the D (Distance) player is softer than ever with a compression rating of 29.  The Duo Spin is a new offering designed to deliver low compression (35) with increased spin for the C (Control) player.

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Without question, the feel of the original Duo is what made it noteworthy, and that’s still here in the updated model.  It’s marshmallow-soft off the putter, but the real fun is hitting it with a long club.  With a wood or iron, the Duo makes it feel like you’re hitting a tennis ball with a baseball bat.  Even mishits feel crushed.

That feel is still here with the new Duo, and the Duo Spin feels very similar.  In fact, they’re practically identical.  If you’re some kind of golf ball savant you may be able to distinguish the two, but most golfers will enjoy both equally.

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Long Game

Off the tee, there’s no ball as fun, and few as long, as the Wilson Staff Duo.  In our testing, we found it to be one of the lowest-spinning balls off the tee, plus it generated great ball speed.  What was unexpected was that the Duo Spin nearly matches the Duo for distance.  We found that it did spin more – approximately 150 RPMs – but it is still soundly in the “low driver spin” category.  With either of these balls, you can expect to hit your long clubs a little longer than you expect.

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Short Game

In the short game, the Duo Spin takes center stage, though not by a huge margin.  In our testing, we found that the Duo Spin produced several hundred RPMs more spin than the Duo.  While that sounds like a lot, it’s really only about a 10% difference.  To put it in more practical terms: the difference between these balls is not the difference between spinning it back and watching it roll through the green into the rough.  It might be more accurate to say that it’s the difference between a ball stopping and a ball backing up a little.  Ultimately, these balls are well-designed for the short games of the D and C players, respectively.  The Duo is far from a range rock, and high handicap players will be able to get some spin when the hit a shot well.  The Duo Spin has some added versatility for the C player who wants to add more shots to his short game arsenal.

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Who This Ball Is For

I think Wilson Staff is pretty much spot on with their player recommendations for these balls.  The Duo is a great choice for higher handicap players who are primarily focused on distance.  The low compression feel is great and the low driver spin means long tee shots.  The Duo Spin is still plenty long, but it adds enough spin for the aspiring player.  I also think the Duo Spin is a great cold weather choice for better players.

If you want to give the Duo and Duo Spin a try, Wilson Staff is letting you do just that with its DUO Nation promotion.  On January 24th, you can pick up some free DUO golf balls at any major golf retailer.  What’s more, if you go online and tell Wilson Staff what you think about the DUO, you will be entered into a contest to win a trip to Pinehurst.  Free golf balls and the possibility to go to Pinehurst for free?  I know where I’ll be on January 24th.

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In a segment where most products are nearly indistinguishable from each other, Wilson Staff has found a way to stand out.  No ball feels as soft as the Duo, yet it still performs well, even with above average club head speeds.  The Duo Spin is a great addition to the line up; it allows most discriminating players to still enjoy the trademark Duo feel.

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  1. Matt, thanks for the great review as usual. The Duo is a great ball, as is the 50 Elite. I think if Wilson Staff keeps up the solid work like they have done with the Duo and the Nexus bag line, they can start to garner a greater following. Thanks for the tip on the free balls as well. I’ll be telling my buddies about the Duo giveaway and try to win over a few more converts.

  2. I’ve read about the Duo, and like so many seasoned players one becomes a bit skeptical with ball manufacturers’ claims for obvious reasons. I’ve had to wait a whole for the Duo to arrive/be available in the Proshop in South Africa. Last Friday I saw these on display and bought two sleeves. Yestreday I played with the Duo for the first time ever (I prefer a soft ball balata feel like) and can honestly say that I was totally bowled over….the ball delivered what was said of it…..( I’ve been playing Brudgestone e6 for the past few months and was happy with this change….seems that I’ve just made another change again……..). I’m excited again to read about the “distance and feel” versions Wilson is launching now………I’ll definitely be trying the “soft” model if and when available in a South Africa…….Wilson….you’ll Aldo be happy to hear that I still play with my Wilson Deep Red irons as well. Had them re-grooved and polished about 8 months ago and they’re as good as new…..( playing off a 8 handicapp now at age 62….. Suppose not too bad condidering……). Wilson…great value for money and very enjoyable results…..do keep up this guys as the brand name Wilson has my full respect and support……..
    Kind regards
    Justin Botha – the Ernie Els Club -Copperleaf

  3. Great review Matt! I picked these up a couple of weeks back and am loving the feel. Need more time with them to really see if they’ll spin around the green but so far am digging the ball. Coming from a Pro V1, I’m really hoping these perform because the sound/feel is unparalleled.

  4. michael browning

    trying out new wilson staff duospin balls,like them so far but in my 4th game with same ball i noticed a funny sound to my hit and upon farther investigation found my ball had a large crack in it. i do not know if this is a problem with manufacturing or just a 1 time thing.i have only played 5 times as weather permits so to early to tell.will keep on trying them till i decide.thanks

  5. Buzz Schranz

    I’ll be 71 next week, have been out of the gym for 4-5 years, weigh 150, and stand 5’6″. My length is about average for a decent amateur golfer, example, 185 yards with a 4 iron and I’ll use that club for statistics. I have a new set of custom irons that have added length to my game so I was a bit confused at first but now I can back up my claims with a SkyTrak launch monitor in my basement driving range. The Duo and Duo Spin are 20 yards longer than the number one professional ball (at my swing speed). Yesterday I hit three 4 irons on the course, 205, 210, and 226. The last one was off a tee with a slight draw due to a dogleg hole so I got some extra roll. For my swing, the new Wilsons are my new ball of choice.

    There has been no problem with the Duos but I have cracked three Duo Spins with a driver in my basement so when the Spins are gone I’ll be using Duos exclusively.

  6. Buzz Schranz

    Duo/ProV1 comparison with a 6 iron – 8 swings each and threw out the longest and shortest shots of each ball. Average of six remaining shots. The launch monitor is reading about 20 yards short of actual shots measured on the golf course.

    Carry 150/141
    Total distance 161/152
    Launch angle 18/18.5
    Back spin 3387/4090
    Club head speed 73/73
    Ball speed 105/102

  7. I keep hearing about these balls, very positive remarks. As soon as I get through my Callaway super softs I’m buying theses. Can’t wait.

  8. I’m 69 years young and play 2-3 times a week. Have always liked a softer ball and have been using the Titleist DT SOLO for over a year. I found a yellow Duo yesterday in the weeds and decided to try it –REALLY soft, but more distance than my SOLO’s. After 2 or 3 holes, tried to hit extra hard, and of course lost it in the woods. Just bought 2 doz on line for same price as the SOLO. Can’t wait to play 18 with it.

  9. Wayne bohne

    76 years young only use due golf balls

  10. Ray Enright

    I loved the Wilson Duo until I tried the Duo Spin! Had a hole in one with the Duo Spin ball this past summer! (149 yd par 3, 7 iron ) Took one hop and in the cup! Needless to say, I’m a believer ! (couldn’t leave her if I tried!)
    My Wilson Level 2 putter is the best putter I’ve ever owned.
    Thanks Wilson!

  11. Geoff wadsworth

    I found a Wilson duo in the rough whilst looking for my srixon so I thought I would give it a go it was amazing 20 yds further off the tee it transformed my game I shot 4 under par on the back nine against the wind I will certainly be purchasing some of these

  12. John Brosnaham

    Turning 70 this year, using the Duo I shot my first 40 on front nine of Cypress Lakes. So impressed, I have ordered the Duo Spin and am hoping to finally break 80. Love these balls. Great job, Wilson.👍

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