Voice Caddie TL1 Laser Rangefinder Review

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The Voice Caddie TL1 laser rangefinder is the best pure rangefinder on the market right now.  Beautiful display, lightning quick, and perfect accuracy.

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Voice Caddie may be named for their talking GPS units, but over the last couple years, they’ve made the biggest mark in laser rangefinders.  Their SL2 [review HERE] set a completely new standard for the blending of GPS and rangefinder technologies.  With the TL1, Voice Caddie is getting back to the basics but doing so at the highest level.

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Set Up & Ease of Use

The Voice Caddie TL1 is extremely straightforward and easy to use.  There are two buttons on the top – Power and Mode.  As with most rangefinders, the Power button brings up the aiming reticle and gets the distance.  Mode allows the TL1 to change from yards to meters or manually adjust the brightness.

One additional, stealthy control is located on the side of the unit.  A slider near the “VC” logo turns the slope feature on and off.  I really like having a tangible way to access this function, and this slider gives me that without being in the way.  There is virtually zero chance of changing this setting accidentally.

Finally, the battery compartment is located below the eyepiece.  A quick one-eighth turn locks and unlocks it, making battery changes quick and secure.

Accuracy & Features

The two things that make the Voice Caddie TL1 my choice as the best premium rangefinder are the speed and the display.  It’s no contest between this red and green OLED display and most other rangefinders.  Other rangefinders look like old school calculators while the TL1 has this bright, full, easy to read display.  Additionally, the brightness adjusts automatically to suit the environment.

Similarly, the speed of the TL1 is insane.  As soon as you release the button, you’ll have the distance in front of you.  Another facet of the speed is how easily it picks up the correct target.  There is no shortage of lasers that are quick when the target is close or obvious, but the TL1 retains its speed even when the target is over 200 yards away.  Shaky hands and windblown flags present no challenge either.

Two other premium features of the Voice Caddie TL1 are the integrated magnet and the cover.  With the built-in magnet, you can keep your TL1 stuck to your cart for easier access.  My only concern with this feature is leaving the rangefinder behind, but that’s where the cover comes in.  The bright yellow slip-on cover makes the TL1 virtually impossible to ignore, plus it adds traction in your hand.


The Voice Caddie TL1 retails for $350 but Plugged In Golf readers can buy it for $279 HERE.  For a pure rangefinder, this is the class of the field right now.  It costs more than many of the budget rangefinders, but it’s far from the most expensive laser out there.  For me, the speed and beautiful display make the TL1 a strong value.

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Voice Caddie isn’t the biggest name in rangefinders, nor is the TL1 the most expensive, but, in my opinion, it’s the best pure rangefinder you can buy right now.  It’s as fast or faster than anything else, and the display puts others to shame.

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  1. Nice that these gadgets have good magnets for sticking to the cart but my problem is where I live the cart frames are made of fiberglass. At least the last two years I have found that out anyway, haven’t golfed all my local courses recently since I tend to gravitate to a few. I’d like to be able to stick my gps on the frame too.

  2. Thanks for this timely review Matt as I’m wanting to pull the trigger on buying a rangefinder at the moment. One I’ve looked at is the Bushnell Pro XE, which is highly regarded by some other review sites. The one feature that it seems to have that others don’t is an adjustment for climate (temperature and barometric pressure). That seems like a very valuable feature to me since temperature/pressure factors can affect my distance by one or two clubs – in winter I notice that I have to hit one or even two stronger clubs to get the same distance I would get in warmer weather.

    Have you had any experience with that model or with that kind of feature in rangefinders? Do you think that feature would be a big asset? Does the VC TL1 have that feature or anything comparable?

  3. Voice Caddie makes a good product. I’ve been very pleased with the performance of the VC L5 I purchased after reading your review of it.

  4. Is there any water resistance with the TL1?

    • Matt Saternus


      None is advertised, so I wouldn’t soak it, but I also wouldn’t be afraid of using it in a light rain, personally.



  5. Trying to decide between a Cobalt Q-6 Slope or a Voice Caddie TL1. They both appear to be quite accurate, fast, and have good optics. A magnet isn’t a need. I’ve read the reviews and curious why you might prefer one over the other? Thank you.

    • Matt Saternus


      I didn’t review the Cobalt, so I can’t offer a head to head comparison. Personally, since the Voice Caddie is $50 less (if you use our link) and Voice Caddie is a more established brand, I would opt for the TL1.



  6. Thank you sir!

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