Voice Caddie L6 Rangefinder Review

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The Voice Caddie L6 rangefinder is a budget-friendly option with red optics and blazing speed.  Accurate and easy to use.

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When I started golfing, having a laser rangefinder was a major flex.  They were a new technology in golf, and they were expensive.  Now, rangefinders are available for everyone, but the problem is, how do you differentiate between all the different models?  For this review, I took a look at the affordable Voice Caddie L6 rangefinder to see if it stands apart from its peers.

Set Up & Ease of Use

One of the major criteria for any rangefinder – especially at lower prices – is how easy they are to use.  The Voice Caddie L6 scores well in this category.  The basic functioning is no different than any other rangefinder: press the power button to bring up the aiming reticle, press it again for the yardage.  Holding the power button down activates Pin Tracer mode, which filters out the objects beyond the pin.

The “M” button is used to access the L6’s other features.  Press it twice to change from meters to yards.  Hold “M” for three seconds to turn the slope adjustment on and off.  You can also adjust the brightness of the red OLED display across six levels by holding the power button and tapping “M”.  While I wouldn’t rate any of these as being particularly intuitive, they are changes you aren’t likely to make often.

Accuracy & Performance

The Voice Caddie L6 rangefinder is one of the most affordable in their line up, but it’s not short on speed or accuracy.  According to Voice Caddie, it displays your distance in 0.1 seconds, which is as fast as anything in the industry.  It’s also very accurate.  I tested it alongside the much more expensive Voice Caddie SL3 [review HERE] as well as several other rangefinders and found it to be equally accurate.

While there aren’t a lot of buttons or modes on the L6, there is a lot of technology under the hood.  It has a 1,000 yard range, which puts it on par with the most expensive rangefinders.  The Pin Tracer Technology works as quickly and accurately as any such feature that I’ve tested.  You’ll also get a vibration and a visual indicator when the L6 has locked onto the flag.  Additionally, Voice Caddie uses their V-Algorithm to offer slope-adjusted yardages that more accurately reflect the ball flight at different distances.

Another area where Voice Caddie delivered is in the display.  There’s 6X magnification – again, equal to that of much more expensive rangefinders – with a focus adjustment.  The display is laid out clearly with the yardage above the aiming reticle and other numbers below when Slope is turned on.  Also, there’s a low battery indicator – a much needed but rarely seen feature.

Finally, the Voice Caddie L6 is light and compact.  At just 5.6 ounces, it doesn’t add much weight to your kit whether you throw it in your bag or use the included carrying case.  It’s small enough that you can even tuck it into a pocket if need be.


The Voice Caddie L6 rangefinder retails for $249, but Plugged In Golf readers can buy it for $199 HERE.

If you prefer red optics like I do, the L6 is the most affordable way to get it.  At this popular price point, the red display is what sets the L6 apart.  Everything else about this laser is as good or better than its peers, but the display is what elevates it.


If you want a rangefinder that’s easy to use but doesn’t skimp on technology, the Voice Caddie L6 is a fantastic choice.  It’s the most affordable rangefinder you can find with a red OLED display, but it doesn’t rest on that feature.  This is one of the quickest lasers available, and the Pin Tracer technology works brilliantly.

Buy the Voice Caddie L6 HERE

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  1. Does this model have a magnet built in to stick to the golf cart?

  2. Tee Lassar

    don’t understand why any company would design or sell a rangefinder without built in magnet these days…
    ‘jus sayin !

  3. It was held be good if you had just one photo showing the red display you keep harping on about.

  4. Dave Sampson

    Matt, I’ve been using the Voice Caddie L5 since you did a review on it and I’ve been very pleased with its performance. Sounds like the red display for the L6 is the main difference between the two?

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