Voice Caddie Laser FIT Rangefinder Review

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The Voice Caddie Laser FIT is a light weight, pocket-sized rangefinder.  Allows you to get the distance from ball to pin without standing near the ball.  Extremely fast.

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When I first glimpsed the Voice Caddie Laser FIT, I assumed it was just another miniature rangefinder.  I quickly learned, however, that this packs one of the latest innovations in rangefinders: Ball To Pin measurements.  This is something we first saw in the CaddyTalk CUBE [review HERE], so I was anxious to learn how it would be implemented by one of the leaders in the sector.

Set Up & Ease of Use

When I read that the Voice Caddie Laser FIT offered “Ball to Pin” measurements, I expected numerous buttons, but Voice Caddie has packed a lot of features into the traditional two button layout.  The basic functionality is what you would expect: push the power button to bring up the aiming reticle, push it again for your distance.

Turning slope on and off requires a 5 second hold of the “M button, and a double tap changes from yards to meters.  To use the Ball To Pin measurement, start with a single press of the M button.  You’ll shoot the ball when you see the ball icon in the viewfinder blink, and the same with the flag.  After that, the Ball To Pin distance appears.  The on-screen icons make this advanced feature fairly intuitive.

Features & Accuracy

A major part of the appeal of the Voice Caddie Laser FIT is the size.  Measuring less than 3.5″ X 1.5″ X 2.25″ and weighing just 4 ounces, it can easily slide into your pocket.  Golfers with smaller hands will love it.  Though I don’t fit that description, the simple two button layout was easy for me to use even though the Laser FIT feels quite small in my hand.

As I’ve come to expect from Voice Caddie, the Laser FIT is extremely fast and accurate.  I thought the smaller brother of the TL1 [review HERE] might be a little slower, but it’s every bit as quick.  Whether you’re using tournament mode, slope, or Pin Tracer, your distance will display as soon as you release the button.  Additionally, the Ball To Pin measurements are excellent, as long as you’re accurate when shooting the ball.  This is an area where the Laser FIT’s speed comes in handy: you can double check your yardage in just a second.

For those that haven’t encountered Ball To Pin measurements before, there are several benefits.  The best use is for cart path only days.  Ball To Pin measurements mean you won’t need to walk to your ball with three clubs only to find that they’re all wrong.  Additionally, it can speed up play.  Finally, you can use it to find the distance between two hazards, or a hazard and the green, to choose a smart strategy.

The Voice Caddie Laser FIT uses a rechargeable battery which lasts for 8 hours.  It does have a battery life indicator, so you’ll never be caught unaware.  Additionally, it boasts 6X magnification and black/red optics, but it does not have a cart magnet.


The Voice Caddie Laser FIT retails for $199, but Plugged In Golf readers can buy it for $179 HERE.

$179 for a laser this fast and compact is a solid value to begin with, but the addition of Ball To Pin puts it over the top.  The CaddyTalk CUBE retails for $350, making Laser FIT the much more affordable way to access this high end feature.


Whether you’re looking for something small and sleek or you want to be on the cutting edge of technology, the Voice Caddie Laser FIT rangefinder is a great choice.  This is a super fast laser with a feature currently seen on only one other product at a much higher price.

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Matt Saternus


  1. Dean Cook

    Can we get the discount in the UK?

  2. Not having the magnet is a huge miss! I won’t buy another Rangefinder without it.

  3. Nice review! I assume it doesn’t have the built in bite magnet?

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