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The Voice Caddie B1 GPS band is lightweight and easy to use.  Accurate.  Clasp mechanism not ideal for golfers who carry their bags.


Voice Caddie is best known for their eponymous speaking GPS units, but over the last couple years they’ve expanded their line up to a wide range of products including the excellent Swing Caddie.  The B1 GPS band represents a foray into the ultralight GPS market for the player who doesn’t need a laundry list of features.


Set Up & Ease of Use

The Voice Caddie B1 doesn’t ask you to do anything other than charge it and turn it on.  It recognizes the course and hole automatically and displays the distance to the front, back, and middle of the green.

The one additional feature that the B1 has is measuring shot distances.  To use this feature, just push the button once to start measuring and then again to stop.  The B1 GPS band could not be easier to use.


Accuracy & Performance

At this point, GPS units are expected to be accurate within a yard, and the B1 GPS band delivers.  Compared to course markings and laser measurements, the B1 is very accurate.

The Voice Caddie B1 also sports an impressive 10 hour battery life.  This is great for those of us who don’t always remember to charge our gear between rounds. The battery life does come at a small cost: the display shuts itself off after a few seconds.  This means that you need to push the button to bring the display up when you want a yardage.

Finally, I need to provide a warning about the clasp.  The B1 does not use a traditional watch clasp; it has two prongs on one side that poke through holes on the other side of the strap.  This mechanism works fine when walking or swinging, but I found that it was knocked off my wrist regularly when picking up or putting down my golf bag.  If you typically use a push cart or ride, this is a non-issue, but those that carry will prefer a GPS with a more secure attachment.


The Voice Caddie B1 GPS band can be purchased for $160 HERE.  This is a bit lower than other similar GPS bands, and the B1 does not require a subscription or update fees.  If you want a simple, light GPS unit, the B1 is a solid value.



The B1 GPS band is another solid product from Voice Caddie.  For players whose focus is on simplicity and speed of play, a light GPS band like this is a perfect choice.

Buy the Voice Caddie B1 GPS Band HERE

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