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The VKTRY Performance insoles substantially change the feel of your shoes, adding more stability and support.  Bold performance claims that were partially validated in my testing.


“You can’t launch a rocket from a canoe.”

Major champion Padraig Harrington made that comment explaining why he wears the VKTRY insoles for “more stability and improve[d] ground force.”  Those that have followed Padraig’s recent run of success know that he’s hitting the ball as far as he ever has, so it’s natural to wonder how much VKTRY performance insoles have helped him.  I tested a pair to see if they could give my swing some added power, too.


Trading the conventional, stock insoles in my Payntr X 001 F golf shoes [review HERE] for VKTRY Performance insoles made a substantial difference in the way that the shoes felt.  The VKTRY insoles are thicker, so I stood taller.  This also made the shoe feel tighter because more of the space inside it was consumed by the insole.  It wasn’t overly tight or uncomfortable, but it was different.

When I started moving with VKTRY, I immediately noticed how much stiffer it was compared to the traditional insole.  It’s evident what VKTRY means when they talk about the energy return with these insoles.  Additionally, my heel felt more locked in to the VKTRY insole, making my foot feel more stable.


VKTRY performance insoles are not shy when it comes to performance claims.  They promote an improved vertical leap (1.6″), a faster 40 yard dash (0.12 seconds), and 41% fewer foot injuries over the course of a season.  More generally, they state that their insoles return energy instead of wasting it, offer “spring-like shock absorption,” and provide “superior support and stabilization.”

Their golf insoles speak right to the heart of most golfers: more club head speed and more distance.  Per the VKTRY website, “Many serious golfers see a +2 MPH increase [in club head speed].”  If fully optimized, that could add 5 yards of carry distance off the tee.  Padraig Harrington attests that he hit his personal best ball speed while wearing VKTRY.


Since my dreams of being drafted by the NBA or NFL are long-forgotten, I did not test VKTRY’s claims about improved leaping or sprinting.  I did, however, tested their claims about increased club head speed.  For this test, I hit drives on my Foresight GC Quad, alternating between the VKTRY Performance Insoles and the standard insoles.  I switched insoles every five swings and compiled fifteen total swings with each.

The primary thing that I was interested in was club head speed.  With the VKTRY insoles, I did not see a higher peak club head speed, but I did record a higher average speed (+1 MPH).  My speed training (and thus, my speed) has fallen off a bit lately, which leaves me wondering what the results would have been if I were in peak form.  It’s possible that VKTRY could have pushed my peak even higher, though it’s also plausible that the difference would have been the same or smaller.  I intend to continue wearing VKTRY insoles and will update this review if I discover anything noteworthy in the future.


VKTRY Performance Insoles come in two types: Gold and Silver.  The Gold, which is what I tested for this review, retails for $149 Silver retails for $99.

The Gold insoles are made of 100% carbon fiber.  They’re also customizable for age, weight, and sport.  The Silver insoles are made of a carbon fiber composite and only available in one standard thickness.


While they didn’t turn me into a long drive champion, VKTRY Performance Insoles did provide a measurable boost for my average swing speed and a very noticeable change in the feel of my shoes.  If you’re looking for more support and stability in your footwear, changing to VKTRY insoles may have a bigger impact than a new pair of shoes.

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Matt Saternus


  1. I’m a podiatrist, I’ll check these out
    My favorite golf shoes are Ecco’s, i’ll pair them with these
    Those claims are pretty bold though, I better see my vert increase 1.6″ when I do a layup and slap the backboard

  2. Thanks for testing VKTRY Insoles, Matt. We appreciate your honest opinion and insights.
    I also wanted to let your readers know that they too can test VKs, because we offer a 90 day money back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with our product, VKTRY will provide a 100% refund. So, no risk to try!
    Steve Wasik, VKTRY CEO

  3. Randy Siedschlag

    Thanks for this review. I need to have insoles for my feet and stiff ones at that. These sound like what I need and I do play multiple sports, so getting customization depending when you want out of them is neat. #DoubleSecret

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