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Eye opening experience with the Vega VW-08 wedge.  Superior feel and performance.  Premium piece of golf equipment.

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The Vega VW-08 wedge was my first foray into Vega Golf, and, up until this point, I had only read the name in the various online forums amongst the “golf elite.”  When the Vega name was being thrown around to be reviewed I thought it would be a good time to finally find out what all the hype was about.  Vega is known as one of the best forged golf club companies in the industry.  This review will cover whether or not this quality is apparent in the VW-08 wedge and if the performance matches the reputation.

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There are options of either brushed or raw wedges from Vega; we reviewed the raw Vega VW-08 wedge which has a beautifully rough appearance and genuinely makes you feel like a blacksmith hammered and shaped this club by hand out of a billet of steel.  The texture has a certain roughness to it that makes you think this wedge will really grab the ball at contact and give you some of the best response you’ll ever feel…and that’s before you’ve ever hit a shot with it!

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Sound & Feel

The Vega VW-08 wedge is anything but clunky.  At contact, you will experience one of the softest clicks you have ever heard off the face of a golf club and the feel to match it.  I have literally hit hundreds of different wedges in my life from all of the major manufacturers, but I have yet to come across anything that sounds and feels anywhere remotely close to as soft as the VW-08.  If there’s a perfect sound and feel for a wedge, this might be it.

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The leading edge of the Vega VW-08 wedge is the key to the performance of this club for me.  My biggest struggle is my wedge game, specifically off of tight lies (group me in with most amateur golfers if you must).  I’m not going to lie, this ongoing struggle makes me fear wedge review because I’m afraid I’m not going to be able to give the wedge a fair review because I won’t be able to tame my demons.  Thankfully, the rounded leading edge which Vega labels as “tightly ground” makes this club a breeze to hit off of tight lies and you can get nice clean contact with plenty of bite.  In addition to nice feel and performance around the greens, this grind on the VW-08 also make full shots from longer distances very easy to throw accurately at the green.

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My current problem is that I don’t play a 58º wedge in my bag so I haven’t found a permanent spot for the Vega VW-08 wedge in my bag, but it’s still sitting by the bag which is more than a lot of clubs can say.  Rest assured that when my distance gaps allow for it, this Vega VW-08 wedge will immediately find its way into my golf bag and I will have success with it.  The VW-08 is truly the full package with superior feel and performance, and it just flat out looks super cool.

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