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UST Mamiya Elements Chrome Shaft Review

UST Elements Chrome (1)

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One of UST’s smoothest feeling shafts.  Stable tip section.  Balanced to give you more feel for the club head.


Last year, UST released the Elements family of shafts with three different models: Earth, Fire, and Wind.  This year, the Elements family expands by one with the addition of Chrome.  UST claims that this is their most technologically advanced shaft ever, utilizing Recoil technology and variable wall thickness to create maximum energy and minimize dispersion.

UST Elements Chrome (7)


The UST Elements Chrome is one of the smoothest UST Mamiya shafts that I’ve every played.  Most of the “action” feels like it’s happening in the mid-butt section, and the tip is quite stable.  There is just enough torque to keep the shaft feeling smooth, but not so much that it feels like you have to rein in your swing.

One other stand out characteristic is the balance.  While many shaft companies are pushing counter-balanced shafts, the UST Elements Chrome feels heavier towards the head.  For players who like a heavier swing weight or want more feel of the club head, Elements Chrome is a great choice.

UST Elements Chrome (5)


The Elements Chrome is a good looking shaft that is a major upgrade from the past members of the Elements family.  It’s primarily white and silver with some modest graphical nods to the Elements concept.  Should you choose to go “logo down” with your installation, you get a very clean look at address.

Elements LM Data

*The UST Elements was paired with a TaylorMade SLDR for this test unlike past shaft reviews which used the Callaway RAZR Fit Extreme.  As such, the numbers from this review are not apples-to-apples comparison with  past shaft reviews.


Where last year’s Elements shafts offered three different designs to appeal to players who wanted a specific kind of ball flight (high, medium, and low), the Chrome simply takes aim at the middle of the bell curve.  My testing showed that the Elements Chrome delivers a mid launch and mid-low spin that will fit a large percentage of golfers.

The most prominent feature of this shaft, for me, was that is really promoted a right-to-left ball flight.  This wasn’t due to a weak tip section or too much torque, but rather a result of the very head-heavy feel.  As a player whose “neutral” shot is a bit of a draw, I had to work a little to hit dead straight shots, and I had to work a lot to hit cuts or fades.  For players who naturally move the ball to the right, this shaft might be a perfect balance against those tendencies.

UST Elements Chrome (3)


The UST Elements Chrome is one of the smoothest feeling shafts I’ve ever tested from UST, and it creates a strong, mid-launch ball flight that will appeal to a lot of players.  UST has chosen to offer the Elements Chrome only through their UST TSPX fitters, so head to your nearest club fitter to see if this shaft is for you.

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  1. Matthew Priestley

    Hey Matt,

    Your reviews are awesome and your site is at the top of my golf bookmarks these days.

    Being a club ho, is there any chance you can provide more details rewarding the equipment used. For example, the loft of the driver head, the model of shaft used, CPM’s, swing weight and even overall length would be fantastic.

    Thanks in advance and keep up the good work.


    • Matt Saternus


      Thank you, I’m glad to hear that PluggedInGolf is at the top of your list.
      This shaft was tested with a 12* SLDR driver. The shaft is the 7F4 played at 45″.



  2. Hey Matt-
    So first off, I have been fitted and tested this shaft. Getting good results in both the king ltd and king f6+, and cobra offers this as a no upcharge custom option. I am considering this because then I could match in my fairway woods. However, my oban tour limited still gets great results in my old bio cell+, and it was definitely NOT no upcharge. Am I crazy to be considering selling the oban and replacing with this? Thanks.

    • Matt Saternus


      I definitely get where you’re coming from. It’s hard to convince yourself that a cheaper piece of gear could work as well or better than an expensive one. That said, the results are the results. If you trust the fitter, go with their recommendation.

      The only caveat (and sorry for potentially putting a splinter in your brain), is that I would want to know that the no upcharge shaft from Cobra is exactly the same as the one you tested.



  3. Bill Schmidt


    Is this shaft essentially the same shaft as Ping’s Tour in the G30 etc?


  4. How would this shaft work with a ping g30

    • Matt Saternus


      Only the fitter who is working with you could answer that. It will work well for some, poorly for others.



  5. Ronin Golfer

    Just curious, I purchased a Element Chrome shaft online and realized that I didnt pay close enough attn to the model stamp….It says T7F4E, nothing on the website tells me exactly what this means and as of yet UST hasnt responded to emails. Can you shed some light?

    • Matt Saternus


      I don’t have any insight – I’m not as dialed into UST as I am to other brands. I would suggest trying to contact them via social media, companies are pretty responsive to that.



  6. Hi Matt. I have a nice elements chrome and a cobra F6 . My club head speed is about 90 at 57 I’m starting to think I may be better off with a more flexible shaft. However if I get them out of the Centre I’m hitting about 220 meters in the fly.
    Is the chrome a good shaft fir about 90 ? Thanks Peter

    • Matt Saternus


      There’s a lot more to shaft fitting than swing speed, so I can’t make a credible recommendation for your swing without working with you. I would strongly recommend that you work with a fitter to find the best shaft for you.



  7. Hey i was wondering how i can order the shaft to be compatible with a cobra speedzone driver

    • Matt Saternus


      You can:
      1) Contact Club Champion and they can order the parts and build it for you.
      2) Contact UST and see if they will ship the shaft with the adapter
      3) Contact Cobra and see if you can order this shaft with the adapter


  8. Matt, I just picked up a set of WS D200 new and they were promoted as ‘UST Elements Chrome’ shafts but the shafts I got were ‘UST Proforce’ They are black with silver wording and 1 1/2″ length red stripes just past the Mimiya logo. I do see a lot of Proforce V2 shafts but I don’t see anything on the internet about these shafts.

    Are these counterfeit? Private label version of Elements Chrome?



    • Matt Saternus


      That’s a good question, but unfortunately I don’t have an answer. I would suggest contacting Wilson so see if they can add anything to this.


  9. I put this shaft into my Ping g400 lst head. All I can say is WOW! Beauty and a beast!

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