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Under Armour UA Storm Armada Sunbrella Cart Bag Review

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The Under Armour UA Storm Armada Sunbrella Cart Bag is full of features that enhance functionality and the user experience.  The Sunbrella fabric is not only distinctive, it provides superior weather protection and fade resistance.


Early in 2017, Under Armour partnered with Sun Mountain and their 30 years of experience to begin producing golf bags.  Critics claimed the bags were simply Sun Mountain models with UA logos and higher price tags, but variations in features and colorways made them uniquely Under Armour.  Further putting their own innovative stamp on the Storm Armada Cart Bag, the UA design team incorporated Sunbrella fabric, renowned for its outdoor durability.


The UA Storm Armada Sunbrella Cart Bag comes in the one color shown – graphite heather.  The combination of dark and light greys gives the bag a crisp, upscale persona.  The UA logos aren’t small, but they blend in subtlety.  As with the Sun Mountain branded bags, having a logo that doesn’t relate to club brands is a positive attribute.  The feel of the Sunbrella fabric also adds the swagger of the bag – it’s heavier, in a sturdy way, than typical nylon with a pleasing texture.


Looking closely at the UA Storm Armada Sunbrella Cart Bag, I realized pocket count can be a misleading metric when the configuration of those pockets isn’t taken into consideration.  The velour lined, water resistant Storm pocket on the right side is a great example of a functional design – one long zipper that reveals two levels to keep your phone separated from keys or a wallet.

On the left side of the bag, the designers made what’s typically one large outside pocket into two, with the lower, larger pocket slightly insulated for a cooler compartment – perfectly sized for a couple of beverages.  A cooler pocket isn’t unique, but they’re often party-bus size and an inefficient use of space.

On the front, just below the putter slot, is a magnetic flap pocket that offers a lot of options.  With its velour lining, I found it perfect for quick access to my range finder, while the mesh pocket on the flap itself was nice for some loose bills.  It takes some effort to pull the flap open and the magnets around all three sides really snap the pocket closed.


The Smart Strap System of the UA Storm Armada Sunbrella Cart Bag really shines in the performance category.  Ideal if you own your own cart, the two heavy duty Velcro straps lock the bag in place and keep it from twisting or taking an embarrassing launch off the back.  The length of the straps gave me plenty of options for cart variations.  For normal cart strap use, the labeled pass through slot kept access to pockets unencumbered.

For maneuvering the bag, two plastic handles on the top were very functional as was the convenient hand hold that I discovered behind the Under Armour name at the bottom.

Out on the golf course, the UA Storm Armada Sunbrella Cart Bag functioned just as I expected, keeping all my clubs and gear organized and accessible.  I really enjoyed the size and variety of pockets as I kept adding gear that often gets stored in my trunk.  One other noteworthy aspect was the simple to use zipper pulls.


I appreciate Under Armour’s transparency about their partnership with Sun Mountain.  To me, it gives them instant legitimacy in the golf bag department.  Only time will determine the longevity of the UA Storm Armada Sunbrella Cart Bag, but based on my past experience with Sunbrella fabrics, the bag will retain its color and weather resistance for many, many years.  With its distinctive look and well executed features, this is one cart bag that I expect to be enjoying for some time to come.

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  1. Jim Rosteck

    I wonder how much of the $110 more than a SM C130 ($350 vs $240) is the Sunbrella fabric and how much is the UA branding?

  2. Hi, Looking to buy a Under Armour golf bag.. Do you post to the United Kingdom??
    Kind Regards Mark

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