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Under Armour HOVR Drive Golf Shoe Review

By: Zack Buechner

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The Under Armour HOVR Drive golf shoe focuses on style and comfort without sacrificing stability.  The patented HOVR foam helps decrease impact on the foot by adding cushioning throughout the sole.


Under Armour’s stock in the golf world was been on the rise thanks to their main brand ambassador, Jordan Spieth.  While his many fans will flock to his signature shoe, the Spieth 3, some golfers prefer a lighter, more cushioned shoe.  Enter the UA HOVR Drive.


Take a pair of running shoes, merge them with a spiked golf shoe, and you’ll have the new Under Armour HOVR Drive.  For too long, I think golf footwear manufacturers have strayed from golf being a sport.  UA is clearly bucking that with the HOVR Drive, a shoe that wouldn’t look out of place in the gym.

The HOVR Drive has a clean, sleek design.  You see the white version here with navy and red accents, but the HOVR Drive is also available in black.


Trying these on the first time, my feet were greeted by the soft inner foam which is reactive but doesn’t give that squishy feeling.  After wearing these for a few rounds, my body started to thank me.  There is enough soft material and padding inside the shoe to avoid unwanted rubbing and blisters, even during the “break-in” period.

I ordered my usual size 10 shoe which fit my foot comfortably.  The sizing of the toe box didn’t cramp my toes or make me feel like I needed a bigger size.  The extra interior padding hugs your foot without hindering a free movement during a swing.  This isn’t a typical stiff, rigid golf shoe; these are plush.


The combination of the tornado spikes and rotation-resistance makes a considerable difference in stability.  All too often I find myself swinging too hard and, without good spikes, I’ll lose my footing.  With the HOVR Drive, I felt well-anchored swinging out of pine straw, wood chips, and other areas that weren’t short grass.

The foam forms to your foot so you feel connected to the ground.  These are a light 11.9 ounces and certainly didn’t hold me back on a course whether I was riding or walking.

I love that UA made these waterproof. An all white shoe will get dirty but having waterproof material makes it easy to clean.  Of course there’s also the benefits of keeping your socks and feet dry.  The only negative is that the red fabric lining along the sole collects debris easily and can be hard to clean.


The UA HOVR Drive golf shoes are ideal for the golfer who desires the look of an athletic shoe without losing the stability benefits of spikes.  The inner lining and foam sole allow for comfort while the waterproof shell keeps things durable on the outside through a full season.

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  1. Todd Page

    I find the Spieth shoes to be too narrow in the toe box for my feet. Did these seem to have more room?


    • Matt Saternus


      Unfortunately we had two different writers review the different models, so neither can offer a comparison.



    • These are not the Speith shoes thankfully. You are right his shoes are very narrow. These are a blessing compared to those and true normal M width. Nice paddle, flex but very stable. miles better than the Speith models who I think only fit his exact foot.

  2. I was looking for a review for the UA HOVR Drive 2.
    Incidentally, every time I go to your site I receive a malware warning from my installed Malwarebytes program.

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