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Uncommon Golf Model 55 Golf Ball Review

50 Words or Less

The Uncommon Golf Model 55 golf balls is a higher spin, Tour-style golf ball.  Price transparency is refreshing.  Cheaper than major OEM Tour balls.


Like many direct-to-consumer brands, Uncommon Golf would like to be viewed as outsiders.  From their brand name to the message on their packaging, they want to appeal to the rebel in us.  But when it comes to performance, their Model 55 golf ball is meant to color inside the lines of the Tour ball template.  I tested it to see if they painted a masterpiece or made a mess.


On the green, the Uncommon Golf Model 55 sits right on the border of soft and firm.  For most players, the sound will probably push it toward firm.  The impact sound is fairly quiet, but it’s quite crisp.  It’s mid-pitched – not clicky – but definitely not for those who want marshmallow softness.

Around the greens, the feel is very similar.  It’s not loud or unpleasant, but there’s a distinct snap to impact.  If you like a little more feedback in your hands, you’ll love the Model 55.  If you want that “heavy on the face” feeling, this is not it.

Short Game

It takes no special effort to get the Uncommon Golf Model 55 to spin like crazy with a wedge.  From pitches to full wedge swings, the Model 55 is among the very highest spinning balls I’ve tested.  If you’re an aspiring short game artist, this is a ball you should definitely try.  If you can’t get this ball to drop and stop (or even back up), it’s probably time for a short game lesson.

Long Game

For better or worse, the high spin that was seen in the short game carries over to the long game.  In testing across all irons, the Model 55 spun more than any ball I can recall.  Compared to what I consider average for a Tour ball, the Model 55 spun about 15% more.

I’ve gone through several thoughts on this elevated spin.  First, I thought golfers would not like it because higher spin is often associated with a loss of distance.  Then, I applauded Uncommon for doing something different and targeting a niche market.  For the shot shaping artist, more spin is a big plus.  Finally, I had the idea that the Model 55 could be the antidote to the rash of ultra low spin irons we’re seeing.  For players who get a new set only to find out they can’t hold a green, this could be the answer.

Finally, moving to driver testing, the Model 55 stayed consistent and produced higher than average spin.  As with the irons, this is mixed bag.  Low spin gets all the hype, but it’s only good to a point.  Spin is necessary to keep the ball in the air.  If you see your drives falling out of the sky, the Model 55 could actually make you longer off the tee.


Uncommon Golf’s “Players Pact” promises a full refund to anyone who’s unsatisfied with their products, no questions asked.  So if you’re interested in trying a new ball, there’s no risk here.  At $35/dozen ($31.50 with subscription), the Model 55 is markedly cheaper than the big names, and it offers something a bit different on the course.  Choose your color – OG White, Electric Orange, or Cool Gray – and see if higher spin can get you lower scores.

Visit Uncommon Golf HERE

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  1. Danny Hartline

    is this ball suitable for slower swing speed like 75 or 80

    • Matt Saternus


      I can’t say for sure, but I would think you might find a little more ball speed with a lower compression ball. That said, there’s no reason you couldn’t play it.



  2. W. C. Fields

    What kind of “roll out” can this ball get off the tee?

    • Matt Saternus

      As the review states, it’s a higher spinning ball, so likely less roll than other balls.


  3. Uncommon Golf, please learn to use an apostrophe. “Moe Norman’s”? … with an apostrophe??? It is plural, not possessive. How many of those bag’s (LOL) did you produce?

  4. Amanda L Goodwin

    I love to golf and would love to give your products a try.

  5. Matt
    are these Kirkland spinny or somewhere in between?
    nice review. I received a sleeve of these in a box subscription last month. I was looking for more info and I think your article sums up what I found on the course well.

    • Matt Saternus


      I haven’t played the Kirkland ball, so I can’t speak to that comparison. As I said in the review, this is one of the highest spinning balls I’ve tested, throughout the bag.



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