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50 Words or Less

TrueStrike is the best golf mat available.  A must-have for anyone setting up a serious hitting bay or simulator.


I frequently tell people, “There are few, if any, bad golf products anymore.”  In most areas – clubs, ball, bags, etc – I could use products from a number of manufacturers and be satisfied.  But when I was setting up my indoor hitting area, there was only one mat that I considered: TrueStrike.

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Ease of Use & Set Up

The mat that I chose for my home is the TrueStrike TS-302 MK7 Single (a mouthful, I know).  It came in five pieces that all clip together with interlocking teeth as you can see above.  This is a tool-free assembly that takes a total of a minute or two.  The pieces are a little heavy, but nothing that an average adult couldn’t manage on their own.  Once the mat is set up, it’s heavy enough that it stays exactly where you put it.

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There are two performance elements that separate TrueStrike from other mats.  The first it the gel-filled strike area (middle-right section in the first picture).  This section of the mat is designed to react like the fairway thanks to the use of gel and foam padding underneath the turf.  Not only does this give you a more realistic feel than regular mats, it also lessens the impact on your joints.  The importance of this can’t be overstated if you’re planning to hit hundreds or thousands of balls from the mat.

The other important advantage of a TrueStrike mat is the ability to set the tee to any height you choose.  The importance of tee height can’t be overstated, so being forced into preset tee heights or minimum tee heights is simply unacceptable to me.  Additionally, mats that have a minimum tee height often make it impossible to hit fairway woods or hybrids from the tee.

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I’ve seen TrueStrike mats used in retail settings where they were abused from morning until night.  When TrueStrike says that the strike area can take 55,000 strikes before needing to be replaced, I believe it because I’ve seen it firsthand.  You will have a very hard time finding a mat that’s more durable than TrueStrike.

Also worth noting is that the TrueStrike system is modular so you can replace only the parts that are worn out.  Replacing the strike area only costs $55.  Compare that to a giant one-piece mat that will need to be replaced in full after you’ve worn a groove in it.


There’s no getting around the fact that TrueStrike mats are premium products with fairly large price tags.  The strike surface alone costs $375 and the smallest “full” mat with the strike area retails for $635.  The system shown here costs $750.  That said, if you’re committing the space in your home to a hitting studio, why would you go cheap on what is arguably the most important part?  The longevity and quality make it a good investment and the modular replacement parts make it a good long-term value.

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If you’re lucky enough to be setting up an area in your home to hit golf balls, I would strongly recommend getting a TrueStrike mat.  I’ve used many different mats, but considered only one for my home because of the performance and durability.

Matt Saternus


  1. Clifton Windsor

    Matt, I’m looking to setup a simulator at my house using a Skytrak. I appreciate your review of the TrueStrike mat as I’m trying to decide on the right mat. It seems like the Truestrike mat has two separate hitting areas: fairway (for irons) and a driving area with the tee. With a launch monitor like the Skytrak, would I have to move the monitor around every time I need to hit driver then an iron shot?

    • Matt Saternus


      Yes, with Skytrak, you would need to move the unit when you switched between drives and shots from the turf.



  2. Brett Robbins

    Matt, I bought this mat 3 months ago after reading your review because I take divot, it has started to form divots and the turf is starting to tear in places. I have a skytrak and hit in a new location every session I use it, does not appear to be a quality product that will hold up. It has a year warranty but rainorshinegolf will not honor the warranty.

    • Matt Saternus


      I’m sorry to hear about that. I’m in year 6 with mine and have not had any issues. That’s very disappointing that Rain Or Shine won’t honor the warranty. Have you contacted the manufacturer directly?


  3. Has anyone bought the portable version?
    Is it worth the money (currently £354GBP)?
    And , apparently it costs £300 just to replace the gel section of that portable version.

  4. Stephen Wille

    I haven’t been impressed with the mat. It’s way too forgiving on fat shots.

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