True Temper Dynamic Gold AMT Shaft Review

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The True Temper Dynamic Gold AMT shafts give golfers the ability to keep the control of a Dynamic Gold while making mid and long irons more playable.


It’s not too often that a product sneaks up on me, but True Temper’s Dynamic Gold AMT shafts did just that.  Their sister set over at Project X, the LZ, has stolen the headlines with recent PGA Tour domination, but the AMT is no slouch: 5 PGA Tour wins, in the bags of 40+ players, and over $33 million in winnings.  From the first day of testing, I saw why as these shafts made a damn near irrefutable case to go into the bag.

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The feel of the Dynamic Golf AMT shafts is identical to the industry-standard Dynamic Gold.  It’s super stable, has very little kick, and a solid impact feel.

What’s different about the DG AMT is the weight.  Whereas in a set of standard Dynamic Gold shafts, every shaft weighs the same amount, in the Dynamic Gold AMT set, the shafts get lighter as you move from PW to 3I.  Each shaft is 3 grams lighter than the one before it.  That may not seem like much, but it’s really a noticeable difference when you get to the mid and long irons.  Importantly, the balance point of the shaft moves so that the swing weight of the set stays consistent.

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The question you may be asking is, “What’s the point of making each shaft progressively lighter?”  Well, there is no point…unless you like hitting your long irons higher and farther with less effort while maintaining control of your scoring irons.

For me, switching to DG AMT may allow me to put more irons back in my bag.  As someone who hits a fairly low ball with average speed, I gave up my 3 and 4 irons a few years ago, but I still keep them around for shaft testing.  In testing with the exact same iron head, I was getting 5-7 MPH more ball speed from DG AMT than from standard DG.  That’s a direct result of the 3I shaft weighing 114 grams instead of 130.  I also saw gains in my mid-irons, though they were not as large.

It’s important to note that Dynamic Gold AMT is NOT a flighted set.  Flighted sets, like the DG Pro, are a great idea, but the DG AMT provides a different way to solve the problem of hitting long irons too low and short.

Finally, the other question I want to answer is, “What separates Dynamic Gold AMT Tour Issue from standard Dynamic Gold AMT?”  The answer is quality control tolerances.  When you pay for the Tour Issue version of a Dynamic Gold shaft, you’re guaranteed that there will be no more than a +/- 0.5 gram weight tolerance throughout the set.  Plus the stickers are cooler.

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If you miss your 3I and want to get it back in the bag, switching to Dynamic Gold AMT may be your best bet.  Though you get to keep the same heavy, consistent feel in your short irons, DG AMT gives you a lighter shaft in your mid to long irons that allows for more ball speed and more distance.  Visit a True Temper Performance Fitting Center to see if Dynamic Gold AMT is right for your game.

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  1. Curt Galusha / Geneva, IL

    Hey, Matt. TX for your nice article. I’m curious to know the difference between DG AMT’s and other newer innovative shafts out there when married with Tour-level heads like the 716 AP2 or Mizuno’s 950 Tour.

    What other innovative shafts should I consider?

    Appreciate your f/b.

    • Matt Saternus


      I couldn’t recommend a shaft outside of the context of a fitting. Being in Illinois, I would recommend that you get a fitting at Club Champion to find out what shaft performs best for you.



  2. How do these dynamic gold amt shafts compare to say the XP 95 both in stiff or regular….Should the XP 95 shafts launch higher then these new dynamic gold amt shafts???? Trying to find a shaft to put into a set of Wilson Staff FG V 6 irons…..Thanks…Ali

    • Matt Saternus


      I would strongly recommend you work with a fitter to find the right shaft for your irons. On paper, the XP 95 is much lighter than the AMT and should launch higher, but actual performance can vary based on individual swings/preferences.



    • Thanks Matt…

  3. Good article, thank you

  4. Hey Matt, can you give me your thoughts on the AMT whites versus the Project X 6.0’s. I hit both in a fitting for 718s, but can’t see a noticeable difference. Am I missing something?

    • Matt Saternus


      I’m not sure what the differences are among the various AMTs that Titleist is using in the 718s, so I couldn’t give you an educated comparison.
      Generally, if you’re not seeing or feeling a difference, you’re not missing anything. If it’s not different for you, it’s not different.



      • Dennis Dowdy

        Thanx for your input…as an older golfer I thought a sr shaft would work for me. I was wrong!! Now back with amt red r300 and can feel the ball on my club face. Team titleist always.

  5. What differences will you see in S300 vs X100? The wights are the sane. Thank you for your time.

  6. Brian Parkinson

    I’m considering this shaft vs the Modus 120 and $ Taper paired with a Cobra MB/CB.
    Which do you prefer based on feel, trajectory, and overall performance?

    • Matt Saternus


      On feel, I prefer the Modus. For performance, I would play the one that my fitter said performed best in the heads I was getting.



      • Brian Parkinson

        Thanks – our pro shop is pretty archaic as for as club fitting (rural Idaho). I hit the Modus on the range and it felt great. Haven’t had the opportunity to hit either of the others (but they come in black which matches the head and looks awesome!)

  7. Peter Martinaitis

    So now we all need lighter shafts in the longer irons. If a shaft is too heavy it’s too heavy , put the egos away and play lighter shafts or god forbid even try graphite.

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