True Temper DG Pro Shaft Review

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The True Temper DG Pro shafts are a progressive set that can give you the control of Dynamic Gold with more playable trajectories in the long irons.


No steel shaft is ever likely to eclipse Dynamic Gold, but that hasn’t stopped True Temper from consistently offering new options.  The DG Pro is a progressive set designed to optimize ball flight for each iron in your bag.

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There are two things that make the DG Pro slightly different than other steel shafts.  First are the “double steps.”  The other is vertical black sticker, which allows for a clean address look if you orient it down.


Compared to Dynamic Gold, the DG Pro feels a little smoother.  It’s still plenty stout, especially in the tip.  The difference is that it’s easier on the hands on mishits and a bit more crisp on pure strikes.

In X flex, the DG Pro is almost exactly the same weight as Dynamic Gold, 130 grams.  As you move down in flex, the shaft gets significantly lighter.

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I’ve played Dynamic Gold for a long time, just like most golfers.  I started playing it because it was the stock shaft in my clubs, and it performed well enough to stay in most of my gamer irons over the years.  It wasn’t until a recent golf lessons on GEARS that it was suggested I switch.  It didn’t take much to convince me of the value of a higher ball flight and shaving a few grams off my long iron shafts.

When True Temper says that the DG Pro is a progressive shaft, they mean that in every way.  The shafts vary in flex profile, step pattern, weight profile, and internal material distribution.  While on paper that may seem like a big change from Dynamic Gold, the reality is that it was an easy switch.

After a lot of range balls and a few rounds with DG Pro in my iBlades, I have nothing but good things to say about the change.  My dispersion is as tight as it was with Dynamic Gold.  The trajectory in my mid and short irons is still very strong, but the long irons are longer and slightly higher.  This has transformed my 4I from a club I use to punch out of trees to a club that I use regularly and confidently.

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For me, the switch to the True Temper DG Pro has been a real gamer changer.  I’ve given up nothing in terms of accuracy or control, but I’ve gained distance and a more playable trajectory in my long irons.  If you’re currently playing Dynamic Gold and struggling to elevate your long irons, the DG Pros may be just what you’re looking for.

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  1. Great review!

    I put the DG Gold X100s in my blended Apex/Pro/MB irons a year ago and I only have the highest praises!
    It does everything you say. My short-mid irons have strong, tight flight and long irons get up higher and land a bit softer.
    I really can’t think of any reason why these wouldn’t be considered a superior option to the DGs.

  2. Great writeup Matt. I agree when we speced it out on GEARS, it was a real world-beater for you! That’s the power when you can measure live DNA profiles of a shaft. The only system in the world that can do it and the only system in Chicago.

  3. Matt: I am currently playing True Temper XP 95 R 300 and have a few clubs with the XP S 300…Don’t feel or see any difference between the S 300 or R 300 in flight or distance…so I am going to switch to the Stiff…I was wondering what the new Dynamic Gold DG Pro Shafts would compare in my Clubs…Would Stiff be better then the Regular……I do like a lighter shaft so I can feel more of the club at the face…Any ideas here….Thanks…Allah Ali

    • Matt Saternus


      It sounds to me like you need to work with a fitter so you can find the shafts that feel best, perform best, and remove the doubt from your mind. Don’t be afraid to expand your search beyond True Temper. If you want something lighter, Nippon has some great options.



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