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The TRUE Linkswear Game Changer Pro lives up to its bold name by being the first golf shoe to combine TRUE’s incredible comfort with replaceable spikes.

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I’ve been lavishing praise upon TRUE Linkswear almost since the company was born.  From their first shoe, TRUE has been synonymous with tremendous comfort and all the benefits of “barefoot” performance.  The only problem is that their shoes have always had a limited golf life because they’ve been spikeless.  Thanks to the TRUE Linkswear Game Changer Pro, that is no longer the case.

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Much like the True Motion that we reviewed earlier this year, the TRUE Linkswear Game Changer Pro has an understated, modern look that transitions well from on course to off course.  What I particularly like about these is that there are enough interesting details and textures to keep them from looking like every other “street” golf shoe.

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The first thing I said when I pulled on the TRUE Linkswear Game Changer Pro was, “This is the most comfortable shoe since the TRUE Stealth.”  If you ever wore the Stealth’s, you know that’s not a small thing.  Every pair of TRUE’s is comfortable, but the Stealth, and now the Game Changer Pro are on another level in terms of a soft, cushioned feeling.  Forget foot joy, this is foot ecstasy.

There’s another reason why this shoe is so comfortable.  Check out the picture above.  Now try to do that with any other golf shoe.  The reason you can’t isn’t because you lack my Herculean strength, it’s because no other golf shoe has TRUE’s P-Motion Technology in the sole.  P-Motion increases the flexibility of the midsole so that you don’t have to adjust to your shoe, it moves with you.

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Great style and tremendous comfort are nothing new to TRUE.  What is new is traction that’s on par with almost any shoe on the market, and that’s what the Game Changer Pro brings to the table.  With seven replaceable spikes, the Game Changer Pro can keep your most aggressive swings in balance.  Just as important, they’ll keep you wearing these shoes on the course for more than just one season.

When you combine the improved traction with the benefits of the P-Motion sole and zero-drop heel, you have a shoe that really delivers on the course.  You can feel the contours of the ground while still remaining anchored to it during your swing.  The shoe moves with your feet to keep them fresh and pain-free, but they also provide a strong base to create power from.

As with TRUE’s other 2015 models, the Game Changer Pro is guaranteed to make your feet happy.  They have a 2 year waterproof warranty, which I was able to test extensively during a soggy, 5+ hour golf outing.  Additionally, they come with a 30 day comfort guarantee and a 90 day quality guarantee.

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I cannot recommend the TRUE Linkswear Game Changer Pro highly enough.  This shoe is as comfortable as any shoe I’ve ever worn, and it combines barefoot performance with excellent traction.  Best of all, it’s a shoe you’ll be able to wear on the course for years.

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