TRUE Linkswear True Motion Golf Shoe Review

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The TRUE Linkswear True Motion golf shoe is classic TRUE: spikeless and uber comfortable with solid, understated style.

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There may be no shoe company whose new releases I anticipate as much as TRUE Linkswear.  While the brand was built on barefoot design and extreme comfort, they manage to add interesting new wrinkles each and every year.  For 2015, the company has taken one step in a new direction with their Game Changer, but they also have something for those that like TRUE’s the way they are.  The True Motion is true to the company’s barefoot design with a versatile, go-anywhere style.

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The TRUE Motion has a style that looks as good off the course as it does on.  The design is understated and comes in four different colorways: white/black, black/white, grey/navy, and white/grey/burnt orange.  Once you put them on your feet, you’ll be happy they look good in all settings because they’re likely to become your daily go-to shoe.

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Comfort is the signature of any TRUE Linkswear shoe, and the True Motion is no exception.  There’s absolutely zero break-in period with these shoes.  From the first time you put them on, they feel flexible and cushioned.

Two things are a little different from other TRUEs that I’ve worn in the past.  First, the True Motion doesn’t have as much cushioning as others have had.  This isn’t necessarily a bad thing – some TRUEs have felt like walking on pillows – but it’s worth pointing out.  The other thing I noticed was that the arches felt a little more built up than on other TRUEs.

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The benefits of being low to the ground and balanced are shared by all the TRUEs that I’ve ever golfed in, and they’re still key elements to the True Motion.  What’s new and noteworthy is the more aggressive tread on the sole.  For me, a guy who likes to take big, aggressive swings, traction has always been the one element that held TRUEs back.  With this new sole, that’s out the window.  Whether on mats, dry grass, or wet grass, I was able to make a full turn back and feel my feet grip the turf as I started my downswing.  I have loved golfing in the True Motion, and they will be up frequently in my rotation this year…if I don’t wear them out walking everywhere else in them.

Finally, it’s worth noting that even though the True Motions aren’t terribly expensive ($120), TRUE really stands behind them.  They have a 30 day comfort warranty, a 90 day quality guarantee, and a 1 year waterproof warranty.  Good luck finding another shoe like that.

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If you want that classic TRUE Linkswear style and comfort, but with upgraded traction, the new TRUE Linkswear True Motion is the shoe for you.  If you see me this summer, on the course or off, chances are good that I’ll be wearing these.

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