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Golf All Day

As a Chicagoan, I’m used to complaining about how short golf season is.  Golfers in northern Michigan have an even shorter season, but they do get one big bonus: 14 hours of daylight for much of the summer.  I wouldn’t have believed it until I saw it myself, but it’s true: you can start playing around 7AM and not hang it up until 9PM.  This alone makes Treetops a great golf destination, but there’s a lot more than long days.

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A True Golf Resort

There are hundreds of “golf resorts” in this country, but very few deserve to have the quotation marks removed.  Most of these “golf resorts” are little more than big hotels with a golf course.  Treetops is different: it’s a resort that’s run by golfers.

This difference is evident in a many ways.  One of the biggest is pace of play.  Normally the term “resort golf” is a nice way of saying “5+ hour round.”  At Treetops, pace of play is a major emphasis and rounds clock in at 4 hour or less.  Beyond that, Treetops is involved in initiatives like Foot Golf that are designed to help grow the game.  Good luck finding that at your run of the mill golf resort.

I could easily write another few hundred words on how Treetops differentiates themselves from other golf resorts – no extra charges for range balls, great practice facilities, knowledgeable staff – but I’ll leave some of these things for you to discover for yourself when you go.

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The Courses

There are five courses at Treetops: Robert Trent Jones’s Masterpiece Course, Tom Fazio’s Premier Course, and three courses by Rick Smith, Signature, Tradition Courses, and Threetops.  I had the opportunity to play all but the Signature Course and was uniformly impressed with the layouts and course conditions.  Importantly, each course has a distinct personality, so there’s no way to get bored.

You can find links to each course review below, and I’d love for you to read all of them, but my best advice is to make time to play each one at least once and definitely don’t miss Threetops.

Masterpiece Course Review

Premier Course Review

Tradition Course Review

Threetops Course Review

Signature Course Review


Beyond Golf

While Treetops is definitely golf-centric in the summer, it doesn’t lack for other things to do.  For those traveling with a non-golfing spouse, the spa is a great option (it’s nice for golfers, too).  The spa offers everything from manicures to haircuts, and I would strongly recommend the massages.

The town of Gaylord is also a nice place to spend some time.  It’s a very active community that regularly has live music and other town events.  If you prefer solitude, there are loads of hiking trails in the surrounding areas.

When it comes to dining, you won’t lack for options.  If you want to venture beyond Treetops’ three restaurants, The Bearded Dog is excellent, and the Alpine Chocolate Haus has a way of becoming a nightly habit.

Go North, Golfers

Though the days probably aren’t 14 hours right now, there’s plenty of good golfing weather left in northern Michigan if you want to get in one last hurrah before Treetops swaps its golf clubs for skis.  You can head over to their website HERE to find some outstanding golf package deals.

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