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50 Words or Less

The Tour Striker SAMI is another versatile training aid from Martin Chuck.  It has applications from the driver to the putter.

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The pocket guide for the Tour Striker SAMI says that this training aid can be used to find solutions for arm structure, body motion, arm/club connection, club awareness, and rhythm and power.  That’s a lot of bold promises, so let’s dive in to see if it delivers.

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Set-Up & Ease of Use

The SAMI is similar to many of Tour Striker’s other training aids in that setting it up is easy, but there are many uses for it and learning them all can take time.  There are two devices in the kit, each consisting of a small cloth loop, retractable string, and a reel on a small gator clip.  To use the SAMI, you simply slide the loop over your thumb or club and clip the reel to your chest, sleeve, or belt.  As you can now understand, the possible combinations and uses are nearly limitless.


If you want to know just how varied the uses of the Tour Striker SAMI are, check out the playlist of videos above.  Can it fix your hooking driver?  Absolutely.  On the other end of the bag, Dustin Johnson has been seen recently using it for his putting (perhaps he should send some of that US Open prize money to Martin).  There literally isn’t a club in your bag that SAMI can’t help you with.

The lone downside to SAMI is that the feedback is not stark.  As such, it’s more effective in slow motion training and small shots than it is on full swings.  However, the set up and break down is so quick – slip your thumb into or out of the loop – that you can make a couple practice swings with SAMI, unhook it, swing hard, and repeat.


The SAMI is another longevity home run for Tour Striker because of the versatility.  It’s one of the smallest training aids I’ve seen, so keeping it in your bag is easy, and you will never run out of uses for it.

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Given the low price – $35 – and the varied uses, the Tour Striker SAMI is an excellent value.  From the short game to the full swing, virtually every golfer can find an important use for SAMI.

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While the feedback from SAMI is not the “slap you in the face” kind like the Tour Striker, the better, more sensitive player will find it adequate for making fine adjustments to their technique.  When you factor in the huge array of uses, the SAMI is definitely a worthwhile purchase.

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