Tour Edge Hot Launch E522 Driver Review

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The Tour Edge Hot Launch E522 driver is very large and very easy to hit.  High launch with mid spin.  A great choice for any golfer who fights a slice or wants to reduce their stress on the tee.


Tour Edge is the rare golf company that excels at serving both ends of the equipment spectrum.  Their Exotics line has been a winner on Tour and a favorite of avid players for years.  On the other end, their Hot Launch line delivers overwhelming value to new golfers, high handicap players, or those who simply don’t want to spend a fortune on clubs.

Their latest Hot Launch family, 522, is really two lines in one.  The “C” clubs are designed for the skilled, competitive golfer.  The “E” line is designed for extreme forgiveness and ease of use.  Our examination of the latest from Hot Launch starts with the E522 driver.

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The Tour Edge Hot Launch E522 driver is certainly extreme in its dimensions.  From front to back, it’s extremely long.  It’s also extremely shallow faced.  Leaving the dimensions aside, the E522 driver has a conventional appearance with a gloss black crown and small, white alignment aid.

In Tour Edge’s notes on the E522, they state that this driver has an “Offset Design.”  While there is a slight offset, I’m not sure I would have noticed it were it not mentioned.  Massive credit to Tour Edge for utilizing a feature that will help the target golfer without making the driver unattractive.

When you flip the E522 driver over, you’ll find a premium-looking sole.  The Tour Edge Hot Launch branding is shifted into the toe, putting the focus on the shaping of the Houdini Sole.  The other standout feature is the weight plug on the heel side which helps to promote a draw.

Sound & Feel

The Tour Edge Hot Launch E522 announces its presence on the tee box with a fairly loud, bell-like impact sound.  It’s mid-high pitched with a harmonious ringing character.  The feel of impact marries well to this sound: fast and explosive more than solid.

With the emphasis on stability and forgiveness, the E522 driver does not provide a lot of feedback.  You can hit the ball all over the face and get very similar impact sounds.  Your hands will feel the big misses, but shots toward the middle of the face blend together.


The calling card of the Hot Launch E522 driver is consistency.  Thanks to Tour Edge’s Diamond Face 2.0, the ball speed rarely moved more than 2 MPH in my testing.  Any shot that was within shouting distance of the sweet spot got launched.

That consistency extended to the launch angle and spin rate.  Tour Edge’s Houdini Sole drags the center of gravity low to promote high, repeatable launch.  If you get the ball on the face, it’s going to fly on a fairly high trajectory.  What surprised me was how controlled the spin rates were.  I was expecting much higher spin, but the E522 produced mid-spin drives with strong ball flight.

Another thing that helps the E522 driver to be more consistent is the shaft length.  Tour Edge builds the E522 to 44.5″ – half an inch shorter than the C522 – to promote better contact.  While 1/2″ isn’t going to turn a wild slicer into Rory McIlroy, it can definitely help the player feel more in control.

Finally, the E522 driver does favor a draw.  There’s a slight offset, the club sits a hair shut, and it’s weighted for a draw bias.  In my testing, I saw almost every shot bend to the left.  That said, the draw bias is not extreme.  Once I got a feel for the club, I was able to start the ball a little right and let it draw to the middle.

The Tour Edge Hot Launch E522 driver comes with the Mitsubishi Fubuki HL shaft.  This is a light weight shaft – 45 to 55 grams, depending on flex – designed to create higher launch.  The softer tip also promotes a draw for most players.  While it’s not an ideal fit for my swing, I was pleased with how well it held up to my aggressive transition.


Though I’m not the target demographic for the Tour Edge Hot Launch E522 driver, I found this club incredibly fun to hit.  Regardless of your handicap, sending every drive high and down the middle is a lot of fun.  I’m actually thinking about picking up the 15 degree High Launch version as an option for tight tee shots.  No matter what loft you choose, the latest Hot Launch driver is an undisputed winner when it comes to value.

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Tour Edge Hot Launch E522 Driver Price & Specs

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  1. Did you happen to try any shots off the deck?

    • Matt Saternus

      I did not. I have enough trouble elevating a fairway wood; driver off the deck is a non-starter for me.



    • I just bought this driver. Testing last night my last 5 shots were off the deck on a hitting mat.

      The contact they can make is insane. Better then my 3 wood on a clean lie.

      The club face is large so id only suggest it for mild fairway lies. Living in mountain golf country there are tons of courses where I could try deck shots maybe 3_4 holes.

      On a flattish CC I could see you interpolating this with your 3 wood.

      Love the driver got it march 2023 for 40% off list

  2. I liked the review, as I play and look at the players, most here in las vegas are older.
    the same age thing exists in the palm springs area.. most youn players do not have the money to play alot on nice courses, I guess my point is most older players hit it about 200 with roll. now at the 19th hole they talk about 230 or drives but when playing it closer to 200 mant about 180. more reviews for lesser priced clubs..

  3. carl van milder

    do you buy near new drivers rh

  4. Hi Matt, I always like and benefit from, your reviews, yet have a request–this driver is meant for hi-handicappers. So wouldn’t it make more sense to find someone to review it who’s hitting about 85-90mph instead of 106? You’re clearly a pretty good player (and a pro, I presume as your bio says you’ve taught others), but someone who was as skilled as the rest of us might benefit, yes? Many thanks. J

  5. Fair review. I am 75, 16 handicap from the senior tees, with a 75 mph driver swing speed. Have played Ping irons since 1984 but usually buy a new driver every year from the big four companies. Didn’t like any of the 2021 models and tried the E522 HL model at the end of the year. Loved everything about it. Dead straight. Hard to miss a fairway. Just traded it in today for the 12 degree model today as it has a very high trajectory. For me distance was comparable to all the $549 drivers out there and I expect the 12 degree will get me an additional 5 to 10 yards. Always suspicious of inexpensive products. Usually get what you pay for but this is an exception.

  6. I am a 20 handicap player mostly because I struggle with consistently hitting the ball straight. I just got this HL E522 because I love my HL E522 3Hybrid and 4Hybrid. I just hit this in a simulator and the club itself is fine and goes pretty straight but the sound is god awful. It’s a VERY high pitched bell sound and sounded nothing like any other driver I’ve hit. It was more like a metal t-ball bat hitting a golf ball. I’m considering returning it and getting an Exotics C721 because I’m not sure I can handle the sound.

  7. George Feller

    I have the E522 and am wondering if I can adjust it to get a lower loft. It’s a 10.5

  8. gerry long

    I have a 15 degree sr flex swing speed of 65 and not getting around on it. will probably return it

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