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Tour Edge Hot Launch C523 and E523 Fairway Wood Review

Tour Edge Hot Launch c523 e523 Fairway Woods

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The Tour Edge Hot Launch E523 and C523 fairway woods offer huge value to a wide range of players.  While each has characteristics to cater to individual swings, both provide plenty of forgiveness at an incredible price.

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Tour Edge Hot Launch c523 e523 Fairway Woods


Tour Edge has made its name by creating the most value-driven golf clubs in the industry.  Not only is their price point significantly lower than other major brands, they also include lifetime warranties on every product they sell.

While their presence in the professional ranks is almost exclusively with players on the Champions Tour, Tour Edge has created products for golfers at every level.  In this review, I break down the latest Tour Edge Hot Launch fairway woods, the C523 and E523.

Tour Edge Hot Launch c523 e523 Fairway Woods address


The Tour Edge Hot Launch E523 and C523 fairway woods are similar in looks, but their defining characteristics set them apart.  While both versions sport a glossy crown with a “523” alignment aid, the E523 fairway wood (above) is rounder in shape with a healthy amount of offset.  The E523 sits low to the ground with a single adjustable weight on the heel side of the sole.  The aptly named “Houdini sole” is a triangular protrusion in the rear of the sole which helps balance the club at impact.

The C523 fairway wood is more traditional in looks than the E523.  The C523 is triangular in shape and minimally offset.  It also sports an adjustable weight which is centered at the very rear of the club, allowing for a fade biased look at address.

Sound & Feel

Both fairway woods from the Tour Edge Hot Launch sounded fantastic, but each had its own unique characteristics.  The C523 generated a muted, soft “snap” at impact which is certainly quieter than its driver counterpart [check out the E523 and C523 drivers HERE].  The E523 fairway wood was much different in sound, generating a mid-pitch “tick” at impact that was still a pleasure to hit.

The C523 feels consistently soft across the face while feedback is subtle with minimal amounts of vibration through the hands.  I found myself craving to hit this fairway wood the more I tested it.  This will appeal to the better player looking for a more traditional sound and feel.

In contrast, the E523 feels more firm than the C523 fairway wood but softer than the E523 driver.  The large sweet spot feels like hitting the screws with every swing.  The feedback on these swings was magnificent.  Well struck balls were similar to contact away from center which makes the E523 ideal for the higher handicap.

Tour Edge Hot Launch c523 e523 Fairway Woods launch monitor numbers


The Tour Edge Hot Launch C523 and E523 fairway woods impressed me with their performance.  Each of these fairway woods are tailored for different segments of golfers and ultimately offer a ton of value.  Forgiveness was more present in the E523 model while the C523 produced faster club head and ball speeds for me.  Similar to the 523 driver series, the Diamond Face VFT is responsible for these faster ball speeds and forgiveness, acting as “mini-trampolines” behind the face.

Although the Tour Edge Hot Launch 523 fairway woods span a large segment of players, the C523 is geared towards the better player.  With that said, I think there are a lot of players that will prefer this fairway wood style, handicap aside.  The C, which stands for “Competition”, produces a high launch and mid spin ball flight.  Even with the moderate spin characteristics, the new sole rail design boosted club head and ball speeds to yield a penetrating ball flight that was thrilling to watch.

Contrary to the C523, the E523 is for the player looking for draw bias ball and added spin.  The E, which stands for “extreme spec”, is a draw biased, evidenced by the heel weight and increased offset.  The E523 is easy to launch and increases spin to help keep the ball in the air longer.  Any player who struggles with a slice, slower swing speed, or getting a fairway wood airborne should have the E523 on their short list.

Tour Edge Hot Launch c523 e523 Fairway Woods houdini sole

If there is one downfall here, it’s that there is little adjustability in the Hot Launch E523 and C523 fairway woods.  The hosel is bonded and additional weight kits (for the rear and heel sole) are not currently offered for these particular models.  This is why a fitting is even more important for the Tour Edge Hot Launch products.  However, at a $170 price point, both fairway woods have massive value which include a stock UST Mamiya HL-SST shaft in the desired flex.

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Tour Edge Hot Launch c523 e523 Fairway Woods


There is a ton to like about the latest Hot Launch fairway woods from Tour Edge.  Each of these fairway woods offer a great deal of benefits at a reasonable price.  The C523 provides a traditional, mid spin fairway wood in a compact head, while the E523 maximizes forgiveness with higher spin and offset to easily get the ball airborne and online.  All of this technology custom built for $170 has massive value and should not be overlooked by any golfer.

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2022 Tour Edge Hot Launch Fairway Wood Price & Specs


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  1. Did you hit the C523 off the tee or fairway? Easy to elevate from the grass?

    • Zack Buechner


      It was very easy to elevate off the deck. The high launch made it easy to hit off any type of grass. As I referenced in the article, the C523 is more neutral/fade bias so it tends to leak more right off the deck since I hit more down on the ball.



    • Zack Buechner


      All the above data are averages from Trackman over multiple sessions but the increased spin on the E version as well as lower ball speeds were the biggest factors in shorter distances than the C. Thanks for the question!


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