Tour Edge Exotics CB4 Fairway Wood Review

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50 Word or Less

The ultimate player’s 3W.  Long.  Great looking.  Excellent feel.  Plenty of versatility for a good ball striker.


Long before anyone had heard of RocketBallz, Tour Edge Exotics was producing some of the longest fairway woods in golf.  With a combination of titanium faces and superior construction techniques, TEE was able to get driver-like ball speeds and distances.

While many Exotics fairway woods have reached “Legendary” status, my personal favorite is the CB4.  With all the aesthetics of a players club in addition to top-notch performance, it’s a club that I’ve found nearly impossible to replace.

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The CB4 is one of the best looking fairway woods ever made, in my opinion.  It’s compact (by modern standards) but still big enough to instill confidence.  The face is deep enough that you can tee it up, but not so deep that you’re afraid to hit it off the deck.  With minimal graphics or branding, the CB4 looks like the player’s club that it is.

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Sound & Feel

The sound and feel of the CB4 are just as good as its looks.  On a perfectly struck shot, you get that quiet, high-pitched “tink” that lets you know that it’s time to pull out the putter.  On less-than-perfect shots, the sound is still quiet, but it’s a duller sound.  As you’d expect with a player’s club, the CB4 gives excellent feedback as to where on the face you struck the ball.  This is not a club for high handicappers, so you will feel some twisting when you catch when way out on the toe or heel.

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At the risk of being repetitive, the CB4 performs just like a player’s club should.  I’ve never hit a shot with this club and had the result surprise me.  If I put a good swing on it, the result is spectacular.  When the swing is bad, the ball can get going left and right in a hurry.  This is not a club that’s designed to cover up bad ball striking; it’s a club meant to reward good ball striking.

The major selling point of the CB4 is distance.  With its titanium face, it delivers ball speeds that are equivalent to those of a driver.  It’s also a low-spin head, which makes it an absolute monster for those with enough club head speed to maximize its potential.

Finally, the CB4 is an asset off both the tee and the turf.  The face is deep enough that you can confidently hit it off a tee, but it’s not so deep that you will be afraid to hit it from the fairway.  That said, you do need to put a good strike on it from the fairway: it is reasonably forgiving of a thinned shot, but you will lose height and distance.  If you routinely thin your fairway woods, you’ll want to look for a more forgiving option to hit off the deck.

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Every manufacturer, including Tour Edge Exotics, continues to make newer fairway woods, but they’re hard pressed to make one better than the CB4.  If you’re a skilled ball striker looking to attack those long par 5’s, you need to add a CB4 fairway wood to your arsenal.

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  1. Does one make adjustments to the E8 5 Wood? Why does it have the key wrench thing on the bottom?

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