Toulon Design Madison Putter Review

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50 Words or Less

The Toulon Design Madison is a standard Anser style putter with very good feel.  Premium price – $400 and up.


Madison, Wisconsin isn’t thought of as a hotbed of golf, but it’s where Sean Toulon, the patriarch of Toulon Design, was born and raised.  In tribute, Sean has used the name Madison for the flagship putter of his initial run.

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The Toulon Design Madison is an Anser-style putter crafted with an excellent eye for detail.  The shoulders flow into the rounded bumpers, and the cavity frames the ball well at address.  Like the other Toulon Design putters, the Madison features the Deep Diamond Mill on the face and tasteful branding.

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Sound & Feel

As I wrote in my review of the San Diego, the combination of Deep Diamond Mill and 303 stainless steel creates a feel that is unmistakably premium.  It’s soft and quiet with enough crispness to give you feedback on your strike.

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On the green, the Toulon Design Madison performs exactly how you would expect a quality Anser-style putter to perform.  There’s some forgiveness, but you need to stay near the sweet spot if you plan on making any putts.

The plumbers neck creates a 45 degree toe hang, so this putter is expected to work best for players with a moderately arcing putting stroke.

The interesting performance wrinkle that Toulon Design adds is the weighting.  They use a combination of counterweighting (a weight in the grip) and adjustable sole plates to create three different release profiles.  As the head gets heavier, they add more weight in the grip to create a more “aggressive release.”  Toulon Design claims that these heavier combinations are particularly good for players transitioning away from anchored putters.

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The Toulon Design Madison is certainly not a unique entry into the golf marketplace, but a well-made Anser-style putter will always find an audience.  The Madison is certainly that with solid aesthetics and superb feel.  For those that want to take their Madison to a higher level, check out the Toulon Garage.

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  1. Marty Clark

    Hi can you tell me the price of the Toulon Garage Madison Putter in Copper Finish pls thx Marty

    • Matt Meeker

      We are not a retail site Marty. Best to check the manufacturers website or other retail locations for current pricing and availability.

      – Meeks

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