Toulon Design San Diego Putter Review

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50 Words or Less

The Toulon Design San Diego putter is a solid Anser 2-style putter.  Very premium feel.  Solid customization options.


Though not a household name, Sean Toulon is most certainly golf industry famous.  Best known as TaylorMade’s Executive Vice President of Product Creation and Marketing, he helped design iconic products like the r7 metalwoods and Spider putter.  Now he has turned his attention to the short game full time with his own line of premium putters.

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The Toulon Design San Diego is a solid, if unremarkable, take on the Anser 2.  All the proportions are done correctly.  If you removed the branding it could easily pass as any number of other premium Anser 2’s – Bettinardi, Scotty Cameron, etc.

The branding on the putter is tastefully done: an engraved “T” logo on the face and in the cavity and “Toulon” engraved on the outside of the neck.  There is quite a bit happening on the sole.  The heel has a sailboat engraving and the San Diego model name, but what grabs my attention is the plate in the middle.  There’s form and function in this plate, which I’ll explain more later.

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Sound & Feel

All of the Toulon Design putters have the Deep Diamond Mill face, and the feel that it produces is excellent.  It’s very soft with a slight “tock” when you use a tour quality golf ball.  The word I keep coming back to is “premium,” as in, “this is how a first tier putter ought to feel.”

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Normally when it comes to the performance of an Anser 2-style putter, there isn’t much to say.  The San Diego has some forgiveness, as you’d expect, but it still demands a good stroke and quality contact if you want to make putts.

The custom options, however, make this a much more interesting story.  The sole plate that I mentioned earlier is actually used to weight the putter.  The standard sole plate is aluminum and weighs seven grams.  You can also get a stainless steel plate (20 grams) and a tungsten plate (40 grams).  This creates total head weights that range from 352 grams to 385 grams.

Toulon Design uses these three head weights in conjunction with counterweighting to create three profiles – Standard (lightest), CounterBalanced Moderate Release, and CounterBalanced Aggressive Release (heaviest).  These longer, heavier, more counterbalanced models are meant to be a solution for players who can’t use anchored putters anymore or those who simply want more stability.

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Launching a new putter brand, especially in the premium category, is no easy feat, but Toulon Design seems to have gotten off on the right foot.  The San Diego putter is a solid staple offering with the kind of refined looks and exemplary feel that players demand.

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