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The Titleist Vokey SM5 wedge is an update to what should be considered the industry standard.


When you think of wedges, a short list of names comes to mind and Vokey is always one near the top of the list.  For years, Bob Vokey and his team have taken a great design and made slight modifications to keep improving an already great wedge.  The new Titleist Vokey SM5 wedge line now offers more options on top of an already classic design.

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The Titleist Vokey wedge is already one of the cleanest looking wedges in the game, but the new Vokey SM5 wedge line looks even more refined.  With minimal branding, modest paint, and clean finishes, the SM5 let’s the club do the talking.  You can still get the Vokey in a Tour Chrome finish, but the SM5 brings two new finishes to the general public: Gold Nickel and Raw Black.  In addition to three different finish options and a variety of grinds and bounces, you can now custom order your Vokey SM5 wedge with custom stamping, paint fill, different grips, adjustments, etc…

The shape of the SM5 is a nice compact pear shape with a thin topline.

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Sound & Feel

When hitting shots with the Titleist Vokey SM5 wedge, you get a very traditional sounding click from the face.  You still get a soft feel out of the wedge, but the sound is solid and reassuring.  The feel across the entire face is soft, but it’s not mushy and unresponsive.  You get very solid feedback from the face of the SM5 which makes it easy to dial in how you can use the club to hit different types of shots.  These new SM5 wedges have a lot of similarities in feel to my SM4 TVD wedges, which I felt were quite a bit different (and better) than the regular SM4 wedges.

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Arguably the biggest update in the Titleist Vokey SM5 line is the new TX3 grooves which are deeper, more durable, and increase spin.  I haven’t had the new SM5’s in play long enough to speak to the groove durability, but I will tip my cap to them in the sense that they provide good spin and are versatile around the green.

We received the M and K grinds to demo.  I’ve been told by an insider that the M grind, Voke’s original tour grind, is Vokey’s “Most Favorite” of all the grinds.  The M grind features a crescent-shaped forward bounce sole and a relieved heel, toe, and trailing edge, along with medium camber and bounce making it good players players with shallow

or neutral swings.

My insider also told me that K grind came from extensive work with Adam Scott and Jason Dufner to find a forgiving club out of the sand, but that could still be used for a lot of different shots around the greens.  The big “a-ha” moment for Vokey regarding the K grind was when Adam Scott decided to put one into play at Augusta with all of its tight lies.  The K grind has a wider sole for increased bounce and enhanced camber and is good for players with either a neutral or digger attack on the ball.

In the event that the M or K grind doesn’t work for you, the new SM5 Vokey wedges are available in four other grinds as well.  Having the right sole grind for your game is crucial so make sure you make the proper selection when it’s time to buy.

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In the interest of full disclosure, I have been playing Vokey wedges for years.  With every new Vokey release, I’m always excited and curious to see what could possibly improve in my favorite wedges and the Vokey SM5 wedges were no different.  The nice part is that I still have the traditional Vokey shape and feel that I love, but there are new looks, more grind choices, and new grooves to freshen up a classic.  As much as it feels like you’re getting a totally new wedge, you still have that familiarity of an old reliable friend and you’re immediately comfortable when it matters most on the golf course.

Price & Specs

The Titleist Vokey SM5 wedges retail for $145 ($170 with a graphite shaft).


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