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The Titleist TSR2+ fairway wood is an amazing weapon for the player who uses their 3W primarily off the tee.  Low spin with huge ball speed.


While analyzing his data with Titleist’s staff, Will Zalatoris found out that he used his 3W primarily off the tee.  With that in mind, Titleist set out to create the ultimate off-the-tee fairway wood.  Zalatoris has already won with his TSR2+, calling it “an absolute rocket” and “the best 3-wood I’ve ever had.”  I put one to the test to see if it could help this amateur find more fairways, too.

Titleist TSR2+ fairway wood address


In the bag, the TSR2+ fairway wood looks almost identical to the TSR2 fairway wood [review HERE].  It has the sleekest sole in the game – all black with a bolt of silver down the middle.  Like the TSR2, the TSR2+ has an adjustable weight in the sole near the face.  All the branding is on the heel and toe, which is where you’ll find the red “+” that differentiates the TSR2 from the TSR2+.

At address, the TSR2+ has the same gloss black crown and small “TSR” alignment aid as its brothers.  It also shares the full face scoring lines.  Comparing the TSR2 to the TSR2+, the biggest difference to my eye is the length from front to back.  They are nearly identical in heel-to-toe length.  The face of the TSR2+ is fractionally taller.  Overall, I find it to be an ideal off-the-tee fairway wood – big enough to provide some confidence but beautifully shaped.

Titleist TSR2+ fairway wood face

Sound & Feel

I’ve loved the impact sound of every Titleist TSR wood that I’ve tested, and the TSR2+ fairway wood is no exception.  Just like the TSR2 and TSR3 [review HERE], the TSR2+ has a quiet, understated impact sound.  I did notice that it’s a bit lower-pitched than the other two.  It doesn’t have that metallic “tink”; it’s a bit more of a “thump” like a driver.

Where the TSR2+ does match the other FWs precisely is in the feel.  The ball feels quick off the face and very light.  Despite impact feeling almost weightless, there’s a good sense of feedback through the hands.  I was able to locate the impact location precisely after very little time with this club.


Across all of the Titleist TSR fairway woods, the story is the CG (center of gravity) placement.  In the TSR2+, the CG is the deepest of any Titleist fairway wood, meaning it’s the most stable and forgiving.  It didn’t take long to see this in my testing.

The first area where I noticed the forgiveness is in the ball speed.  My first few strikes were quite good, setting the bar high.  On center, the TSR2+ has elite speed.  As my impact location started to wander around the face, particularly with thin shots, the ball speed stayed very high.  This is key to getting good distance out of your less-than-perfect swings.

That deep CG shows out even more when it comes to accuracy.  I found the combination of the shorter shaft (43″), higher loft, and stable head made the TSR2+ a fairway finder.  Of course, a key part of this accuracy is pairing the TSR2+ with the right shaft.  Titleist makes this easy with their emphasis on fitting and wide array of stock shaft choices.

Titleist TSR2+ fairway wood sole

With just 13 degrees of loft and a larger head, the one area that the TSR2+ can be challenging is off the turf.  If you read my reviews regularly, you know that I can struggle with a fairway wood.  For me, the TSR2+ still created blistering speed off the ground, I just couldn’t get it to launch at an angle that maximized its distance.  For stronger FW players or high launchers, this won’t be an issue.  In my set up, however, I can still bag the TSR2+ even if it’s just used off the tee.

For me, the Titleist TSR2+ fairway wood is going to have a real shot to go in my bag for 2023.  During my recent trip to Hilton Head, I saw the value in having a secondary tee club in the bag.  Hitting a full driver like the Titleist TSR2 [review HERE] often put me in range of the hazards.  With the TSR2+, I can give up just enough distance to be safe but still be in scoring range.  It’s also a club I can lean on when a hole is narrow and lined with trouble.

Finally, as with all Titleist’s woods, the TSR2+ offers plenty of room for fine tuning.  That starts with the SureFit Hosel and it’s sixteen settings for loft, lie, and face angle.  This can be very helpful in tuning the TSR2+ to produce the distance and shot shape you need in your arsenal.  Additionally, the TSR2+ has a sole weight that can be used to adjust the swing weight.  This will help you dial in the feel regardless of your preferred shaft and playing length.

Titleist TSR2+ fairway wood


Titleist set out to create the perfect off-the-tee fairway wood, and they succeeded.  The TSR2+ is long, forgiving, and accurate.  And like all the TSR woods, it’s a beauty that you’re going to love having in the bag.  Get fit for the right shaft and settings, and you can enjoy playing from the short grass more often.

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  1. Thank you great Review as always. I bought thanks to your Review Years ago the Cobra King Ltd. FW as until today no one gets close to that Numbers. Even the newest Drivers can’t keep up with the Fairway Wood. Happy Thanks Giving.

  2. Dave Carnley

    Thanks Matt—usual good review.

  3. Jonathan Compton

    Hi Matt, What is the “R2” shaft? 50 or 45? Comparable to a light senior shaft?

    • Matt Saternus


      The R2 is softer than regular. The only stock option I see in R2 is the 55 gram Tensei Blue.


  4. We’re you hitting the X flex in your picture in the post? If so no wonder why you could not launch it off the deck. That is also the lowest launch offering in stock shafts.

  5. I tested the TSR2+ last week and its super long and straight off the tee but it was going too far so I ordered it at 42″, I would strongly disagree that its low spin though because the Aerojet LS, Payadym TD and Taylormade Stealth 2 Plus were all much lower spinning.

  6. Gary Dougherty

    Matt, I am late to the review. I have a TSI2 15 degree 3wood that I use as my tee backup. Would the TSR2 Plus 14.5 be much of a distance maker over what I have? I know it’s only half a degree but I don’t see the fit for a 14.5.

    • Matt Saternus


      It’s unlikely that the 14.5 would be dramatically different, but the TSR2+ might be more comfortable for you off the tee, depending on your preferences.



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