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Titleist AVX Golf Ball Review

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The Titleist AVX golf balls is the company’s answer to all of the soft, long golf balls that have entered the market in the last year.  Urethane cover provides ample short game spin.


After several months in testing in the sunnier regions of the US, Titleist has made the new AVX available to everyone this spring.  At a price equal to the Pro V1 and Pro V1X, many golfers are confused as to where this fits into the Titleist line up and who it’s targeted toward.  We tested it to bring some answers to those questions.


With wedge, irons, and even the driver, the AVX is clearly much softer than the ProV1 or ProV1X.  While not quite as mushy as a Wilson Staff DUO, the AVX is very similar in feel to the Titleist Tour Soft or Callaway Chrome Soft.

What’s surprising is that the AVX is not much softer off the putter.  I was expecting a pillow-y feel like some of the aforementioned balls, but on the green the AVX is very similar to the ProV1.  It does have a slightly lower-pitched impact sound, but you have to be paying close attention to notice the difference.

Long Game

When I listened to the people who had been playing the AVX in the test markets, the big thing they commented on was the distance.  It’s easy to see where that comes from.  With a mid-iron, the AVX spins about 1000 RPM less than the ProV1 for me.  For a player with a lot of spin, that could easily translate to an extra club of distance.

The AVX is lower spin off the tee, as well.  Compared to the ProV1, I was seeing about 200 fewer RPM on average.  Higher spin players may see an even bigger difference.  For many players that lower spin will translate to extra distance, and it should mean straighter shots for everyone.

Short Game

Having seen the decreased spin off the irons, I expected the short game spin to be lower as well.  On full wedge swings, that was true.  The AVX had about 1500 fewer RPM than the ProV1 on a full pitching wedge swing.  This may not be a bad thing, however, because that shot still has plenty of height and spin to stop where it lands.  The reduced spin will, however, create a stronger, straighter ball flight.

When I moved to shorter shots, the gap between the ProV1 and AVX shrunk markedly.  On a 50 yard pitch, the gap was only a couple hundred RPM.  Unless your wedge game is dialed in like peak Tiger, that difference won’t be noticeable.


For years, other manufacturers have been trying to create the ProV1 killer.  Ironically, the ball which might actually topple the king comes from Titleist itself.  It will be interesting to see how much Tour play the AVX gets in the coming years, but there are good reasons for the amateur player to switch from the ProV1.

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  1. Jim Rosteck

    Thanks for the review. I was wondering about how it fits into their product line.

    What speed swing range works for the AVX?

    • Matt Saternus


      I don’t see any reason why the AVX should be limited to certain swing speeds.



  2. Overworkerundergolfed

    It sounds like similar performance as the NXT ball. Do you agree?

    • Matt Saternus

      No, the NXT did not have a urethane cover so it sacrificed a lot of short game spin.



  3. Thanks for the review Matt. For lower spin players, do you think the AVX could be too low spin off the driver and hurt carry distance compared to the V1X, which I believe is higher spin?

    • Matt Saternus


      That’s certainly a possibility, though I would guess that’s a pretty small percentage of golfers. Based on having talked to representatives from almost every major golf ball company for the PIG podcast, too little spin is a pretty rare problem.



  4. I’ve been playing the AVX (which I’ve been told stands for “alternative to the (Pro V1 or V1x)” for a couple of months now. I think I like it better than my previous gamer (ChromeSoft) and think the cover holds up better to normal in game wear. I also like the color better as it’s a crisp mix of yellow and green, not just yellow. Since my driver SS is just under 100, the slightly softer feel gives me great feedback, especially with the driver. I just wish it carried a price point at the same price as the previous CS (sub-$40).

  5. So I was skeptical about this ball. I figured it was just a scheme from Titleist to grab more money from people who were looking for a ball that would work for them. Well, I played it today and all I can say is WOW!!! My first drive with it was 330 yards, dead straight (I average about 275)!! The only problem was that the hole was only 304!! LOL. Played it all day, and my only complaint was that it spun too much on short iron approaches. I have been playing NXT Tour S and Taylormade TP5 balls, and this ball bites the greens WAY more than those, but with better distance and straightness! And the ball flight was MUCH lower than the previous balls I played, including the Pro V and 1X. I hit the ball high, but these were a much more penetrating flight! The feel on greenside shots and putts is very similar to the Pro V, with equal spin on short iron shots. I definitely had to adjust my game for the way the ball grabbed on chips and pitches. So, I know it was only 1 round, but if it performs similarly for me on subsequent rounds, this will be my GO-TO ball!!! I just wish it was a little cheaper!

  6. I played these on a very windy day and it was a big winner in those conditions. I also noticed about 1 extra club of distance with my 5-7 irons…

  7. Kenneth Ray

    I love the AVX ball. I’ve been playing it for about 3 months. The problem I have with the ball that it doesn’t stay white more than one round. It gets very dull almost gray very quickly? Any comments from the manufacturer are welcome.

  8. Ren Wilson

    Seriously, why?

    I don’t see why anybody would ever pay the same price for something that isn’t a pro v1 or another brands top golf ball. It really makes no sense and will never be a replacement to the pro v1. Lemme know when somebody on tour changes from pro v1 to avx.

  9. Played two rounds with AVX.
    Same distance as Chrome Soft and ProV1…(Chrome Soft X is longer.) Stopping on the green about same as both.
    Ball feels “lighter” coming off all clubs, as if it weighs less…that does not make sense but that is what it feels like.
    Good ball, but why switch at that price point? Also, the TruVis is addictive.

  10. Thomas Sheedy

    In just one round I noticed a 10% increase in distance on driver, fairway woods, hybrids and all irons. I was longer and straight yesterday than ever before and saw distance I haven’t seen in years. I’ve been playing for 45 years. I highly recommend this ball. After yesterday’s round I bought a dozen from my club’s pro shop.

  11. The majority of review that I have read have this AVX ball going longer for their use. I am going to try these this weekend. I am curious how they stack up to the Titleist Tour Soft. Spider Dubiel

  12. Hector R. Fernandez

    Thanks for the review. But, why would I pay more for the AVX when you can get the same feeling from the Tour Soft?

    I’m used to the ProV1 and it serves my well.

  13. Longer then the PV’s and less spin kept them on line. Switching this year but now what to do with all these Pro V’s???


    I disagree with some of the facts or conclusions . I have been playing golf for 66 years at every level with success and as much as I do like the feel , I lost distance with every club compared to the pro-VX . I will change back if I can loose the AVX.

  15. A ball my wife (Driver 185) and I (Driver 250) can play in foursomes and neither give up anything. It is her gamer, my #1 choice if it’s cold, regularly I’ll go with TP5x. AVX is around for good in my opinion, but it loses color easily, not affecting performance. If spin is killer for you, you will love this ball.

  16. I was heartbroken when I read about a new AVX. Absolutely dislike this ball. I feel like I could have saved money and bought Pinnacle Softs. This doesn’t seem to be a $50 ball. Bring back last year’s model. I’ll pay the extra $5.

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