Titleist 917F3 Fairway Wood Review


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The Titleist 917F3 fairway wood looks good and feels great.  Solid performance, but not the longest or easiest-to-hit.



Titleist’s 917 wood family is built around the new SureFit CG adjustability.  In the 917 drivers, we found the adjustments to be impactful, though hardly cutting edge.  The weights play a similarly large role in the fairway woods, but does the club itself perform?  We tested it to find out.



The Titleist 917F3 is as close to a classic, pear-shaped fairway wood as you’re likely to find.  Like the rest of the 917 woods, the F3 features a grey sparkle crown and Titleist’s familiar triangular alignment aid.  The face depth is average, making it a versatile club off the tee or off the deck.


Sound & Feel

For me, the Titleist 917F3 is one of the best sounding and best feeling fairway woods in recent memory.  It’s incredibly solid in both sound and feel, with good feedback on mishits.  Do keep in mind that if you prefer a more “explosive” sound, this won’t be your cup of tea.  This club is targeted to the traditionalist.



Given the smaller profile and my previous experiences with Titleist woods, I expected the 917F3 to be less than user friendly.  I was pleasantly surprised.  While the 917F3 is not the highest launching FW on the market, nor the easiest to hit, I think that players with handicaps in the mid-teens or better should be able to play it effectively.

Do keep in mind that there’s a wide gap between, “I can make this work” and “This is a great fit.”  With the combination of the SureFit hosel and SureFit CG, there’s a lot of adjustability in this club, but that doesn’t mean it will be optimal for everyone.  As always, we strongly advocate working with a fitter to find the best fairway wood for your game.



While the 917 drivers failed to impress, the Titleist 917F3 fairway wood is a very solid performer in a fantastic package.  For the player who prefers a more traditional look and feel, the 917F3 will be a welcome addition to the bag.

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Titleist 917F3 Fairway Wood Price & Specs


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  1. Good review. Any plans on reviewing the f2?

  2. Hi Matt,
    I think the F3 is the new Fd, the deeper face fairway wood in 917 serie?
    When you will review the 917f2 could you give comparaison with the 915f in the performance aspect?
    My 3 fairway wood is the club that I always hesitate to hit when I am playing a round.

    • Matt Saternus


      To my eye, there’s not much difference between the face depth of the F3 and F2.
      I didn’t have the chance to compare the 917F2 to the 915 FWs.



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