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After seeing the castle clubhouse at The Wizard, I was genuinely curious to see how the theme of The Witch would be played up.  What I found was a pointy witch’s cabin buried deep in a mossy forest, the ghoulishness of which was only enhanced by the day’s grey weather and the clubhouse’s resident cat.

The Witch is much more than a fun, thematic setting, of course.  It’s also the hardest course in the Mystical Golf circuit and the most scenic.

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Practice Facility

Take a look at the picture on the left.  Your eyes aren’t deceiving you – that’s a forced carry on the driving range.  It’s completely irrelevant to the function of the range (except to the ball picker), but it is an interesting detail.  Much like The Wizard, the turf at the range is much sandier than on the course.

The Witch plays it more conventionally with the putting green.  It’s big, located right next to the clubhouse, and it does a good job emulating the conditions on the course.

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Amenities & Customer Service

On a hot, humid day, the most welcome bit of customer service that we received was the delivery of cold, wet towels by one of the marshals.  This is something we found at each of the Mystical Golf courses, and it’s a great touch.

Beyond that, The Witch has all of the basic amenities that you’d expect from a better course.  The clubhouse is stocked with logo’d soft goods and has a restaurant for pre or post-round eating.  One thing that pro shop does not have is hard goods, so make sure your clubs are in order before you arrive at the course.

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Course Conditions

The course conditions at The Witch allow for a good, fair test of your game.  Most importantly, they are consistent throughout the course.

The greens all run fairly smooth, though they were a little wet and slow on the day I was there.  All your tee shots and approaches from the fairway play from slightly fluffy lies, and you shouldn’t expect too much roll on your drives.

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Beauty & Scenery

The look of The Witch is unlike anything I’ve seen in Myrtle Beach.  Situated among cypress groves and wetlands, The Witch feels utterly isolated from the outside world.  There are very few holes where you’ll see other golfers, but you are likely to run into a wide array of wildlife: cranes, bald eagles, and alligators to name a few.  Particularly on the front nine, there’s a great mix of subtle elevation, water, and doglegs that make for a very memorable look.

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Course Design & Difficulty

Every local that we played with in Myrtle Beach regarded The Witch as the most difficult course in the Mystical Golf rotation, and I would certainly agree with them.  Though there are a wide variety of tee boxes – 4,800 to 6,800 yards – you will be challenged from any length.

The forest that lines nearly every fairway is the first challenge.  The fairways are generous, but there isn’t much room to miss them.  If you do drive into the trees, you’ll likely be able to find your ball, but finding a window to the green is another story.  Drives that are only slightly offline will find rough that is no bargain either.  The rough is thick, wiry, and particularly difficult when it’s wet.  There’s a measure of luck involved in drawing a good lie, but also a lot of skilled required to read the lie correctly and execute the shot.  In short: you need to stay in the short grass to score well at The Witch.

Most of the difficulty of the course is concentrated in the front nine.  Among the challenges you’ll encounter are doglegs (some quite severe), elevated greens, water, and well-placed bunkers.  The front nine closes with a hole where that crosses the line from tough to gimmicky.  #9 features a blind tee shot followed by a blind approach (you can see both above).  Though neither shot is overly difficult (the hole is fairly short), two blind shots does not a good hole make.  After that, however, the course opens up for scoring opportunities.  Holes 10 through 14 are all fairly straight and easy to tame.

On the whole, The Witch has a nice balance of difficult holes and birdie opportunities as well as a good variety of design elements.

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If you’re looking for a really solid test of golf while you’re on vacation, you won’t be disappointed in The Witch.  It has a unique look and feel, and some holes that will challenge your course management to the max.  You can get more information about The Witch and the other Mystical Golf courses HERE.

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