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The Accuracy Plan by Adam Young is a great online learning program for golfers interested in improving their swing.


Regular readers of Plugged In Golf are surely familiar with Adam Young by now.  Whether you’ve heard him on the podcast (HERE), or read our reviews of The Practice Manual (HERE) or The Strike Plan (HERE), you know that his approach to golf instruction is miles from the status quo.  With The Accuracy Plan, he turns his unique style to the task of getting your shots to end up in the fairway and on the greens.

Lesson Content & Presentation

The Accuracy Plan is an online learning program with over four hours of video content.  The content is broken up into six modules.  Adam’s videos vary in length – many are in the 5-7 minute range, others stretch out to 15 minutes or more.

If you’re like me, you will be tempted to skip past some of the early material or fast forward to the drills.  Don’t.  Adam has put a lot of thought into the structure of this program, and you’ll get far more out of it if you go through step by step.  And take your time.  There’s no virtue in plowing this this in one sitting.

To me, the most valuable piece of The Accuracy Plan is Adam’s system for measuring accuracy.  Like many of the best innovations, it’s painfully simple and wonderfully effective.  It’s also the cure to what keeps most golfers from improving: the lack of measurables in their practice.  With Adam’s system, you’ll have a way to check the accuracy of each shot, on the range and the course, and you can use that information to truly improve your game.

Another thing that I really like about Adam’s work is the way he defines his terms.  So much golf instruction is loaded with confusing jargon.  Adam sticks to a handful of comprehensible terms that he defines clearly beforehand.  The value of this cannot be overstated.

The drills in The Accuracy Plan are miles from ordinary and extremely effective.  I could spend paragraphs writing about each one, they’re that good.  I particularly like the pressure of the 2 Ball Game and the skill development of Face Variability Training.

Finally, The Accuracy Plan does a great job spending time on an oft-overlooked question: “What should you fix?”  So much golf instruction dives right into tearing apart your swing.  The Accuracy Plan gives you the tools to carefully assess what your issues are and what routes you can take to fixing them.


Lifetime access to The Accuracy Plan costs just $59.95 (buy it HERE).  That’s less than the cost of a lesson, and you’ll learn far more from The Accuracy Plan than you possibly could in one hour with a pro.

The lifetime access piece can’t be overstressed.  Just as with The Strike Plan, I find myself going back to The Accuracy Plan on a regular basis to pick up drills that I may have overlooked or re-emphasize different things.


If you play golf with even a moderate level of seriousness, The Accuracy Plan is a must-have.  Adam’s accuracy measurement system alone is worth the price of admission.  This is a program that you can come back to year after year and always get something new because it’s so packed with drills and information.

Buy The Accuracy Plan HERE

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  1. Interesting concept ….. like most aids it seems as if it will work IF you are diligent and practice correctly.

  2. Interesting concept. Like most practice tools – you must practice correctly in order to benefit.
    I’d like to win the new GPS watch

  3. Excellent review. I have enjoyed Adam’s materials in the past. #SecretGiveaway4

  4. Kevin Coughlin

    The Accuracy Plan sure sounds interesting. I think I would enjoy a new system for the way I practice on the range. Plus your point that you can go back to the Plan over and over again compared to 1 hour of instruction with a teaching pro.

  5. Michael Trautman

    I follow Mr Young’s work and find it helpful.

  6. There is a lot of common sense detail in this program and, with diligence, it appears that one can steadily improve! He seems to cut thru the fluff and gets to the core! #SecretGiveaway4

  7. Would be helpful to view some small segment of a video.

    • Matt Saternus


      Adam gives away more content than any instructor I know. If you want to sample his instruction, just go to his website.


  8. I’ve been using the Practice Manual and following Adam’s blog. I will be adding The Accuracy Plan to my Christmas wish list.

  9. James Gilliam

    Keep up the good work, enjoy ur articles, and want to be a part of the Accuracy Plan.
    Im real close to the single digit handicap,
    Need a few tweaks to get me there.
    Been looking for something different than my phone for gps course yardages. Watch would be cool.

  10. Albert Frank

    I think this an excellent way to spend the upcoming winter…understanding that improvement is not simply a result of a new putter…or a new driver…but better understanding of the swing and of planning.

  11. I found that my grip was creating my miss left. Once I got this corrected I could aim slightly right and hit the draw I favor so I think his concept is solid but practice is a must to improve #SecretGiveaway5

  12. Walter Zahler

    I like the fact the video lessons are short and to the point. I definitely could use help in having a plan for making practice sessions meaningful. This has me interested in purchasing this series.

  13. Adam Young’s approach and content is rock solid. He just makes a lot of sense. I always enjoy listening to him and have purchased the Strike Plan. #SecretGiveaway4

  14. The Strike Plan did more for my improvement than any training aid, equipment change, fitting or lesson I have tried or taken. Not sure that I am quite ready to take on the Accuracy Plan yet as I still have some issues with consistency of my ground contact and don’t want to move too quickly past that focus, but will definitely subscribe at some point.

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