Test & Review the Edison 2.0 Gap Wedge

Test the New Edison 2.0 Gap Wedge

The gap wedge is a tricky club.  Do you play the one from your iron set or a traditional Tour-style wedge?

Or should you play a wedge specifically designed to perform at that exact loft?

The latter is exactly what you’ll get from the new Edison 2.0 gap wedge.  With a high CG for low launch and more spin, the Edison 2.0 wedge will produce more consistent distance, a penetrating ball flight, and give you more versatility around the green.

Want to see the results for yourself?  PluggedInGolf and Edison are teaming up to give four golfers the chance to test and keep a customized wedge.

Want to learn more?  Check out our Edison 2.0 review HERE

How to Enter

Step 1: Post a comment.  Your comment must include your name, location, and handicap.

Your comment should also explain the problem(s) with your current gap wedge and the specs you want in your Edison 2.0 wedge.

Check out the options for the Edison 2.0 wedge HERE

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That’s it!  On Friday, May 26, we will contact four golfers via email, so keep an eye on your inbox.

The winners will be expected to test the Edison 2.0 wedge and fill out a short questionnaire about how it performed.  Those answers will be shared on PluggedInGolf.com.

The wedge is yours to keep.


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  1. Andrew Morem

    Hey guys, I’d love to be a part of this review! I tend to hit my current gap wedge too high and I’ve heard the Edison tends to flight the ball lower so I’d love to see if that can help with some of my approach shots.
    Name: Andrew Morem
    Location: Plymouth, MN
    Handicap: 13.4
    Specs: Standard L/L/L, 51 degrees, KBS 110 regular flex shaft, standard grip.

    • Seth+Peterson

      Baldwinsville, NY
      Index 8.2
      51*, KBS tour 120 Stiff, midsize grip

      I’m an Edison forged player (51,55,59* itb currently) and would love to test the 2.0 Vs the original.

  2. Daniel Steiner

    Name: Daniel Steiner
    Handicap: 18
    Location: Boston, MA
    Specs: 51°, std length, 2 flat, 120 stiff shaft, std grip

    Current gap wedge (rtx4, 50°) suffers from high launch and not enough spin, resulting in poor distance control

  3. Craig Goodwin

    Craig Goodwin 13.6 HCP
    Colfax, CA. 95713
    My current gap wedge a Hogan TK15 48 degree, with the Koehler sole has seen better days. No more bite. I love the sole!
    WEDGE SPECS: 47 degree, 1 degree flat and 1/4″ short Gap Wedge, With the KBS PGI 80 Regular Flex. I currently play graphite in my new Club Champion Fitted Cobra Forge Tech irons. I’d gladly pay for the shaft upgrade to keep the same feel and as is recommended on the Edison site.
    Thank you for the opportunity!

  4. Glen Koeske

    Your comment must include your name, location, and handicap.

    My current Gap wedge is 50* Adams MB2 – the turf interaction can be a little sticky causing fat shots and the distance control isn’t the best since it sometimes balloons the ball.

    I’d like to test:
    Edison 2.0 50* KBS PGI 90 Stiff Flex Lie at 62*

  5. Josh GIesige

    Would love the opportunity to be considered for testing out an Edison 2.0 GW. My current wedges are 45 PW (part of Sub70 699 irons), 48, 52, 56 and 60 mix of Cleveland CBX2 and Callaway Jaws. I would be looking to get a 49 Edison 2.0 to possibly replace 2 of my current wedges, depending on performance\distance gaping. I tend to hit my current wedges too high, looking for lower consistent flight.
    Josh Giesige
    Edgerton Ohio
    HDCP 9

    • Gary Holcomb

      Gary Holcomb
      Birmingham, AL
      My specialty GW has proven more accurate than the set wedge. But like many mentioned, it is easy to get a trajectory that’s too high from certain lies. I’m interested to see how well the Edison GW maintains the spin while dropping the trajectory.

      I’d like to try the 2.0 with the KBS Tour 110 R set 1° flat. Std 50° loft and standard Lamkin grip.

  6. David McKay

    Name: David McKay
    Handicap: 16
    Location: Helena, MT
    My current gap wedge is a Cleveland RTX3 48° 2-dot (mid-bounce) with stock DG wedge shaft and Tour Velvet grip. The forgiveness for full swings is lacking and it loses a ton of distance on slightly heavy strikes; I think a bit more bounce, a bit more forgiveness, and a 50° gap wedge would be a better fit for my game.

    • Patrick Burke

      Pat Burke
      Castle Rock, CO
      5 handicap

      I’d love to try an Edison Gap Wedge. Been eying them for a while. I currently game a 50°(125 yards) 54° (115 yards) and 58° (100 yards). Lately I’ve seen my ball flight ballon. I’m coming up short a lot now. Would love a club with the described ball flight and control of an Edison. I use the 50° often. Standard lie, standard grip, and KBS 110 regular shaft.

  7. Colin O'Neill

    Colin O’Neill
    HCP: 4.8
    Location: Potomac, MD
    My current gap wedge is a 50 degree T100 set wedge with a Modus 130x shaft. I have poor bottom control with this club in particular. Full shots can be fat or high on the face causing distance control issues. Desired Edison 2.0 wedge specs: 50 degree, KBS 130x, +0.25 length, Z-cord grip left in box.

  8. Travis Smith

    Name: Travis Smith
    Location: Zionsville, IN
    Handicap: 6.7
    Wedge Specs: 51°, +.25” length, standard lie, KBS Tour 130X

    My current gap wedge is a typical Vokey wedge. Great performance, but I’m looking for more versatility and forgiveness. The bounce options on my Vokey aren’t ideal for my attack angle and I think the Edison will give me the performance I’m looking for.

  9. roger kramer

    Current gap wedge is inconsistent on distance, too many shots come up short, with little spin. It is 50 degree, bounce 8 degrees. I am interested in 2 degree flat, graphite shaft, half inch short length. 14 handicap, Roger Kramer, Minneapolis, MN

  10. Shawn Mattheis

    Name: Shawn Mattheis
    HC: 11.9
    Location: Tacoma, WA
    Current gap wedge: Mizuno T20 – 50* w/ modus tour 105 stiff
    toe strikes are common with my wedges, that is my swing and my miss, looking for something more forgiving.. send me a 51* with a regular flex 105 – 115g shaft and i will let you know! Looking to try the softer flex wedge theory.

  11. Josiah Tindor

    Name: Josiah Tindor
    Location: Frederick, MD
    Handicap: 15.9
    Specs: 50 degrees, RH, standard lie/length/grip. KBS PGI 90 S flex shaft.

    My current GW is part of my set (P790s). I like it for full-swing shots, but don’t feel it offers much support chipping. My SW/LW are RTX4s, and I like them infinitely more around the green than my current GW. Would love to find a GW that offers good full-swing support with more flexibility greenside.

  12. NAME: Glen Ock
    LOCATION: San Diego, Ca
    H.I.: 5.7

    My current gap wedge is a ’21 callaway apex pro iron at 50*. While the club itself is fine its a mismatch compared to my iron set (srixon z785s) and my next wedge (cleveland rtx zipcore) so it is mismatched. I went away from the specialty gap wedge since I primarily use it as a full shot only club and would rather have the forgiveness of an iron set wedge than a specialty bladed one. Reading the attributes of the edison 2.0 I am intrigued with its design for better distance control and strike quality plus having the potential for greenside shots is a plus.

    Thus I would like the edison 2.0 to be configured:
    Loft: 50*
    Length: +.75″
    Shaft: KBS 120 Tour
    Grip: standard grip with it not installed in box if possible


  13. Brian Parkinson

    Brian Parkinson
    Rexburg, ID
    Handicap: 10.6
    Wedge Specs 50*, standard lie, standard length, KBS Tour 120S
    Current Gap Wedge Matches my irons – TM770. I have 2 wedges Sub70 54* and 58*. The AW in the 770 is blowing up (super high trajectory) to where I actually don’t get any difference in the bag mapping between it and the 54*. In addition, I have taken a years worth of lessons and have become very specific in playing exact yardages and would love to see if this is something that would be versatile and help me fill the gap. I have heard great things about the Edison and would love to try it out.

  14. Chris Garman

    Current gap wedge does not produce enough spin but is an XW-1 from Bridgestone. Looking for a better all around performance wedge with increased forgiveness. Use 100% on full shots and something that can get through the turf on approach. I am a 14 HCP and live in Cleveland, Ohio

  15. Chris Garman

    name as reads above Chris Garman Cleveland Ohio 14 HCP my best setup would be 51* and the 120 stiff shaft.

    Current gap wedge does not produce enough spin but is an XW-1 from Bridgestone. Looking for a better all around performance wedge with increased forgiveness. Use 100% on full shots and something that can get through the turf on approach. I am a 14 HCP and live in Cleveland, Ohio

  16. Alex Pratt

    I play New Level 902-PD irons. The PW is 44 degrees. I prefer playing 11 clubs with 56 being my highest lifted wedge which I don’t take full swings with.

    I found traditional 50 degrees to have too big of a gap between my PW which I hit approx 130. I went to a Cleveland CBX 50 which I make cover 115 ish to 75 yards. With the hollow body I will get fliers that will go too far or some too high. Also it has too much bounce to use around the greens. Looking for a 51 degree in Edison, I degree upright with stiff steel shaft.


    Alex Pratt

    Fircrest, WA


  17. Mark Hamilton
    Location: New York, NY
    Handicap: 9
    Wedge Specs: 49*, 1* upright, +0.5”, KBS Tour X

    Current GW is set wedge PXG 0311p Gen6. Like the forgiveness of my current wedge but flight is way too high and it lacks versatility for partial shots, pitches, etc. Long time site reader and always been interested in Edison since reading gen 1 review, but never had my hands on one.

    Love reading reviews and frequent reviewer/poster on popular golf forum. Play more than I practice and would love to see if Edison is the solution to my bag!

  18. John Wallbaum

    John Wallbaum
    Aurora, Illinois
    Handicap 7
    I would like a 51 degree wedge, standard length, 1* flat, standard grip, KBS 110 Regular flex shaft.
    I use my gap wedge for a lot of shots between 30 and 85 yards and I would like a little more distance consistency on those pitches where I’m not taking a full swing. From what I’ve read, the Edison might provide that.

  19. Todd Schoenherr

    Current gap wedge is inconsistent with distance. It also flies too high. Handicap 12. 49 deg KBS Tour 120 stiff, 1 inch long, 1 degree upright, with a midsize Lamkin Crosslne 360 grip would be awesome!


  20. Brett Mallinak

    Brett Mallinak
    Location: Windsor, CT
    Handicap: 16
    Edison Wedge Build: 49*, standard lie and length, Nippon Modus 115 Wedge w/lamkin 1150 grip

    Current GW is Ping Glide 3 @50*, standard lie/length, with the Modus 115 Wedge and Lamkin 1150. I struggle with a few yards too many between my Mizuno HMP PW (44*) and Ping GW. Arccos has me at 130 yd PW and 111 yd GW. The 49* head would be a great starting point and the koehler sole would give me some confidence to go up or down 1* after testing to really dial in the gap. I already get some front edge digging with the Ping as-is and don’t feel like the grind will let me strengthen it. My Mizuno irons have Nippon Modus 115 S and swapping the Modus 115 wedge shaft into the Ping flowed nicely and improved an even larger gap so I definitely want to keep that on any new GW.

    GW for me is probably 85% fuller shots, but still looking for short game utility. I like it particularly in the 25-45 yd range when I dont need to get over any hazards and I’d rather keep it lower and let it run out a bit more.

    I have also tried the set matching Mizuno JPX GW and found it a bit too clunky for my taste.

  21. Moritz B.

    Hey PIG team,

    this sounds like a perfect opportunity to me: I always struggled on fuller shots with a more traditional, bladed wedge and for years I hit a 70% Pitching wedge rather than a 90% 52*.
    I was recently fit for a set of i230 irons which I absolutely love. Given my struggles mentioned above, I decided to purchase a UW (50*) with the set. So far, I have not become comfortable with that one either. Shots go to high and I miss the versatility of my previous wedge on partial shots. Therefore, the Edison 2.0 sounds like it has been made for guys like me.

    The specs I would be looking for is 49*, 35.75″, 65* lie angle. I play Project X IO in 6.0 in my irons, but I’d probably be more than happy with the stock KBS Tour 120 stiff in my gap wedge.

    Thanks a lot
    Moritz Bünger
    Vienna, Austria
    Handicap: 10.5

  22. Bryan Pluta

    Name: Bryan
    Location: Bellingham, MA
    Handicap: 6.1

    Wedge Specs: 49*, 2*Flat, -1/4inch, KBS 120 S, Standard Crossline Grip

    I recently got a new set of irons and my lofts changed considerably. While prior to this I had a set gap wedge now I only go down to the PW. This had caused me to re-evaluate my bag consider going from a 52-56-60 setup to something else as I evaluate my new distance gaps. I use the current 52* for all sort of shots from 100 yards or so and in. It is generally where I start the conversation of which shot to hit depending on the lie and slope of the green, room to work with, etc.

  23. John Giesler

    Name: John
    Location: Oakdale, CA
    Handicap: 14.2
    2.0 Wedge Build: 51* w/ KBS 120 Stiff, Standard L/L/L, midsize grip (in the box unless you can do the midsize Tour Velvet +4)

    There is no problem with my current gap wedge (it’s an Edison), my only complaint is that it’s a 53 that I had bent to 51 so the number doesn’t match the loft. I actually play 4 Edison wedges (49 bent to 47, 53 bent to 51, 55, and 59) all in the KBS 120 stiff. They’re bent as such because I had to go to the second hand market to get what I wanted at the time. I know Matt did a great review of the 2.0 and talked about comparing it to the 1.0 and I would like to talk more about that and provide my results. I hit mostly full shots with my 51 and would be interested in providing feedback on the distance/direction/trajectory pattern of each club. My review could be quite helpful for those out there with the 1.0 wedges in making their decision on when/if to upgrade to the 2.0. I’ve played 3 Scor wedges and a TK15 and can say that I’ve seen improvements in each model which is why I’m in the 1.0 now. FWIW, my 14.2 is tied pretty closely to my penalty shots off the tee box and approaches outside 160.

    Thanks for the consideration!

  24. Rowan conn

    Rowan Conn
    Los Angeles
    7 handicap
    Apex Pro 21. Kbs c taper lite 120 stiff
    Standard loft and lie
    Struggle with versatility of club around the green – chip and runs , pitching. It tends to be too hot / inconsistent off the face. Used as a 110 yard and in club. Tested vokey ( less forgiving ) and yet to find a versatile club – always a compromise. Always read about edison but never made the switch. Would love the chance. Spec would be std loft 50 degree and lie and length with kbs 120 stiff shaft a great match to my set. Thankyou


    Handicap 5.7
    Blackwood, NJ

    I would love to try the new edison gap wedge. Wedges are a weak point in my game and have tried many different wedges but never an edison. Would love to fill the revolving door position of my wedges. Current wedge is a 54 degree glide 4.0 and would love to try the 53 degree Edison. My issues with gap wedges of the past is the distance gapping as well as the ball flight. I typically play the stock A wedge in my sets and enjoy them. But as using players distance irons, they tend to lead to a gap of distance that I do not get from my current wedge. I am also looking for improved forgiveness from the Glide 4.0 I currently use. I do not enjoy the current grind on my wedge. The grind on the sole is something that intrigues me and would love to try. I have always opted for the full face or the hi toe model wedges to see what grind would fit me the best, and am anxious to try the Koehler sole design to see if it can help me. Would want specs of 53 degrees, 35.75 inches in length, 1 degree flat, KBS $ taper 120 pvd, Lamkin Sonar Midsized with logo under.





  27. Michael Griffin

    Michael Griffin
    Westminster, CO
    Full swing with my 50 degree vokey too unpredictable. Good contact sends it between 105-125, and I generate very little spin. It’s essentially a PW+.

    Would love to test a 50 degree kbs 120 stiff flex Edison. Standard grip


  28. David Kim

    Shreveport, louisiana
    Index 1.9
    Edison 2.0 50 degree KBS 120 stiff, 2 degrees flat. Golfpride mcc+4 grip standard logo down

    Current gap wedge is Ben Hogan Equalizer 50 degree KBS tour v stiff and I love it. I had Scor wedges before that and still play Scor for my PW (found a like-new one on eBay). Since Hogan has gone the way of every other small golf company I’ve been using my equalizer gap wedge even though it’s needed to be replaced for some time. I’ve been considering buying an Edison wedge but if I can get one for free that’s even better!

  29. Keith Finley
    London, Ontario
    Current pw is 47° MB, so it sounds like a 52°, mid-bounce with KBS 120 should fit perfectly.
    I generally use a gap wedge as a full shot club AND my primary chipping option, but I haven’t been happy with the chipping performance of my Ping Glide 2.0. Would love the opportunity to review the Edison.
    Cheers from 🇨🇦

  30. Kevin France

    Howdy, I’m Kevin, and I’m an 18 handicap.
    I really struggle inside 130 yards, and my current gap wedge is a 48* sm7. I’m a tall golfer and it’s stock, which is the first issue. The second issue is any swing more than a pitch just balloons to the moon and gets misdirected so easily. The third issue is my set PW is 46* and my first wedge is 54*, so it’s a weird gapping as well. Looking to get something to fit nicely, and also be longer/upright to match my other clubs.
    My build would be:
    2* upright
    Kbs 120 stuff
    Midsize grip
    Looking forward to trying an Edison!

  31. Clark Bending

    Clark Bending
    Elk Grove Village, Il.
    Handicap 12
    My current gap wedge is 50 degrees
    I use my gap wedge in sand, fringe, rough and for approach shots. I need a wedge that would do all noted with accuracy a prime issue.

  32. Jeffrey Vorick

    My gap wedge (Callaway X-hot) is a good club.
    Just not enough umph in a solid strike.
    From what I see from Edison is a club will improve that issue: will help my short game ,which is in need.
    Chipping and pitching from 50 yards in.
    Also,this club can help in the longer sand shots.
    Handicap 15.
    Myrtle Beach SC

  33. Frank musolino

    My gap wedge is a callaway xr that came with my irons set. It is +1 inch, 2 degrees up, speed step regular flex shaft, 6 degrees of bounce. I am a 18 handicap and very inconsistent with this club. The only place I hit it well is if I am in a sand trap with firm sand because of the low bounce number. Thanks guys

  34. I’m hitting the Cleveland 60, 56,52. I tend to “blade” a lot with the 52. I’d love to try new wedges to see if I could get more ball spin. Handicap is 12.

  35. Jeff Greenop

    Jeff Greenop
    Grand Rapids, Michigan
    25 Handicap
    Current Gap wedge goes almost the same distance as my SW so I need more separation on my distance to fill the gap.
    I would choose the 60 degree Edison

  36. Ray Parker

    I don’t have a gap wedge so I would like to win one so I can hit the greens from 50 metres out. I currently use sand wedge from 10p out but if I lay up inside 100 meters I’m struggling to determine distance or swing to hit the green.
    Handicap 11, standard 60 degree standard grip.

  37. Mike MacIsaac

    Hey guys; Mike MacIsaac here, from Franklin, Wis; I’m an 18 handicap; My current gap wedge does not really exist because I’m too inconsistent with it. I usually wind up trying to hit a 75-80% wedge instead. I like the look & the composition/shape of the Edison wedge you are marketing, as, for me, a lot of the game is between the ears & confidence in the club choice is a lot of that. Look & shape play into that feeling. I would love to try your club & review it.

  38. Allen Bird

    Allen Madoc Ontario
    7 handicap

    Cleveland cg15 current

    48 degree tour 120 stiff shaft standard length/lie regular grip with an extra wrap of tape


  39. George Nix

    Matt I would love to test an Edson wedge. Currently I’m using a Cleveland CBX2 48.
    George Nix
    Dacula, GA
    2.0 wedge specs: 47 degree, KBS PGI 80 regular flex, Lamkin Crossline 360, standard 63.5

  40. Kevin Oakey

    Name: Kevin Oakey
    Handicap: 5
    Location: Sydney Australia
    My current gap wedge is Miura 51 Oban CT115 stiff shaft 2 flat quarter over, Grip Master Roo Swinger grip no papers.
    Why I am interested in this – at that point of the bag it is all about precision. Basically at my handicap I need to create my own handicap through birdies and ultimately I am not getting a good enough percentage with GW in hand. Happy days if the Edison wedge can help with giving me that greater precision. Besides that I love tinkering and seeing new technology which can benefit me and my mates.
    Love the website, my favourite for clean analysis which really helps with my tinkering. You have cost me a lot of money Matt (on fun golf stuff 😊).

  41. Joseph Greenberg

    Hollywood, SC
    6.2 Index
    52 degree, 2 degree flat, standard length, midsize grip, graphite stiff.
    Have followed Terry for years. Love the V sole and bounce versatility for chip shots from bermuda to paspalum to bare lies, all of which we get here in coastal Carolina. Continued success to Edison

  42. Name: Andrew
    Location: Sterling, VA
    Handicap: 12.1

    Wedge Specs: 49*, Standard L/L/L, KBS PGI

    I recently changed my irons and found a matching gap wedge but haven’t really had that “click” with it. I have been struggling with distance control as I’m not too confident with my current gap wedge. I really need it to stop on a dime when hitting into tight greens which hasn’t been the case my last couple rounds.


  43. Anonymous

    Been playing TM Hi Toe 54* & 60* since 2017. Time for a change. Edison 55* and 59* KBS steel with stock L & L . Doug,16.3 HC,Allen Park, Mi.

  44. Jeremiah Wiedman

    Name: Jeremiah
    Location: Myrtle Creek, OR
    Handicap: 22
    Current Wedge: Talyor Made A gap wedge OS Sim. Part of the set with graphite shaft. Not as versatile as I would like. I would like to use it more of main chipping wedge to have a combination of height and roll. Feels weird to go from 2 of my blade wedges to this wedge. I would like it to me my go to wedge for chipping and pitching

    Looking for a combination of performance and forgiveness. I would use it everyday in my backyard, simulator it golf course

  45. Doug Shepherd

    55 and 59 Steel,

  46. Jamie Katz

    Jamie Katz
    Lexington, MA
    I have 50 and 54 Cleveland CBX 2 wedges. The profiles and shot characteristics of these two are very similar—-and I’d like more differentiation to help my versatility.. I’d like a 49 degree Edison to help me improve my performance within 50 yards. I would like to play more successful, lower shots. My game around the green is my primary area of weakness. Yes,’it’s the Indian and not the arrow for the most part, but I’ve found some arrows in other parts of my game that have helped this older Indian improve.

  47. Jerry Stayton

    I would LOVE to try a gap, and a lob wedge from Edison!
    Handicap: 15.
    I would love to try the 47, but it would be cool to review the whole set so 53 and 59, both with the longer shaft if possible.
    Everything about me is simple standard…
    I do like a bump up on the grip size but not necessary.

  48. Dana Horton

    I play a short set with 8 clubs. Currently have a 45 and 55 degree Edison wedge setup. But I have found I need something in the middle for the 75 yard range. Also looking for more options on pitch and run shots. I am a 10 handicap, 66 years old, in Columbus, Ohio.

    Looking to test:
    50 degree
    Standard lie
    KBS PGI 80 R Flex
    1.00 long
    Midsize Lamkin grip

  49. Christopher Collins

    I’m excited to try the new Edison 2.0 wedges. While I’ve read a great deal recently, and I’m on all the mailing lists, there’s no substitute for giving them an actual “whack.” This might be a terrific chance for all to get market feedback from a weekly, 18 handicap index player in the greater Cleveland Ohio area looking to improve by getting closer to the pin. I currently play Fourteen wedges, with a what seems a similar design philosophy, but only sand and lob. My gap is the stock Mizuno Pro 225 49 degrees. It would be interesting to see how the Edison 2.0 gap wedge at 49 degrees compares. I’d appreciate the opportunity to let you know.

  50. Name: W.B. Neal
    Location: Kitty Hawk, NC
    HDCP: 9.6
    My last gap wedge was a Mizuno JPX 900 Hot Metal bent 2 degrees strong, I sold the set with the gap wedge included and am now looking for a replacement. Short game is my strength, so a reliable gap wedge is required. I would like to try the Edison in a 48 degree loft.
    Thanks for the opportunity to apply.*

  51. Archie Shipp

    Name: Archie Shipp
    Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
    8.4 Handicap.
    The problem with my current Gap wedge is that it is a few decades old. I have a Cleveland 797 BeNi gap wedge that I bought used around 2003. It has managed to stay in the bag through multiple regrippings and edge sharpenings. As a high school teacher on a limited budget, I don’t generally get to replace equipment often. I have a decent handicap and play very frequently and in a very golf-centric location, which would give Edison and Pluggedingolf a lot of exposure along with being an English teacher that can write a very accurate and thoughtful review.
    As for the specs I’d like to see, I am 5’9″ with a compact and smooth swing , so I’d like to see a 52 degree with the standard lie angle, standard length regular shaft, and standard grip. Thank you for the opportunity to test this product.

  52. I have a Ping Glide 3.0 56 degree just not happy with results. Want to try something different just not sure what Brand to go too.

  53. Bob Gibson

    Bob Gibson
    Takoma Park, MD
    Handicap: 17.1

    I have been blown away by the versatility and performance of the Edison 55 degree wedge (1.0) I purchased a month ago following a review of the Edison wedges in PluggedInGolf. For the first time ever I feel I have a little artistry in my game. With the Edison sand wedge, I am successfully executing delicate chips around the green, controlled shots from the sand, and accurate approach shots from as far as 70 yards – just shy of where my Wilson Launch Pad 49 degree gap wedge tends to land. My current gap wedge tracks high but with poor distance and limited workability. I have been wondering if the addition of an Edison gap wedge would fill out the 70 to 100 yard range – including longer sand shots – where I’m currently under-performing.
    I’m interested in testing an Edison 49 or 50 degree with KBS PGI 80-A flex shaft, standard Lambkin crossline grip.

  54. Tres Spurlock

    Name: Tres
    Location: Naples, Fl
    Current GW: Ping I525 50 Modus 105x.
    Issues: Miss is high on face slightly toe side. Ball flight is way too high. I use GW mainly for full shots. Due to ball flight and strike location I have a huge gap between (20 yards) between 9 and GW. If the Edison wedges perform as advertised ( and I do my part) I think it could solve my problem.
    Specs: 51 degree, KBS Tour 120 +1” Midsize grip

  55. Mark Waugh

    Hello from NW Montana! Believe it or not, I am still using a Pure Spin 52* wedge that the diamond face material has been scattered around the courses up here for many years. The problem with the wedge is that it really doesn’t give me any more distance than my new current set of irons and the lower lofted pitching wedge (and the grooves on it are about gone). I believe that a 48* to 50* would fit perfectly in my set of irons and would be a fantastic “betweener” club. I have been looking for a new Gap Wedge for some time and read your newsletter and thought, why not.. Here are my particulars:
    Name: Mark W.
    Location: Kalispell, MT
    Handicap: 11

    Current Wedge Specs: 52*, Standard lie, standard length, stiff flex tru temper, midsize Wedge Guys Grip
    Edison Wedge Specs: 47* , KBS 120 Stiff flex, Standard Lie with a Mid size grip (47* would but it right in the middle of the new set of iron I bought a few weeks ago perfectly).

    Thank you for the opportunity to enter!

  56. Darrell Overturf

    My current gap wedge is a 50 degree PXG 0211 with a Dynamic Gold Tour Issue X100 shaft. I love the shaft but the wedge loft leaves uneven distances between my 45 degree pitching wedge and 52 degree wedge. I would love to try the Edison in a 48 degree loft/10 degree bounce to better fill in that gap. I would eventually like to also replace my 52 & 58 degree wedges and that could easily be with Edison.

    Darrell Overturf
    Apopka, Florida
    PXG 0211 Gen1 50 degree loft/12 degree bounce

  57. Sam Argersinger

    Name: Sam A
    Location: Ann Arbor, MI
    Cap: 3
    Gap issue: Ball balloons too much on full swings and I play a windy course. And then my overcompensation results in the club digging too much and then I chunk it.

    Would like to try a 49 degree Edison v2.0

  58. William Rowe

    Name: Brandon Rowe
    Location: Detroit, MI
    Handicap: 11.9
    Edison Wedge Build: 50* loft / 35.25″ length / 63* lie angle / Nippon Modus 115 Wedge / std. Tour Velvet cord 60R
    Current setup: set matched gap wedge (JPX 921 Forged @ 50*) which carries 110 yds consistently for me. My problem is I struggle hitting the 1/2 to 3/4 flighted shots with this club. My typical miss is one that sails high and comes up short. Been considering a specialty wedge at this loft for a year or so now but I find I can’t get the same carry distance as my set matched wedge.

    Thanks for the consideration!

  59. Shawnee, KS
    Handicap: 14.7
    The gap wedge has been a revolving door – I currently play a 50 degree cbx2 or a 48 degree set matching t200. The cbx2 often ends up short on full swings/doesn’t gap well with my 54, and the set matching gap wedge isn’t as versatile around the greens. Wondering if an Edison could be a happy medium with better distance/trajectory than the cbx2 and still good versatility around the greens. Would be interested in testing a 49 degree.

  60. Patrick Blake

    Patrick Blake
    Cold Springs Golf and Country Club
    15 handicap
    I own a 51 degree Edison and a 57. I would enjoy testing the new 2.0 in a 49 degree to replace my current approach wedge. The Edison wedges are well made and my ball flight is consistent!

  61. Brian W, San Francisco, CA. 8 handicap.

    I’m looking to improve my chipping and pitching game. I struggle with consistent contact and I hope the sole design and the weigh distribution of these wedges will help make heavy and thin shots better. Thanks for the consideration!

  62. Stephen Matuzak

    Stephen M

    Northern Va

    Hc 8.1

    49* 7 * bounce dynamic golf 105 +1”

    Play a gap wedge that is part of my mizuno 921 HM set. It is my go to club around the greens for bump and runs and from 110 out. This club is the reason I’m a single digit HC, it always comes to the rescue. That said, I have 54 and 58 vokey’s in the bag and often wonder what performance I’m leaving on the table but not getting a premium gap wedge.

  63. Paul Crosby

    I’d love more control from a gap wedge! I was a 7 handicap at one time. Wedge play was my strength. Not so much anymore! Handicap is up to 13.5 and rising! Not seeing enough stopping power! I’d love a 49 degree 1/2 over stock. I have a 80 gram regular aerotech in my current gamer.
    Paul Crosby
    Evanston, Illinois

  64. Name: Mark Maioli
    Handicap: 9.6
    Location: Broomfield, CO
    Specs: 50°, 2 flat, length .25 long, KBS Tour 120 stiff shaft, grip +1 wrap under right hand

    My current wedge is an original Edison forged, but it’s 3 years old and pretty worn. I’d love to give the 2.0 a spin and see what the differences are.

  65. Pascal Leroy

    Hey! Love the reviews and have seen these wedges before and super interested!
    Pascal Leroy
    Calgary Canada
    10.1 index

    I just got fit last off season for a new iron set and added a 50 gap wedge in the iron set.
    I have a 54/60 wedge set up.
    My issue is I’m finding a gap between my 50 “iron” and and my 54 wedge. Intend to fly them very high and want the perfect wedge for tight lies that are more like 90-110 or low checking chips in thick rough green side. I also have midsize wedge grips but not on my 50 utility
    I’d love to test a
    52 degree
    Kbs tour stiff
    Midsize grip
    Regular length / lie

    Thank you!
    It would add workability into my game 110> and I’d be interested in bending my 54 to a 55 if the gap is better served.

  66. Myron Bish

    I currently play PXG gap wedge and a Cleveland 58 degree loft wedge, and my shot trajectory is very high. I would like to explore the Edison wedge description of a lower trajectory with higher spin rate to see if that would improve my wedge play results. Given the information on Edison’s website about wedge fitting, I would like to try the Edison 53 and 61 degree wedges, with standard lie angle, the KBS Tour 110 Regular shaft, standard shaft length, and Lamkin Crossline 360, Grey – Midsize grip. Wish me luck!

  67. Bryan Scott

    Bryan Scott
    Plymouth, Mi.
    18.3 hdcp
    My current Gap wedge is a 54* Tour Edge wedge, it’s actually to close to my PW and doesn’t gap the space enough. I’m finding myself having to swing softer, I need to got to a stronger degree to have a full swing and truly gap the space in my clubs/wedges. It’s just not comfortable. Adding this gap wedge would open up my game and allow not just just for some full swings, but a better wedge to even use for chipping.
    stiff shaft,
    1.00 long,
    standard lie
    midsize grip + 2 wraps.

  68. Jim W Rosteck

    Jim Rosteck in Rio Vista, CA. Index 10.5.
    Current gap wedge original Edison 49 degrees and 2 degrees up with KBS TGI 60 Senior flex. The problem is that it is not new and improved. Am I missing out on something ❓⛳️

  69. Location: Avon, CT
    Handicap index: 13.4
    Edison 2.0 club I would like to try:
    KBS PGI 70 gm shaft
    1/2″ short
    2* flat
    Regular grip. Three wraps under right hand
    Currently use Miura 1957 47* wedge. Feels great when hit perfectly but even slight misses punish.

  70. Ian Gerrish

    Ian Gerrish
    Stanwood, Wa.
    Handicap: 18.4

    My current gap wedge is a Mizuno 825 pro. It seems to be more like my PW, not too much bounce and not as versatile as a true wedge would be.

    I would like to test a 51 degree, stiff flex shaft, with a standard grip, length and lie angle please.

  71. Jim Dolliver

    JIm Dolliver
    Sedona, AZ
    Handicap 15

    I’d like to test this wedge. Mine is a 50 degree and I don’t get much spin and would like to get more. This wedge may just do the trick.

  72. Walter Zahler

    Walter Zahler in Hickory, N.C 12 handicap
    Current gap wedge is Taylor Make P790 50 degree with Fujikura Pro 2021 shaft length is 36.75 with midsized Golf Pride CP2Wrap. would love to try 51 degree Edison Wedge to help the worst part of my game, inconsistency in chipping around the green. I easily loose 4-5 strokes per round. From your review and podcast with the developer, I believe the Edison Wedge could be my cure!

  73. Brian Muscat

    Hello, my name is Brian Muscat ,I am a senior golfer with a 16 handycap. I have Cobra clubs and my wedges work ok but I would like to try a top end wedge to see if I can control tragetory and spin better. I play st least 5 times a week at my local course Starks at Port Rowan , Ontario Canada.

  74. Brendan Spencer

    Name: Brendan Spencer
    Location: Lewiston, NY
    Handicap: 17

    My current gap wedge is a wedge from my iron set and it lacks versatility and launches way too high so I don’t end up using it. I would love to be more confident in chipping with it around the greens as well.

    The Specs I would want are: Standard Lie and Length, 51* loft, KBS 110 shaft, midsize grip


  75. Brian Samuelson

    Benson, MN

    In my bag, I have a 52* Vokey SM9 & 100s 48* gap. I struggle to keep consistent distance. Play mainly on old river bottom course with varying turf conditions (can be hard pan with little to no grass, then greasy spot that club slides through, and of course the fluffy rough lie).

  76. eric hutchens

    Name: Eric Hutchens
    Location: Prattville Alabama
    Handicap = 18

    Current gap is a 52 is a Mizuno T22. I would love to try the Edison 2.0 is a stronger lofted offering.
    Specs I would like are: standard lie and length, 50* loft, KBS graphite shaft.

  77. Chris Tierney

    My current gap is with my set of Apex. Love the feel but distance control is my issue. Wonder if the Edison might better control. I’m 10.2 index play about once or twice a week. A 51 degree with KBS PGI stiff would fit nice in my set. Standard loft, lie, and grip
    Winnipeg, Manitoba

  78. Al Schendlinger

    Name: Al Schendlinger
    Location: Bloomington, MN
    Handicap: 20

    Love to test out the Edel wedge. Constantly trying and retrying the assortment of wedges I’ve accumulated over the years and am still looking for the right gap and sand wedges to keep in my bag.

  79. Name: Todd Baker
    Location: Mebane, NC
    Handicap: 9.8
    Wedge Specs: 51°, +.25” length, 1* upright, KBS Tour 110 Regular

    Could use more spin, want to try the sole as tend to get steep with wedges.

  80. john bender

    I am using an older Titleist Vokey 50* as my gap wedge. Generally it goes 100 to 110 yards. I’m a 13 handicap and play 4 or 5 times a week. The problem is that I do not feel comfortable with it at set up and the look is too severe. Perhaps a more forgiving gap wedge like this will improve my attitude about that 100 yard shot and allow more playability on short approaches. I like a regular graphite shaft, but steel is fine for something free, and midsize grip. Lie 2* flat. Thanks

  81. Jim Schneck
    Naperville, IL 14hcp

    Playing PXG 0311P’s. I have always assumed that I should get a gap to match the iron set and the PW. The issue is the occasional “rocket ball” coming off the thin face/gel insert. When it’s a gap wedge, it’s by definition not a long shot so the ball jumping can land it in a lot of trouble off the back of the green. I use currently use Edison (original version) for sand and lob and prefer the distance consistency and spin.

    Specs would be: 50*, KBS Tour Stiff, .25” long, midsize golf price MCC +4 (if they don’t have, then their stock midsize offering).



  82. I would like to be part of this review. I am a 5 handicap and I purchased a set of MG3 Taylormade wedges for this year. After playing the wedges, my new gap wedge, which is a 52* bent to 50*, has an incredibly high ball flight. Much higher than I expected. As a result, I have not been able to gain the extra distance with a new wedge as I was expecting. I would like to test these wedges, that I have read about here and see if I would gain the extra distance I am hoping for with a lower cg. I would like to have a right handed 50 degree Edison wedge, bent 2* flat, with a KBS 130 x flex shaft 1/2 inch over standard, with the lamkin midsize grip plus an extra wrap of tape(which is the current grip and set up I have on the mg3 wedges).

  83. Anonymous

    Name: Jay Moynihan
    Location: Atlanta, GA
    Handicap: 8.7
    Wedge Specs: 50* KBS Tour 120 S

    Currently using JPX 921 Forged 50* which seems to jump up way too high

  84. Donald Conner

    I’d love to be a part of this review! My current.gap wedge is inconsistent with length, often a full club off so I’d love to see if the Edison can help with some of my approach shots.
    Name: Donald Conner
    Location: Mount Pleasant, Wisconsin
    Handicap: 22
    Specs: Standard L/L/L, 52 degrees, KBS 110 regular flex shaft, standard grip.

  85. George Otani

    Hey guys, I’m having trouble with a loss of backspin with my Cleveland 60 degree and was hoping that the new Edison wedges would help I use the Cleveland 52, 56, and 60 degree wedges with 50 gm graphite shafts. I am a senior with a 17.0 index with 2 deg. upright and play 4 times a week. I am located in the Toronto area of Ontario Canada.

  86. Greg London

    Wichita KS
    27.4 index

    My set matched AW is 50 degrees. I really like it and use it for most of my shots between 50 and 105 yds. I have an Edison 55 deg wedge I use out of bunkers and some chips around the green if. I have about a 22 yd gap between these 2 clubs for “full” swings (which seems like a lot), but am very uncomfortable and inconsistent with full swings with the 55 deg wedge. I’d like to try a 52 or 53 to see if I can get something that goes about 85-90 yds with a controlled full swing. Thanks

    Specs: 53 deg, whatever shaft is closest to KBS Tour V90 that I have in my irons.

  87. Douglas Mael

    Douglas (Doug) Mael; Langhorne, PA; 15-handicap.

    I currently own (4) of the first-generation Edison Wedges (44*, 49*, 54* and 59*) and 3 of them are in my bag. The 49* gap wedge was the first one that I bought and it is what convinced me to buy the other three Edison wedges. However, because it was the first one that I acquired, it has gotten by far the most use and is showing quite a bit of face wear. I would LOVE to get a 49* Edison 2.0 wedge to evaluate how much of a difference it would make!

  88. Mark Gillespie

    Mark Gillespie
    Holdrege, NE
    Do not have a gap wedge, need one (please). Play Cleveland Launcher XL Halo irons, have a P & SW. Need something in between.
    51*, Lie -1 flat, standard grip & shaft, length +.75

  89. David Nixon

    4 handicap don’t carry a gap wedge but would like to try this one

  90. Tom Forsythe

    Tom Forsythe I always think of gap wedge as a term announcers use when they don’t know what club a pro hit. But I do know that it’s the club between the numbered clubs and a lob wedge. The only problem with my gap wedge is that it’s very old, a Titleist tour model Pitching wedge at 49 degrees from the late 80s. It replaced a more mocern Cleveland that I didn’t like as well. I use SM9 56 and 60 so I should probably have a 50 or 52 for better gapping. I’d mostly like to see if a truly modern club would provide a marginal advantage.
    Handicap 9, Kanab, UT

  91. Stewart Robert Mauck

    I use a point and shoot Taylormade as my gap wedge. It is really a sand wedge. Would like to try some.

  92. Stewart Robert Mauck

    I use a point and shoot Taylormade as my gap wedge. It is really a sand wedge. Would like to try some.
    I’m in Mount Airy, NC
    25 handicap

  93. Glenn Austen

    I don’t currently own a gap wedge and always use my PW – which is not ideal.
    Would love the opportunity to test one out to see what it can do for my game

  94. Peter Ancona

    Peter Ancona
    La Quinta, CA
    I have read many articles about the Edison wedges and would very much like to be able to test one. My current wedge set up is a 50* Ping Gorge (white) and a Vokey 58/8 M SM8 (std) both w/ DG S400 shafts, +1/2”. Obviously a big gap between the two wedges. I have been looking to fill that gap for those shorter mid-swing yardages and pitching closer to the greens. So far, I’ve been unable to find the right combination that fits my eye or performs well under the different turf conditions presented with desert courses. Thinking the 53* or 55* 2.0 w/ the KBS S might be an option to fill the void I have in my bag. The specs I would like would be +1/2” and 1*up. Thank you!

  95. Larry Harp

    Great timing, my grand daughter just devastated an entire ant colony with my callaway big bertha gapper. Not familiar with Edison but would invite anything to help my game. It could lower my 19 hcp. I need more spin for these old bones to keep up with my 2xs a week foursome. 51 degree std lie stiff shaft with midsize grips if avail. Thank You for letting me enter.

  96. Dave Sanguinetti

    Dave Sanguinetti-Modesto Ca 95350- 10.7 G-index- Love to try the new 2.0 in 53* need versitility, and I have always felt that the 53( my weak sand) is the wedge that can anchor your game- using and old Cleveland CG 12 which was great in it’s time but is wearing out! I like 53*- 54^ lie- 35 and 1/2 length- JumboMax Zen/Lite in JS size, prefer Nippon Zelos 8 tipped 1 inch. As a super senior I play senior flex in all my clubs, but I have always( as I got older) prefer a stiffer/more stable feel in my scoring wedges. Thank you

  97. Robert Slater Dublin, OH

    Distance control is inconsistent current gap wedge. Playing with gap wedge in my set of Callaway Mavrik irons

    Handicap index:17.3

    Would love to test and evaluate Edison wedge: 51*, standard length and lie angle, A-flex graphite shaft

  98. Barry Cohen

    Mundelein, IL
    Not too far from you Matt.
    I’d love to try the 60* lob wedge: Regular shaft, std length, std grip

  99. I actually gave up my gap wedge, as it had the same flight and distance as the A wedge in my set, didn’t see the point of dragging two around.

    I currently play a 54* only, and would be nice to have something that fits into the distance between the 54* and A, without sacrificing workability or accuracy!

    Dave H
    Rockville, MD

  100. Richard Bernard

    I would love to get in on trying Edison wedges. The technology sounds fantastic. Currently damning a PXGO 311 forged wedge. Would be looking at the 50° Edison gap wedge. Current wedge can be very finicky on full shots. Plus who wouldn’t want to be more like Matt.

  101. Al Bogert

    If the Edison wedge performs well on the the courses I play here in Myrtle Beach, it would perform well everywhere else.
    My current wedge does not fit my swing. After reading your review, I would very much like to try the Edison.
    And your drawing is on my Birthday! A 53 degree, steel shaft, regular flex should help my 21 handicap game.
    Win or not, Thank you for making the offer.

  102. Jason Warlond
    Melbourne, Australia HC 14
    50 degree Steel Reg 1/4 inch over. Standard Grip + 4 papers.

    My current wedge is a Ben Hogan TK 15 and it a great wedge. Very versatile, but brilliant on full shots. Best I’ve used. It is just old/worn and would love a replacement designed by Terry Koehler.

  103. Robert Pearson

    Robert Pearson. Louisville, Kentucky 40207. Handicap 14. Currently use 3 Scor Wedges 51, 55, 59. Wouldn’t trade them for anything by the “major” brands. There are times if you hit them a little high on the face they ballon up.

  104. Pat Burke

    Pat Burke
    Castle Rock, CO
    5 handicap

    I’d love to try an Edison Gap Wedge. Been eying them for a while. I currently game a 50°(125 yards) 54° (115 yards) and 58° (100 yards). Lately I’ve seen my ball flight ballon. I’m coming up short a lot now. Would love a club with the described ball flight and control of an Edison. I use the 50° often. Standard lie, standard grip, and KBS 110 regular shaft.

  105. David J Sell

    David Sell
    Waterford WI
    I am the perfect candidate for this test, just in case you were asking !
    I currently use my TM Stealth set Gap Wedge, and occasionally pull it on full shots. The larger issue I’m interested in, and where I think the Edison wedge may be perfect is for low, running chips. I really struggle with that shot but would love to add it to my arsenal near the green. Nearly always, always hit it far too long past my target, so I’m afraid to hit it most often, even when I know it is the most appropriate shot. The ball just jumps off the set gap wedge, but I suspect the added spin from the Edison would really help. Seen some minimally better results with a 50 degree Vokey wedge I picked up, but not enough for my liking. Plus it’s taking up an extra spot in the bag for 2 clubs that are very similar.
    Would absolutely love the chance to test and review the 49 degree (matching loft to the set AW), standard length, 1 degree flat, with the KBS PGI 80 regular flex shaft, and the standard size Lamkin Crossline grip.
    Thanks Edison and PIG for this amazing opportunity !

  106. Mark Meade
    HCP: 16.0
    Location: Castle Rock, CO
    My current gap wedge is a 50 degree PXG 0211 (2019) set gap wedge with a regular Mitsubishi graphite shaft. I have poor bottom control with this club in particular. Full shots like to switch between thin and fat…not ideal. Honestly, it leaves a gap in my bag…pun intended.
    Desired Edison 2.0 wedge specs: 49 degrees, KBS Tour 120 stiff with Larkin Crossline 360-standard.
    My swing has changed significantly since I got my current clubs (dropped 7 strokes off my handicap last year) and the wedges are the first ones getting switched out.
    Even if not selected, thank you for your outstanding reviews and for this great opportunity.

  107. Peter Rigsbee
    Kamuela, Hawaii
    13.3 handicap

    I currently use original Edison wedges (50, 55, 60) and would love to compare the 2.0 version.

  108. Greg Radcliff

    It would be a wonderful opportunity to test the new Edison 2.0 Gap Wedge. I started back playing about a year ago after a very serious illness and I’m finding my wedge game to be the most difficult to bring back. I am currently playing to a 14 and I know I am losing 2-3 strokes each round due to not getting my gap wedge distances right. I am currently playing a Callaway Jaws Raw 50 degree gap wedge and it just does not have the solid feel I am looking for. Being an older golfer (67), I am using a 80 degree Catalyst wedge shaft but I am certainly open to your suggestions as far as any specs are concerned. I am a member at Windyke Country Club near Memphis, TN and I play and/or practice 3-4 times per week.

  109. Mike Corcoran

    Would love to test the Edison Wedge. I have fluctuated between narrow and wide sole wedges for past several years and can’t seem to find the right fit especially with 55* and 58* wedges
    Name: Mike Corcoran
    Location: Beavercreek, OH
    Handicap: 14.6
    Specs: 55*https/ KBS PGI 90 Senior Flex/Midsize Grip/All else standard

  110. Luke
    Des Moines, Iowa
    HDCP: 9.2
    Just got New Level 902-PD irons. PluggedInGolf reviews of New Level helped me go that route. Thanks
    The gapping with these new irons is off as my current 52, 56, 60 RTX4 is too much between the PW and 52.
    Would want to try the 50° with the KBS 120 stiff and midsize grip
    Your Edison reviews had me intrigued enough I hadn’t bought a Cleveland 50 uet.
    Thanks for this reader testing chance.

  111. Harry Taylor

    I’ve been playing Callaway 52-56-60 for an eternity. Love them but ready to try on something new. Would also review these with the potential to recommend to customers and students.

  112. James Bramich
    Tasmania, Australia
    Handicap 12.7
    Until yesterday, I didn’t have a gap wedge. My 1999 Henry Griffit HGs had a PW (48) and specialty wedges @ 54 & 60. I splurged on a set of TM P790s which I think I’ll like and got the set GW because I expected to use it mostly for full swings. I’ve only played the one round but think I’ll use it a bit more for chipping. It’s not bad but a bit softer feel would be nice on the ‘touch’ shots and the Koehler sole could be handy in winter when things are bit softer.

    I’d love to test the Eddison GW in 49 deg. / KBS PGI 80 R flex shaft / + 1/2″ long and lie 1 degree flat. Standard grip.


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