Test & Review the Cleveland CBX 2 Wedge

Test the New Cleveland CBX 2 Wedge

Most golfers play cavity back irons, but in the short game, where precision is most important, they play blades.  Why?  Because until recently there weren’t better choices.

Cleveland Golf has changed that with their CBX wedges.  The second generation, the CBX 2, raises the bar for forgiveness while maintaining a Tour-style look.

Want to see for yourself if a cavity back wedge can improve your short game?  PluggedInGolf and Cleveland Golf are teaming up to provide five golfers with two CBX 2 wedges each to test and keep.

How to Enter

Step 1: Post a comment.  Your comment must include your name, location, handicap, and the two lofts you want to receive.

Step 2: Make sure you’re subscribed to the PluggedInGolf newsletter.

That’s it!  On Friday, September 6, we will contact five golfers via email, so keep an eye on your inbox.

The winners will be expected to test the CBX 2 wedge and fill out a short questionnaire about how it performed.  Those answers will be shared on PluggedInGolf.com.

The wedges are yours to keep.


  1. Your comment/entry will not be visible immediately.  We need to approve all comments, so it may take a few hours before you see it.  Please DO NOT double post.
  2. Please leave the “URL” section blank
  3. If your entry does not include the required information or violates 1 or 2 above, you will not be entered.
  4. If you do not enter your correct email address, we will not be able to contact you, so you won’t be able to win.
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  1. name: Milo
    last name: Bajic
    location: CH-6330 Cham, Switzerland
    handicap: 10.7
    lofts: 56 / 60

  2. Jason Crowder

    Love to test these wedges. Jason Crowder.
    South Boston Va. 20 handicap. Love to try a 52 degree and 56 degree wedge.

  3. Garen Eggleston

    Garen Eggleston index 14.1 played Clevelsnd wedges for over 25 years and now live in The Vilages Florida. The 50° and 56° are the lofts I would love to try since I use the Cleveland 56° now comparison would be great

  4. Mike
    18 handicap
    56 & 60
    Still using blade wedges, no doubt could use a change.

  5. Hector Fernandez

    A great opportunity. They look very nice and I would be honored to try them.

    Hector Fernandez
    Festus, Missouri
    13.9 Hcp

    Thank you again Matt!

    • Troy Bellows

      Great looking club and I’ve read nothing but positive reviews! Would very much like to compare them to my current Cleveland wedges, which I am wearing out. Especially the 54°and 58°, which are my trusty, “go to/gotta stick this close” clubs! Hdcp 16

  6. Name: Sigurdur Sigurdsson
    Location: Robinson, Il
    Handicap: 19
    The two lofts I want to receive: 54 and 58

  7. Matt Alt
    Mechanicsville, VA (Richmond Area)
    15 Handicap
    54*, and 60*

    Thanks for this awesome opportunity.

    • David T. Shoop
      14 handicap
      Virginia Beach, Va
      Current Wedges are Calloway PW, AW & Mack Daddy 56° would love to compare 56° & 58°

  8. Brian Melville

    I would love to give these wedges a “spin”. I okay the Cleveland RTX2s at the moment any they are wearing out so new wedges are on the wish list for next season.
    I am retired, 64 years old.
    My handicap is 7.5.
    I am based at The Grange and Broughty Golf Club, Monifieth, Scotland (U.K.)

  9. Dale Hillman

    Dale Hillman
    Lakewood Ranch, FL
    7 handicap
    54 degree
    58 degree

  10. Larry Hill
    Pittsburg Kansas
    10 handicap
    52° and 56°

  11. Paul Kielwasser

    Paul K
    West Monroe, LA
    6 HCP

    Awesome! Thanks for the chance!

  12. Ken Caldwell

    I’d like to enter to receive the CBX2 wedges, 50 and 54 degrees.
    Ken Caldwell
    Atlanta, Ga
    8.5 index

  13. Brian Melville

    Should have added; 54 and 58 are what I play. Duhhh.

  14. Name: Myron Bish
    Location: Denver, North Carolina
    Handicap: 10
    52 and 60 degree lofts
    All my sand wedges have been Cleveland for many years. I’d like to try their other models to see if I like them as well.

  15. Kyle

  16. Russ, Dartmouth MA, 19 hdcp, I’d like to test the 50* and 54* if possible. Thanks for the opportunity!

  17. Randy Moore
    Palm Coast, Florida
    12 handicap
    56, 60

    Your comment must include your name, location, handicap, and the two lofts you want to receive.

  18. Fernando J.

    Fernando J.
    San Antonio, TX
    7 HCP

  19. Ben Monaghan

    Ben Monaghan
    Rosemount, MN
    12.2 HCP


  20. Jim W Rosteck

    Jim Rosteck in Rio Vista California
    10.3 index
    Playing a 54 and 60 Cleveland RTX3

  21. Chuck Tramontana

    Great time to upgrade my current Cleveland wedges.
    Chuck Tramontana
    San Tan Valley,AZ
    HCP 15
    54 & 58

  22. Nader Hendawi

    Nader Hendawi
    New York, NY
    12 HCP

  23. Ariff Zainal

    Ariff Zainal
    Kuala Lumpur
    16 handicap
    50 degree
    54 degree

  24. Mike M.
    Detroit, Mich.
    19 hcp
    52 & 58

    Fingers crossed!

  25. Mitchell Beck

    Mitchell B.
    Barrington, IL
    Handicap: 6


  26. Jim Pecoraro

    Name: Jim Pecoraro
    Location: Naperville, IL
    Handicap: 7.2 (Left-handed)
    Lofts desired: 52 and 56
    *If it helps, I’ve known your brother Brett since 2007 when we roomed together in Barcelona! Random fact of the day*

  27. Dave Hammond

    As I am in the market for new wedges, I would love to give these a try! Currently play the Vokey SM6, 52 and 60 degree.
    David Hammond
    Santa Rosa, CA
    8.2 HCP

  28. Thordure Einarsson

    It would be great to have an opportunity to put those wedges to the test here in Iceland !!
    Thordur Einarsson
    Gardabaer, Iceland
    9 HCP
    56 and 60 degree

  29. Allan Crozer

    Hey guys my name is Allan and I would love to test out the 56 and 60 degree. I am in Northampton, England and I play off 28

  30. Brandon Horvath

    Matt, great idea for testers!
    Brandon Horvath
    Knoxville, TN
    6 Handicap
    54 & 58 deg lofts

  31. Umberto Bianchi
    Toronto Canada
    Age 55
    HC 11
    playing srixon z585 irons , Zstar Ball and Titleist wedges
    Would like the opportunity to try 50 and 54

  32. Rob – NC
    HCDP: 1.5
    54* and 58*

  33. Lyle Bennewies

    Lyle Bennewies, Waterloo Canada, HCP 20 (that is why these wedges would be sooo good for me), Would like a 54 and 58.
    I presently use Cleveland RTX 3 CB wedges and I like but these would be a great experiment to see how they compare.
    BTW love your newsletter and site.

  34. Brian Parkinson

    Brian Parkinson
    Rexburg, Idaho
    Handicap 18

  35. Josh Giesige

    Awesome opportunity thx! Really love to test these out.
    Josh G
    Hdcp 8
    52 & 60

  36. Jim Schneck

    My new wedges this year feel like the problem they are trying to solve in their CBX 2 commercials :)…

    Would love to test a 56 and 60!

    Jim, Naperville IL. Handicap 20

  37. Would def like to try these out!
    Brandon Cox
    Oklahoma City, OK
    20 HCP
    56 and 60 deg

  38. Pontus
    Västerås, Sweden
    Handicap: 13.2
    56 and 60*

  39. Nathan Carnahan

    Nathan Carnahan
    Sacramento, CA
    22.7 handicap
    56 degree
    60 degree

  40. Dale Self
    Rising Star, Texas
    12 handicap
    56 and 60 degree wedges

  41. Hi Matt,
    Matt Drury, 6 h/cap, Wrotham Heath G.C, Kent, England.
    I play Vokey SM6 M Grind 54deg and S Grind 58deg
    Never thought I’d try Cavity back wedge, would love to compare to Vokeys.
    54 & 58 please.

  42. Brad Gerlach

    Brad G.
    Traverse City, MI
    Handicap: 5.8
    54 and 58

    • Michael Pagano

      I’d love to try 52, and 56. I’ve been using Cleveland wedges for about 12 yrs.
      I’m currently a 17 handicap in S W Florida, where I just moved to 1 yr ago.

  43. Savannah Trussell

    Savannah Trussell
    Bowling Green, KY
    10 HCP
    52 & 58

  44. John hawkins

    John Hawkins, I would love to test the 52 and the 56 degree wedges in hope they will improve my golf game!! Handicap: 18

  45. John hawkins

    John Hawkins, Williamston,SC I would love to test the 52 and the 56 degree wedges in hope they will improve my golf game!! Handicap: 18

  46. dwayne
    handicap 10
    56/ 60

  47. Brandon W
    Campbell CA
    52 and 60
    Handicap 10

  48. Aaron Lorenz

    Aaron Lorenz
    Orlando FL
    12 handicap
    56 & 60

  49. Would love the opportunity to test these
    name: Vince
    location: Central Jersey (yes it exists)
    handicap: 17
    the two lofts: 52 & 58

  50. Kris Taylor

    Kris Taylor. Hope Mills North Carolina hoc 9 52 56

  51. Richard Clevenger

    I’d prefer to test the 52 & 56
    Handicap: 12
    Tipp City, OH
    I play forged wedges would like to compare with cavity backs

    • Jerry Merkley

      I have a Clevland LG -5 56 degree wedge. Would love to try a 52 and 60 degree. My handicap is a 12. Live in Kingston Ontario Canada. Play 3 -r times weekly.

  52. Tom Duckworth

    Tom Duckworth
    Kansas City
    Handicap 10
    I would like a 54 & 58
    Thanks for the chance

  53. 5 handicap

  54. Steven Tolman

    Steven Tolman
    Savannah, GA
    GHIN 9.8
    I would love the 52 & 56!

    Pick me! Pick me! I would love to try these wedges out.

  55. Chris Primuth

    Chris Primuth
    Roscoe, Illinois
    9 handicap

  56. Benjamin Aylott

    Benjamin Aylott
    Weston super Mare (UK)
    Handicap 6
    52 and 58 lofts please

  57. Dan Cooper
    Staffordshire, England
    7 Handicap
    50 and 58 wedge lofts
    Would be great to try them out and give some feedback when compared to your normal “blade” wedges!

  58. Brian Barnes

    Brian Barnes
    Locust Grove Va
    HCI 16
    52, 60

  59. Jonathan Terrio

    Name: Jonathan Terrio
    Location: Orlando, FL
    Handicap: 15
    The two lofts I want to receive: 56 and 60
    I’ve had the first edition CBX wedges in my bag for a year now and have loved the versatility.

  60. I would love to try the wedges out.
    Craig Jones
    16 handicap
    Pwllheli, Wales
    50&58 degrees

  61. Steven Medeiros

    Handicap 10

  62. Ken Dowswell

    I would like to test the 52° and 56°
    Hdcp 15.6
    Sarnia, ON

  63. Chris Coates

    Would love to try these.
    Location: Cumbria, England
    Handicap: Scratch
    Lofts 52 and 56 would be perfect!

  64. Name: P.J. Evans
    Location: Colorado
    Handicap: 13.7
    Lofts: 54 and 58

    I read your article with great interest. You’re right, I play cavity back irons, but when it comes to wedges, I use blades! Not sure why, it’s just what I’ve always used. I have a SkyTrak and would use this as an opportunity to use real data to compare the wedges on both hits, misses and of course, spin. I play golf 2-3 times a week, plus do two golf trips a year with groups of 20+. I’d welcome and appreciate the opportunity to test these new wedges. Thanks!

  65. Adam S
    Baton Rouge, LA
    54 & 58

  66. Charley Thornbrugh Jr

    Portland, Oregon
    Handicap – 8
    54 & 58*
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  67. Jason Crandall

    Jason Crandall
    North Brunswick, NJ
    12 handicap

  68. Samuel Challgren

    Samuel Challgren
    Minneapolis, MN
    2.9 Handicap
    50° & 60°

  69. Dave
    Handicap 18
    50 & 54

  70. guy crawford

    Guy Crawford
    Handicap: 11.7
    56 & 60 Degree
    What an amazing opportunity.

  71. Brendon
    New Zealand
    16 handicap

  72. Randall Matheny
    Tallahassee, Florida
    9.7 Handicap Index
    Right handed
    52 and 56 degree

  73. Michael Pettey

    Michael Pettey
    Athens, AL
    Handicap 14.8
    50* and 56*
    Thanks for great opportunity

  74. Dean Jacobson
    Burnsville, MN
    Index 9
    52 & 56

  75. Calvin Harshman

    Calvin Harshman
    Lansing, MI
    28 Handicap
    56 & 60 Lofts

  76. Would love to test the new Cleveland wedges. They look good.

    Will Lakoff
    Dayton, Ohio
    15 handicap
    54 and 58 lofts

  77. Kevin Wei
    Montgomery Village, Maryland
    17 handicap
    54 degree & 58 degree

    I’m very interested in the new CG position of this wedge as it advertises towards to the toe of the club where most high handicappers include me would hit

  78. Ted Kus
    Oakville, Ontario
    54 and 58 degree

  79. Would love to try these!
    Josh Bart
    San Diego, CA
    56 and 60 degree

  80. Brian Valdez

    Brian Valdez
    Long Beach, CA
    54 and 60

  81. Danny McAllister

    Recently, around a month ago, I just started to take golf seriously and put some actual effort into it. I spend a lot of time with my driver and irons but neglected my wedges not realizing actually how vital they are to the game. I’d love to get a chance to improve my wedge game with clubs that are made to do that.

    Dan McAllister
    Quincy, Ma
    27 Hdcp
    52 & 56

  82. Chris Batson

    Chris Batson
    Weymouth, MA
    56* / 60*

  83. Kevin Rea
    Lebanon, ME
    54 and 60 degree


  84. Glen Koeske
    Bath, MI
    Hdcp 10.1
    54 and 58 degree

    Thanks Cleveland and PIG

  85. I have been told many times my loyalty to Vokey wedges is unwarranted so I would be thrilled to test the 56 and 60 up against my SM7’s

    Rob Barajas
    10 handicap
    El Paso, TX

  86. I’m a mid-20 handicapper whose short game is the Achilles heel to my golf game. I’ve tried Vokey, PM-Grind, Mizuno and Ping Eye 2+ wedges and gone to several instructional sessions.

    While I’ve seen improvement, I need all the help I can get. I still hit ‘em fat and thin. They claim these are the wedges for folks like me. I’d sure love to see. Keep up the GREAT reviews! They’ve influenced at least five purchase decisions in the last two years.

  87. Would love to try the new Cleveland wedges. 52 and 60 (I have the rtx-4 56).
    David Lewis
    Handicap 13
    Franklin, TN

  88. Curt Backhaus

    Curt Backhaus
    Placerville, CA
    50* / 56*

  89. Bruce Lowe
    Scotland, UK
    9.5 handicap
    52 and 58

  90. Would love to test these 👌👌
    Steve Lang
    Blackpool UK
    Handicap 13

  91. Ed Roynesdal

    Ed Roynesdal
    15.5 HCP

    Would like to test 54 and 58 degree.

  92. Robert Gittleson

    Would love to test these and see if they help my wedge game!
    Rob Gittleson
    16 handicap
    Richmond, VA

    52/56 degrees

  93. Todd Williams

    Todd Williams
    12 hdcp
    Kenbridge, Va
    52 and 56

  94. Currently playing MD4. Would love to test CBX2 in 54 and 58 degree.
    Spokane Valley, WA
    Handicap 8

  95. richard chalmers

    name: Rich
    last name: Chaers
    location: Rugby (UK)
    handicap: 12
    lofts: 56 / 60

  96. richard chalmers

    name: Rich
    last name: Chalmers
    location: Rugby (UK)
    handicap: 12
    lofts: 56 / 60

  97. Philip J Boyle

    Phil Boyle
    Bluffton SC
    48 & 56

  98. I have a 50 degree of the original CBX and I love it!! I have been considering picking up at least one of the CBX2 wedges, but just haven’t pulled the trigger yet. Maybe I will get lucky here!!

    John Sweat
    16 handicap
    Warner Robins, GA
    54/58 if selected

  99. Gordon Kaardal

    11.2 Handicap, and I am very intrigued with the soul of this cavity back club…I presently use clevelands and love them but yes I do have the chunk and run and the missed flops too with the wider bottom should be a good fix… I would love to try the 52 and 58
    Angus, Ontario, Canada

  100. Andy GREENWALD


  101. Mark Lehman
    135 Calumet Ct
    Crestview Hills KY, 41017
    13 Handicap
    67 years old
    52 and 56 degrees. THANKS!

  102. Dana Horton
    Columbus, Ohio
    14 handicap
    Would like to test 56 and 52 degrees

    Great weekly posts.

  103. Robert Houliston



  104. I currently play Callaway MD4 wedges and was hoping that cavity back wedges would give me more consistent results on partial shots around the green.

    Vic Forsyth
    Right Hand
    16.4 Index
    Wimberley, Tx
    54 and 60.

  105. Mark Lehman -67 yoa
    Crestview Hills, KY
    13.4 Handicap
    52 and 56 degrees

  106. Thanks in advance!
    Jack Chin
    Fairfax, Virginia
    No HC, would be high so perfect for this :)
    56 and 60 please.

  107. Chris
    Haddonfield, NJ
    60 and 62
    To sample the variance in control and ability to stop the ball quickly within short proximity to the pin. I will sample against forged 2 series Titleist that I absolutely love for the control factor.

  108. Jimmy Pustelniak

    Jimmy Pustelniak
    Massapequa , NY
    50 & 56

  109. Zane Tallant

    Zane Tallant
    Halethorpe, Maryland
    4.4 Handicap

  110. Charles Cook

    Got Vokeys and on a bad day, can’t hit a barn door.I would welcome trying something that may be the answer to my prayers
    Charles Cook, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, England.52° and 60°

  111. Bill Hankard

    Bill Hankard
    Glastonbury, CT
    handicap = 11
    56 and 60 degree lofts preferred.
    I’m always looking to improve my short game…

  112. Michael Quirke

    50 and 54 degrees, currently use very aged Mizuno Raw Black Ox which are still the best!
    M Quirke

  113. David Sillanpaa

    These wedges look fantastic. Would love to give them a try. David Sillanpaa. Perry, OH. 10 handicap. 56 and 60 degree.

  114. Joseph Eck
    Kansas City
    19 Handicap
    56.10 and 60.08

  115. Have never tried a cavity back wedge but would like to.
    Ron Vaive
    Prince Edward Island, Canada
    Handicap 5
    50 and 58

  116. Jeff Leverson

    I’ve been using Ping wedges and would love to try the Cleveland wedges. I’d like to test the 56 and 60 degree wedges against the Pings.
    Jeff Leverson
    20 handicap
    Rochester, NY

  117. I would love to try these. Struggling around the greens for years I’ve tried informercial wedges, chippers, etc. without success.

    HC: 17

  118. Would love to test the 52 and 56 degree wedges

  119. I am currently using 3 Cleveland 588 wedges and would be interested to see if the new CBX 2 wedge would be better for my game.

    Mark Dunn
    Bexhill-on-sea, East Sussex, UK
    Handicap 13

  120. Randy Pulley

    Long time Cleveland user. Would love to test a 52 and 58

  121. jake krayson

    Jake,,,Fairfield CT
    14 HDCP
    54/58 please

  122. Rob Perkins, 10.1 handicap, Kalamazoo Mi

    Would love to test the 52 and 56 degree wedges

  123. Nate Woznick

    Nate, Michigan
    HC: 14.7, 54* & 58*
    Been a lotta buzz about these clubs, excited to see how the reviews end up going!

  124. Mark G Slater

    Mark Slater
    Columbus, Ohio
    15 Handicap
    54 and 58 degree wedges

  125. David kim
    3 handicap
    Shreveport, Louisiana

  126. Currently play the original 56 and 52 so comparing the CBX2 56 and 52 would be real interesting.

  127. Steve Doyle
    18 handicap
    56 and 60 degree..

  128. Would love to play them…52*, 58* 1000 Islands,Ontario

  129. Randy Pulley

    Chesapeake, VA
    9.0 Hdcp
    Randy Pulley
    52 and 58

    • mike eversole

      I have been a PING user for the last 5 years and would like to expand to my experience with other brands, especially short wedges.
      I have heard good things about the Cleveland brand and would like to give first hand feedback ease of use, feel, control etc.

  130. Great time to update my older Cleveland wedges.
    Chuck Tramontana
    San Tan Valley AZ
    Hdcp 15
    54 and 58 degree

  131. I really like my CBX 58 degree wedge, it would be nice to and a pair of the new wedges to the bag. Thanks for the opportunity.

  132. Mark Olson
    12 handicap, 52 & 58
    Willmar, MN

  133. I live in Melbourne FL
    Home course is Harmony Golf Preserve
    Handicap is 7
    I would like to try 52*, 56*

  134. Jack Kristensen

    Would love to test these wedges!

    Jack Kristensen
    Ocean Park, WA
    8 hdcp
    54 and 58 degree

  135. Ed Bianchi
    Williamstown, MA
    9.4 handicap
    56 & 60

  136. Hello, I am intrigued with this new design and would love to give the 52 and 60 degree versions a test drive. I am a 16 handicapper based in the UK (near Brighton). Good luck with the testing!

  137. Ken Varisco
    11.7 Index
    Pace, FL
    48* and 52*

  138. Mike Hernandez

    Mike Hernandez
    Castro Valley, CA
    56* & 60*

  139. Harry Buzila

    Harry Buzila
    Moncton, NB Canada
    HDCP: 19
    Lofts: 50° and 54°

  140. Mark Kortright

    My index is 18.6 and I carry a 20 handicap on my home course. I have been playing with C3i wedges for 3 years and am anxious to play the 54 and 60 degree wedges. I’m a big fan of Cleveland equipment and look forward to offering a comparison of old vs new. Thanks for the potential opportunity.

  141. Michael Pasvantis

    Michael Pasvantis
    Boca Raton, FL
    Handicap: 12.1
    Lofts: 50, 54

  142. Chris Delisio

    Cavity back wedges! What a great idea!
    Chris Delisio
    Cleveland O-H-I-O
    12 handicap
    I would love to get my hands on a 52 and 54 degrees with as much bounce as possible.

  143. john walczak

    John Walczak
    8 handicap
    52 and 60
    Thanks for opportunity

  144. thanks for the opportunity
    my handicap is 16
    brescia italy
    gianvittorio cuter
    52 60

  145. Richard Coon

    I am an avid 70 year old golfer who struggles with the short game, esp. chipping and putting. Hence, testing a couple of wedges would be of interest to me. I live in Waukesha WI, have a 13 handicap and play nearly every day until the course I play at closes in late Nov. I would like to test a 53 and 57 degree set.

  146. Have struggled with high loft clubs close to green/pin. Would be interested in whether these clubs can help with confidence at ball strike. Thanks.
    Arden, NC
    21 Handicap
    Lofts 54 and 60

  147. Mike Brausam

    Bought a Cleveland RTX 3 60 degree wedge and really like it and looking to buy a 54 degree wedge to match. This would give me an opportunity to try these wedges out before I make a purchase.

    Mike Brausam
    Mooretown, Ont.
    Handicap 10
    50 & 54 degree

  148. Retired 64 years young, 7 handicap needs short game help. Very interested to see if a cavity back wedge is the answer. 56 & 52 degree would be my preference.

    Ancaster, Ontario, Canada

  149. I played the first generation and loved them!

    Ty Gaines
    Prairieville, Louisiana
    20 handicap
    50 and 54

  150. Bob Holland
    Lehigh Valley, Pa
    25 Handicap
    52 and 56 degree

    Thank you!

  151. 50 and 54 wedges to test.
    Handicap 8.3
    Dacula GA

    George Nix

  152. Doug Podolak

    Chaska, MN
    Handicap 5
    Lofts 56 – 60

  153. Dave Sanguinetti

    Love to test the 50 and 54, am 76 and good wedge play is all I have left!

  154. Dave Tracz / Cleveland, OH
    15 Handicap / 56* 10 bounce & 60* 12 bounce

  155. I am a decent wedge player. Would like to try the 52 ,60 low bounce. Hdcp+1.4

  156. Dave Clark
    Keswick, VA
    HDCP 4.8
    54 & 58 degree (Left Hand)
    Thanks for this opportunity!

  157. I am a decent wedge player would like to try something new. 52,60 low bounce. From Prince Edward Island Canada +1.4

  158. Mike Henderson

    Handicap 5
    50 and 56 degrees

  159. Mike Henderson

    Handicap 5
    50 and 56 degrees
    Mike Henderson
    Chesapeake, Ohio 45619


    Bib Newton from Wellsburg WV. I currently play RTX 3 and love them around the green, but struggle with full shots. I’m a 8 handicap and would love to try the 54* and 58* wedges

  161. Nick Billman

    Nick Billman
    Lake Quivira, KS
    52 and 56
    19 handicap

  162. Scott Moultine

    Fircrest, WA
    19 hdcp, I’d like to test the 52 and 56 if possible. Thank you for the opportunity.


    Greg fleming
    Ft myers Florida
    7 handicap
    54 degree
    50 degree

  164. Dennis Moriarty

    I’ve recently got serious about my golf and it would be a real privilege to test these wedges out at the various challenging and wonderful courses in my locality in the southwest of Ireland.

    I currently have TaylorMade M6 and M4 wedges and feel that the CBX could make a real difference to my short game as I’m currently struggling with it the most.

    Preference: 56* and 60*

    Dennis Moriarty
    18.7 handicap

    Beaufort Golf Club, Killarney, Co. Kerry
    Republic of Ireland


  165. Lee Brown, Taylors, SC, 6 handicap. I played the original CBX’s. Higher launch than my forged wedges and great feel.
    54 and 58 degree

  166. Bob Navickas

    I’m looking at upgrading my wedges this could great timing. 8 handicap , 56 and 60 degrees
    Thanks Cleveland and P.I.G.
    Brick N.J.

  167. Ken Palmer
    Green Bay, Wisconsin
    12 handicap
    54 & 58 degree

  168. I am currently using the Rtx 3 wedges and like the wedges and would be happy to demo the new Cleveland wedges. Rod Wald current handicap of 12. Bismarck ND. 1713 Houston Dr. 58504. I would like the 56 and 52 degree. I play about 100 rounds per year

  169. James Halbrooks

    I’m 62 yrs my h.c is 13

  170. Arthur Belmontes

    I’m a 69 year old golfer who enjoys playing the game on a regular basis. My handicap is 10.2. I’ve been playing with your RTX-3 V-MG. Loved the fact that it was my first cavity back wedges that I played with and I loved them. They changed my short game for the best. I would love to try your CBX-2 Wedges and honestly give my opinion on your new wedges. If chosen I would like to try your 56&60 degree wedges. Thank You

  171. Kent Franklin

    Greenwood , Indiana
    52 * and 56*
    Currently use Vokey but would love to try something more forgiving z

  172. Mike Bennett

    Would love to review the 56 and 60 degree wedges.
    Mike Bennett
    16 Handicap
    Sycamore, IL.

  173. I am interested in the concept of a cavity back wedge. I have always had a Cleveland 485 sand wedge in my bag and it’s one of my favorite clubs, but it is getting pretty worn. I would like to try the 56 and 60 degree wedges. Thank you !
    Mike Castro
    12 HDCP
    Livermore California

  174. Taften Kuhl
    Springfield, IL
    Hcp: 5

    I have played blades (cleveland TA originally, now callaway mack daddy) forever and am very intrigued by the cbx2. I’d like to trial the 52 and 54. I’m very interested in this club as a ‘sand wedge.’ I am intrigued to see if one of these lofts could fill the gap between my rogue pro ‘a’ wedge and my mack daddy 58 degree with s-grind. I currently use a mack daddy 54 x-grind in this spot and I haven’t been overly impressed.

    I’m also very interested to see how the cavity back performs around the greens (it would be my primary ‘chipping’ club) and I’d love to validate the cleveland commercial’s claims of its playability out of the sand and on ‘flop’ shots.

    Thanks for considering.

  175. Dave Schoenthaler

    I’m a Cleveland wedge fan. 10 handicap. I’m in Clifton Park, NY so I don’t get to use them as much as some of the others who have posted.

  176. Daniel shapiro

    name: Daniel Shapiro
    location: Frederick, MD
    handicap: 15.4
    lofts: 56 / 60
    Currently play mizuno T7 wedges and just can’t seem to stop the mall on the greens. Play a titleist Tour true soft and mizuno 900 forged irons.

  177. Never played cavity back wedges and curious to try. Particularly the lower lofts that I hit more full shots with.

    Rick P.
    Athens, GA
    16 HC
    50 and 54 degrees

  178. Mark Johnson

    Mark Johnson
    Towson, MD

  179. Adolfo Zayas
    Springfield, NJ
    18 hdcp
    52* and 58*

    Thank you to PIG and Cleveland Golf

  180. The short game is critical for me, since I cannot reach many par 4’s in 2 shots. I already have have Cleveland CBX 50 and 56. I need the 46 and 60 degree CBX2’s. Thanks!!!

  181. Joe Pare
    Toronto, Ontario, Canada
    Hcp factor 19.6

  182. Roger Sorey
    10.4 handicap
    Springboro, Ohio
    Very interested in seeing whether the larger head size is an overall asset or a detriment…forgiving or just bulky?

  183. Cleveland CBX2 wedges look interesting!
    Kevin Brown

    10 Handicap
    Would like to test a 52 & 58 against my wedges

  184. Cary Taylor
    Palm Harbor, FL
    18 Handicap
    52 and 56 deg wedges.

  185. Fred Devoe
    East Brunswick, NJ
    18 handicap
    52 & 56

  186. Tom Weirich
    Cleveland, OH
    16 Handicap
    54 and 58 Degree

  187. Jonathan W.
    Frederick, CO
    4.8 Ghin
    50 and 54 loft (or 52 and 56)

  188. Bob Glasgow
    10 HDCP
    Blue Springs, Mo.
    Would like to test 54* and 58* wedges

  189. Brett Zilahi

    52yrs old
    Toronto Canada
    11 Handicap
    have used Cleveland Wedges my entire life.
    would absolutely love to check out the new tech!
    52° and 56°
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  190. G L Smith ,10hcp, 52 and 56, Greensboro,FL

  191. Drew Fink
    Dunedin, FL
    18 hcp

  192. Scott Doolin

    Would love to improve short game scoring!
    Thank you!

    Scott D
    Blue Springs, MO
    16 Hcp
    50* 56*

  193. Ashley Schroth

    Ashley Schroth
    Bellevue, NE
    Hdcp 10
    60 and 56 degree

  194. Jay Hendricks

    I’ve already ordered the CBX 2 in the 50, 52 and 58-degree lofts! I loved the original CBX wedges and I can’t wait to hit my brand new CBX 2 wedges. Not to sound “Greedy”, but I would love to have the 54 and 56-degree wedges available to put in my bag!!!

  195. Randy Porter

    Randy Porter
    Blue Springs, Missouri
    48 and 52 degrees

  196. Tim s
    Red deer ab
    Hcp 13
    Currently using callaway wedges
    Would like to test a52 and 56 deg. Low bounce. Am finding there is a gap in my clubs that these might help with .

  197. I want to test the 46 and 60 degree wedges. My GHIN handicap is 12.9 at Firethorn GC in Lincoln, NE. I depend on wedges to hit greens and to get within 1 putt par range, since I cannot reach many of the greens in regulation. Thanks!

  198. Theotis Clark

    Theotis Clark
    20 Handicap
    Houston, Tx
    46 and 58 right handed

  199. Donald McDermott

    I have tried several different makes & lofts over the years, but have yet to find a consistent set of wedges that improve my short game. The opportunity to try these new Cleveland wedges would be awesome!

  200. Scott Coldiron
    Glen Ellyn, IL
    6 handicap
    54 and 58


  201. Cleveland wedges have been tried and true … I’ve had a 56 in my bag for years … would to try the
    Handicap 12.3
    Seattle, WA

  202. I currently game the CBX 54 and 58 degree wedges with graphite shafts and am very pleased with them. With all the hype about the CBX2 wedges, I was going to demo them but none of the retailers in my area have gotten any demos yet. I would like to take this opportunity to try out the CBX2 wedges.

  203. Hello: My name is Robin and I am for Pembroke, Ontario, Canada. Presently play the Cleveland Tour Action REG. 588 – 56 and 60 degree. Have been using them for approx. 15 years. Even purchased a second set, but hard to let go of the worn in set. I play with a 7.5 index ( 8 Handicap ) and hit the courses on the average of 4 times a week! Would love to try out the new Cavity Back wedges in the 56 and 60 degrees to see if they have the feel and spin I love to play with.

  204. Charles Johnson

    Charles Johnson
    Ardsley NY
    14 Handicap
    Lefty Golfer!!!!
    56 & 60 wedge


  205. Name: Ryan Kukla
    Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota
    Handicap: 5.2
    Wedges: 50° and 56°

    Would love to be able to play so cavity back wedges, to see how they compare to my current setup.

  206. Ted Steinberg

    I’m very anxious to try the CBX2. I liked the CBX for it’s size which exuded confidence and versatility for sand, flops and full shots. The new version should be springier with better feel.
    Ted Steinberg
    Scottsdale, AZ
    12 hdcp
    52 & 58 degreep
    Thank you

  207. Jeff Baumeister

    These are great looking wedges and I would love to test the 56 and 58 degree in a 10-12 bounce. Currently a 12 handicap trying to get back to 10. Florida turf and wet conditions make chipping a challenge.

  208. Craig Goodwin

    Always used Cleveland wedges until two years ago. Decided to try some Hogans. Good wedges, but my old Clevelands are like a great pair of old shoes. Been thinking of trying out some of the newer offerings from Cleveland. Was going to try out the RTX’s, but I do play cavity backs irons, Srixon to be exact and love them. So maybe the CBX would fit the bill.
    Craig Goodwin
    Colfax, CA. (Sacramento area.)
    11 Hcp.
    52 and 56 degree’s prefered.*

  209. Dennis Spars

    Would love to try a 60 and 64 degree wedges if available. I have a 56 degree Cleveland wedge now.
    My handicap is 5.2. Thank you.

  210. Mitchell Rothstein

    Looking forward to testing.
    Mitchell Rothstein
    15 HDCP

  211. Scott Torrence

    Scott Torrence
    13.9 HI
    Franklin TN
    Currently play RTX4 but wonder if CBX2 is better for me. Test 56 & 60.

  212. J M Malinowski

    Have never played with Cleveland wedges. Open to a change!


    I have been a loyal Cleveland wedge player for 20 years, my old “trusty rusty” 56 was in my bag for almost 10 years. I would love to test the new cavity backs!

    Craig Anderson
    12 Handicap
    Stuart, FL


    I have been a loyal Cleveland wedge player for 20 years, my old “trusty rusty” 56 was in my bag for almost 10 years. I would love to test the new cavity backs! I would like to test the 54 and 60 degree

    Craig Anderson
    12 Handicap
    Stuart, FL

  215. Steve Boutin

    5 cap
    Ontario, CAN
    50, 54

  216. Dennis Stephans

    Love to test the Cleveland wedges.

    Wedge lofts. 54 & 58

  217. Just started playing the CBX irons and would love to pair them with the new CBX2 wedges!
    56*& 60* 18 hdcp.
    Greg B.
    Yuba City CA

  218. Dennis Stephans

    Follow up: Glenview, I’ll
    11.9 index

  219. Jim Dolliver

    Count me in
    50. and 58
    Jim Dolliver
    Hcp 13
    Sedona az

  220. Doug Jaworski

    Doug Jaworski
    Hayden, Idaho
    8 handicap
    52 & 60 degrees please and thank you !

  221. Tom Donnelly

    name: Tom Donnelly
    location: Monrovia, CA
    handicap: 24.9
    lofts: 54 & 60

  222. I’ve been playing Mack Daddy wedge for awhile and it’s time for a change. Really curious to see how cavity back wedges can help improve my game.

    Al Brown
    Chicago, IL
    Hdcp 18.2
    54 & 58

  223. Roy H
    6.9 handicap
    54 and 60
    Chandler az

  224. Current Vokey SM7 User. Thank you for the chance to review.

    Scott Gobel

    Fremont, CA

    HDCP 12

    56 and 60

  225. Eric Venhuizen

    Eric Venhuizen
    Bozeman, MT
    16 hcp
    54 and 58

  226. Hi my name is Dan Peever and I currently using Cleveland wedges and I love them .
    I’m still around a 14 handicap so I would love to test these new clubs from Cleveland to see if they are any better than my currant 54, 58.
    I live in tumbler ridge bc so our gulf season will be over in about a month .😔

  227. Chris Fanney

    Chris Fanney
    Virginia Beach
    Index – 10
    52 – 56
    Currently play CBX

  228. Started playing four years ago when I retired. I used a set of mizuno irons that were given to me for three years. Last year I bought a set of tour edge 5 thru sw. play the wedges pretty well (short irons are best part of my game) but it would be great to see how I would do with a premium wedge.


  229. Richard Leberman

    Richard Leberman
    Chester, NJ
    11 handicap
    60° and 56°

  230. William Steck

    Currently play Cleveland CG15s, curious about the CBX
    William Steck
    Santa Rosa, CA
    52 & 58 degree (left-handed)
    16.42 handicap

  231. George W Aaron

    Time to replace my wedges. Need a 54 and 58 degree here in Charleston, SC. Will play after Hurricane Dorian is gone!

  232. Ian Gerrish
    17 Handicap
    Stanwood Wa.
    54 & 58

  233. Jamie Katz
    13 handicap
    Lexington, Mass.–outside of Boston
    50 and 56

  234. Phil Olsberg

    I currently have a 60 degree CBX first edition wedge, which I love. Great club around the greens from about 60 yards and in. Interested in the 54 and 58 degree wedges, particularly the 58 to see if that helps bunker play. I have a 15.9 index at the Golf Club at South Hampton in St. Augustine, FL and have been playing golf for 50+ years.

  235. Always like Cleveland wedges, and putters. Using two RTX right now, good weight and balance.
    I would love to test these.

  236. Darrell Dorsey

    Darrell Dorsey
    Houston Texas
    HC 15
    54 and 60

    Thanks looking forward to trying these out. I have CBX now in 54 and 60 and love them.

  237. Kevin Conlin

    Kevin Conlin
    Burlington CT
    50 & 56

    Didn’t Wishon do a study on CB vs blade wedges showing that it didn’t make a significant difference?

  238. been using blades and now at 68 would like to try cavity back wedges.

  239. Tim Chaffee
    Brookville, IN
    21 handicap
    54 & 58 degree wedges

  240. Jim Peterson

    Jim Peterson
    Menomonee Falls, WI
    17 handicap
    56 and 60

  241. Gaines J. David

    I am a 19 Handicap golfer, Age 78. I play 4 days a week and currently use a Cleveland 59 degree Lob Wedge and a Callaway “Big Daddy” 56 degree Sand Wedge. As part of my Callaway Big Bertha irons, I also play with their 52 degree Gap Wedge and 46 degrees pitching wedge.

    I would like to try your CBX2 56 and 60 degree wedges. Thanks,

    Jason Gaines,
    Santa Barbara, CA

  242. I’d love to compare these against my RTX 2.0’s.
    Gil Bloomer
    12 HDCP
    Vail, AZ
    52 & 58LB

  243. Bill OBrien
    GHIN 5.6
    Would love to test the Cleveland wedegs 46 degrees and 52 degrees.

  244. Danny Lowery

    I would love to try the 50 degree and 56 degree. I have a 54 and 58 Cleveland wedges. I experiment all the time and compare different irons , wedges, and drivers. I am a 10 handicap and play just about everyday after school. I am retired ( 68) but work at the high school with special needs students.

  245. Hope they spin like crazy. 54 & 58

  246. Cristian Nieto

    Cris Nieto
    Index 9.9, which is a 12 handicap at my home course.
    52 and 56 degree
    Miami, Florida

  247. Greg Gordichuk

    Greg Gordichuk
    Surrey, BC
    19.7 handicap
    54 and 58 degree

  248. Stan Dusinski

    I would like to try the 52&60. My handycap is 28.

  249. Jerry Dushane

    Jerry Dushane
    Kansas City, MO
    Handicap: 13
    54 & 60

  250. Michael Nixon

    Would love to try these wedges and look forward to playing them.
    I am sure my partners will be envious!

  251. Ralph Currier

    Ralph Currier
    South Bend, IN
    54, 58

  252. Richard Stalberger

    Richard Stalberger
    Dike, IA
    5 handicap +/-
    56 & 60 degree wedges
    Would like to compare these wedges to my RTX2’s. Thanks.

  253. I started with CLEVELAND wedge (sand) 56 in 1990 They are the best!

  254. Tommy Dunne
    Arklow , Ireland
    Left handed
    52° and 60°

  255. Douglas T Cooper MD

    -Douglas T Cooper MD
    -St Simon’s Island, GA
    -52°, 56°

  256. Albert Frank

    I have played Cleveland CG16 irons for quite some time as a result of participating in Cleveland’s “Pass It Around” program, which offered a free test of a 7 iron – which I was very impressed with – and resulted in my purchase of a full set.
    Based on my “Cleveland” experience, I’m anxious to test the new CBX-2 wedges. With due respect to my CG16 wedges, I’m sure the result will be improvement in my wedge play…which is something we all need.
    My handicap is 18 and the lofts I would like to test are 52° and 60° if available.

  257. I currently own and play cox wedges (50, 54 deg). If the cox is an improvement, I can hardly wait to get my hands on them.

  258. Cleveland makes great clubs , thanks for the opportunity.
    Name: Jim
    Handicap : 5.7
    Location: Scottsdale , AZ
    52 and 56 degree wedges would be great !

  259. mea culpa: I intended to say if the cox 2 are improvement over my current cox, I want them in my hands!

  260. Steve Murray

    Steve Murray
    8 handicap index
    Kelowna, BC Canada

  261. George Batty

    George Batty
    Cass City MI
    16 Hdcp
    48 and 60
    Depend heavily on wedges and current Adams wedges 15 years old

  262. Gary McCormick

    Gary McCormick
    San José, CA
    GHIN: 24.3

    I would be interested in testing a 56° and 60° – the 56° to compare to the Cleveland RTX-4 which is my current SW, and the 60° to compare to what I consider to be the gold standard, my Hogan Sure-Out LW.

  263. Appreciate the opportunity :-) Andy Reece, Glendale Arizona, 14 Handicap. 56/60 for me !

  264. Mike Magurany

    Mike Magurany
    Milwaukee, WI
    6 handicap
    56 & 60

  265. Gary D Wilkie

    Gary Wilkie

  266. Love to try out the 52 and 56 CG Wedges. Scoring clubs are Soooo important!

  267. Kyle Antonson

    Kyle Antonson
    Fayetteville, NC
    16 HC

  268. David Reekers

    I am currently in the market for some new wedges. I would love to give the a try.

    David Reekers
    12 Handicap
    Canon City, Colorado
    54 degree and 58 degree

  269. Steven Goldstein

    Steve from St. Louis
    I struggle with bunker shots and my Cleveland Smart Sole from tight lies.
    Handicap 20.1
    56 & 60

  270. Ryan Colvin
    1 handicap
    Durham, NC

    Would love to try the 54 and 60. Thanks for the great content and contests.

  271. Mark Niebrugge

    I would love to try out 54 and 58 degree wedges. My current 3 Cleveland wedges are getting really worn.
    Mark Niebrugge
    Fort Lupton, CO
    24 Hcp.

  272. Bellamy Jerry

    Jerry Bellamy
    Port Saint Lucie, Fl
    14.1 Index
    Currently using previous Cleveland 56* model that I like a lot. Makes sense using game improvement wedges for my game
    Would love to try the new 46* & 50* wedges.

  273. I played Cleveland wedge in the past and now I’m play with Mizuno. Cleveland has done a lot of marketing on their wedges. I wouldn’t mind tested their product.

    Wally Sabati
    Las Vegas, NV
    13 HDCP
    52 and 60

  274. William Henson

    Bill Henson
    10 Handicap
    San Angelo, TX

    56 and 60 degree
    Currently playing the RTX 3 in the 56 and 60

  275. I would like to test the Cleveland wedges up against my Titleist vokey wedges.
    Bobby Parish
    10 Handicap
    Destin, Florida
    54 and 58 degree

  276. My wedges are the worst part of my game and I would love to test these in a 52 and 56
    I play 2 – 3 times per week and my handicap is 28
    Donna Conway
    Surrey, BC

  277. I had to post this comment to turn off follow up comments.

  278. I need lots of work on my short game around the green but I need to start with the right tools. I just purchased a set of Srixon clubs and would love to pair them with a workable set of Cleveland wedges.
    Tim Keller
    Hilo, Hawaii
    Handicap: 28
    56 & 60 degree

  279. Chris Castro
    Ontario, CA
    Hcp: 12
    Lofts: 54 and 60

  280. Bill Smalley
    Chattanooga, TN 37412
    15 handicap
    I just purchased the 4-GW Cleveland Launcher HB irons in graphite and would love to have these wedges.
    Would like the 56* and 60* wedges

  281. My Cleveland SW is about 13-years old and even though I keep the grooves sharp I like the looks of the CBX2. Bob Erdmann, Weston, WI; 14.4 handicap, 54 and 60 degrees.

  282. Don Stine, Richmond, Illinois, 11 index, 52 and 60 lofts

  283. Glen M. Rapoport, D.M.D.

    Intrigued re ‘forgiveness’ built in and taking the grind decision out of the equation

    54 and 58
    Beaufort, SC
    Left Handed

  284. Bradd Forstein

    Bradd Forstein
    8.7 index
    56 and 60 degree (LH)
    Moorestown, NJ

  285. Glenn S Hough

    Would love the opportunity to evaluate these wedges. Especially once Hurricane Dorian leaves this area!
    Glenn Hough
    Mount Pleasant, SC
    16 Handicap
    48* / 60*

  286. Robert Hedrick

    Robert Hedrick
    9.5 index
    Glendora, CA
    54 and 58

  287. Tom the golf nut

    Tom Kells
    Greeneville TN
    3.4 handicap
    56 and 60 please.
    What a great opportunity.

  288. Ed Whiteman
    Fayetteville, nc
    14 Hcp

  289. would like to try the 54 and 56
    hcp 25
    Arnold, MD

  290. I’d love to test and review the two wedges in 51 and 56 degrees loft if possible. My handicap is 5.0 and my short game is pretty consistent so I think I could give the wedges a fair trail run.

  291. Mike DelGais
    Philadelphia, PA
    Handicap: 14
    Thank You

  292. Joel Perlin
    Waikoloa, HI
    15.2 index
    52 and 56

  293. Mark Alver, Prescott,AZ. 15.5, 56 &60

  294. Would be an honor to evaluate these fantastic looking wedges. Always looking for the perfect wedges.

    17 Handicap
    52 & 56 degree

  295. I have myself and three friends all interested in these Cleveland wedges. One has already recently pulled the trigger…I would love the chance to test Cleveland’s theory as wedge play has historically been shaky for me.. I am in Myrtle Beach area and have terrific variety of lies and situations to do some testing

  296. Dan R. Goldstein

    Dan Goldstein
    manhasset, NY
    10 Handicap

  297. I’m 67 and reviving my game after years of infrequent play. Definitely in game improvement mode. Have dropped 10+ strokes from my handicap this summer and striving for more. Enjoying the jealousy that my improving game is generating in my current group. Look forward to going through my email to get the amazing information from the Plugged-in Newsletter.
    Right handed
    Currently a 28 handicap though my handicap is still lagging behind my improved game.
    David Eaks
    Strongsville, Ohio
    52 and 60 degree

  298. Have been wanting to try these as a match to my Srixon 585’s. 12 Hdcp, Bedford, Va, 52/60.

  299. Play Volkey wedges for years. Looking to change because of inconsistency in this area. Would like to test the 54 and 58 degree Cleveland wedge system. I am a 5 handicap at the Malone Golf Course in Malone,NY

  300. Mike Stewart

    Would love to try these wedges.
    Mike Stewart
    Palatine, IL
    18 HDCP

  301. Chet Childers

    Chet Childers
    Dacula, GA
    27.1 Handicap Index
    54* & 58*

  302. Dan Corun
    Honoraville, AL
    50* & 56*

  303. David Craighead

    Bubba Joe
    Need to be better from <100 yds. Could these be my answer?? Let’s see…
    52* & 56*
    Gulf Shores, Al

  304. Robert Thornton

    Robert Thornton
    Liberty Lake, WA
    54° with 10° bounce and 58° with 8° bounce

  305. Clint Pon
    Elk Grove, Ca
    Hcp 23.8
    52 & 56

  306. Chuck Warner

    Have played Cleveland wedges forever, but recently switched to Taylormade because I didn’t like the look of the last couple of generation Cleveland wedge products. At least these look a little more muscular.

    Chuck Warner
    Schnecksville, PA
    hcp 5 (age 64)

  307. Ron Burnette

    I play a CBX gap wedge and swear by it. I would very much like to test a CBX2 to compare. Also play RTX3 60 lob- excellent club . Ron Burnette Homer,NY 16 HC 48 / 56

  308. Lynette Cole

    My short game is really costing me shots with my inconsistant chips, my GA is 17.1 and I would like to improve on that

  309. Marcus Russell

    Marcus Russell

    Fort Worth TX

    Handicap 20

    Wedges: 52 and 60

  310. Bruce Bublick

    Want a 50 and 58. Handicap 20.
    It hurts to go 400+ yards in 2 and the miss the green with a short iron. Own a 58 CBX and want to try the new CBX2.

  311. Matthew Schairer

    Matt Schairer
    Trumbull, CT
    54 & 50

  312. Jason Taylor

    your name: Jason Taylor
    location: Wichita, KS
    handicap: 12
    two lofts you want to receive: 54 & 58

  313. Brad Tucker
    Heath, OH
    16 handicap
    50 and 56

  314. Steve Gerardot

    Steve Gerardot Strongsville, Ohio
    Hdcp 7
    50 and 54
    Currently gaming Cle Rtx 3 50 and 54. Would like to test the cavity back Cle wedge as I have cavity back irons and may improve my short game. Retired and play lots of rounds so I could really give them a good test.

  315. Noel Guillaume

    Hi and thanks for this opportunity – details follow;



    Emu Plains NSW Australia

    54 + 58

  316. Currently have RTX3 in 54 degree and RTX4 in 60 degree … I have used CLEVELAND wedges for 10+ years … they are the best !!!! … I very interested in the new CBX2’s in a 52 and 58 degree.

  317. Rick Williams

    Rick williams
    Springfield, MO
    52, 56

  318. Bob from Chantilly, Va. I have about a 20 handicap. Would love to test these wedges in 54 and 58 degrees.

  319. Jeffrey Kushner

    Jeff Kushner
    Madison, Wi
    Handicap: 15
    56 and 60

  320. Randy Waddell

    Randy Waddell Kingston,TN handicap 11 I’d love to test a 52 and 56 degree wedge!!

  321. Michael Kulinski
    Waukesha WI
    14 Hdcp
    52 & 56

  322. Kevin Coughlin

    I enjoy reading all the reviews , very helpful. I’m a 12 handicap, I’m from Staatsburg, NY. Could use a new 56 and want to try a 60, have never used one.

  323. Atlanta, GA
    14 HC
    Just replaced highest lofted wedges with first gen CBX a month ago.
    Would love to try the 46 and 50 degree in CBX2!

  324. Bruce Neerhof

    Bruce Neerhof
    Kohler WI
    Handicap 16
    56 & 60

  325. Monty Morgan

    Monty Morgan
    Ponder, Tx
    54and 60

  326. Greg Edwards

    Wilkesboro, NC
    Handicap 1

  327. Judd Williams

    Judd Williams
    Parker, CO
    Hdcp: 28
    52 and 56

  328. Would like to try 50 @ 52 degree

  329. I am from Terrigal NSW Australia. My handicap is 20 and am looking for reliable and forgiving 54 and 56 wedges.

  330. Whitesboro, NY
    Handicap: 6
    56 & 60
    The concept behind these wedges are sound. I’d like the opportunity to test these wedges

  331. Name: Eddie Pabon
    Location: Plainfield, IL
    HANDICAP: 17
    54 and 58 with high bounce.

    I’ve been looking to replace my wedges to fix gapping and have been exploring these wedges so this could be a great opportunity for that. Thanks for the chance.

  332. Tom Wallace
    52 and 60

  333. Richard Ragasa

    Richard Ragasa
    Carmichael, CA
    24 handicap
    I’m 73 years old and returned to playing golf about 5 years ago after retiring. I’ve tried the CBX and was hoping my kids would get me one for my birthday. They didn’t, but I saw that the CBX2 was coming out on August 23rd which just happens to be our wedding anniversary and thought maybe I should wait and try the CBX2.

  334. I am an 18 hmco with my club. Would certainly love to give cox 2 a test drive.

  335. Kevin Vesperman

    Kevin Vesperman
    Madison WI
    14 handicap

  336. John Toenjes

    I’d love to try these out!
    John Toenjes
    Champaign, IL
    9.4 handicap
    54 and 60

  337. Doug Stewart

    Doug Stewart,
    St Austell, Cornwall, England.
    Handicap 12.1
    52 and 56.
    I’m a 6’4” golfer and would be great to try these in an upright lie if possible? Currently using ping blade wedges so would love to try a cavity back against these.

  338. Jeremy Ganshorn

    Jeremy Ganshorn
    Fort Wayne, In
    54, 58

  339. Douglas Inman

    My golf clubs were stolrn a few years ago and my game hasn’t been the same without my Cleveland wedges.

  340. Douglas Inman

    Douglas Inman
    high handicap
    Lebanon , Ohio
    56 and 60

  341. Rufus Bennett

    Rufus Bennett
    Asbury, IA
    Handicap: 14
    54 and 58

  342. Chuck
    Long Island, NY
    No HCP/low-mid 90s
    50, 54°

  343. Charles Haverstock

    Granger, In
    Handicap is 11
    Would like test a 54 and 58
    Looking for wedges 65 and 75 yards and in!!!

  344. Lawrence O'Toole

    Would love to try CBX 2 wedges in 56 and 60 degrees. I have a 52 CBX wedge and I love it. I would love to see how Cleveland has improved on a club that is very forgiving and a pleasure to play.

  345. Steven Launer

    Have a 20 year old Cleveland 60 degree, grooves mostly gone and sure could use a new one. Handicap 13 – 56 & 60 degree would be perfect (my 56 is a Snake Eyes). Playing in Las Vegas, NV

  346. Ryan Bluffin
    The Woodlands, TX
    9.4 Handicap
    56 and 60

  347. Steve Shearing

    Would love to give these bad boys a try. Any help a 28 handicapper can get around the green to try and lower the handicap is most welcome. Not sure if you give us golfers the opportunity this side of the pond to assist in your trials but if chosen please could I try the 52 and 60. Thanks

  348. name: Dan
    location: Colorado
    handicap: 15
    two lofts: 46* & 50*

  349. Fernand Duchesne

    Fernand Duchesne
    9 hdcp
    Would test a 54 & 56

  350. I am 71 years old and seem to have lost something off my fast ball, that is, I don’t hit the ball as far as I used to and realize that in order to make up for this generational malady I need to significantly improve my wedge game. I would love to try the 54 and 58 degree wedges. I am a 19 handicap and play in Dixon, Il.

  351. david wojton

    Dave W.
    Handicap: 17
    Las Vegas, NV
    Lofts: 56 and 60
    Would love to give these a try. Currently play older Cleveland wedges.

  352. Terry
    54 degree and 58 degree

  353. Michael Atkins

    My Cleveland 52 is worn out on the face, would love to try the 52 and 56 degrees. Berkshire County, MA. 16 handicap.

  354. Greg Murphy
    Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada
    Handicap 26.8
    56 and 60 degree CBX 2 Wedges would be awesome to review. Currently play RTX 3 Wedges.

  355. Kevin McGallion

    Kevin McGallion
    Beaumont, Texas
    52 & 56

  356. Loft: 52 / 62
    Bounce: Maybe 8 to 10 degrees .
    Handicap: Yes. Blind in one Eye :-) 12 HC
    Other wedges? You name it. I have at least 20+ sitting here. Callaway, Mizuno, Cleveland, Nike, Tours edge, Bazooka, Solus, Eidolon, most blade but some cavity back. Currently am using TaylorMade (50-58), Mizuno (56) and Callaway (64) for my primary wedges.
    New FL Resident.

  357. Eugene Sackett

    Austin, TX
    50 and 55
    Think about the feeling you get when you purchase a new car, everyone is in envy… new wedges in your bag and sticking it close for the win on 18, priceless. Game- Set- Match

  358. 12 handicap – play golf 5 days a week
    Would like to test the 52 and 56 degree wedges .

  359. Jay Vincent
    Rowayton CT and Ft Myers FL
    HCP +1
    50, 54 and 58
    I bounce between the RTX3 and CBX wedges currently, depending on the course conditions. The CBX are great in wet mushy conditions and pretty consistent out of the bunkers. When I’m playing at my best and hitting crisp shots and off of drier surfaces, and on courses with excellent sand, then the RTX are unbeatable.

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