Test & Review the 2019 Srixon Q-STAR Golf Ball

Test the New Srixon Q-STAR

The fifth generation Q-STAR promises Tour level performance in a two-piece ball.  How can they do that?  With a new dimple pattern, faster core, and Spin Skin with SeRM.

Want to try it for yourself?  Follow the directions below.

How to Enter

Step 1: Post a comment.  Your comment must include your name, location, and handicap.

Step 2: Make sure you’re subscribed to the PluggedInGolf newsletter.

That’s it!  On Monday, July 22, we will contact ten golfers via email, so keep an eye on your inbox.

The ten winners will be expected to test the Q-STAR and fill out a short questionnaire about how it performed.  Those answers will be shared on PluggedInGolf.com.

The golf balls are yours to keep.


  1. Your comment/entry will not be visible immediately.  We need to approve all comments, so it may take a few hours before you see it.  Please DO NOT double post.
  2. Please leave the “URL” section blank
  3. If your entry does not include the required information or violates 1 or 2 above, you will not be entered.
  4. If you do not enter your correct email address, we will not be able to contact you, so you won’t be able to win.
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Matt Saternus

Co-Founder, Editor In Chief at PluggedInGolf.com
Matt is a golf instructor, club fitter, and writer living in the northwest suburbs of Chicago. Matt's work has been published in Mulligan Magazine, Chicagoland Golf, South Florida Golf, and other golf media outlets. He's also been a featured speaker in the Online Golf Summit and is a member of Ultimate Golf Advantage's Faculty of Experts.

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  1. Christopher Shively

    Christopher Shively
    High Point, NC
    Please and thank you.

  2. Max Fulkerson

    Max from Michigan, 10 handicap. I have played and liked the Q star Tour, especially in the colder months. I’m interested to try the new ball.

    • Jason Bekker

      Jason from South Wales, UK. Club Southerndown GC. Handicap 2. Would love to utilise the Srixon ball as predominantly want to test the outcome of the balloons dry links course compared to the competitors. Iv never had a preference of balls and be good to start.

    • Tim Wiles

      I am Tim, and I have played several of the Srixon golf balls and I am currently using the Q Star. I look forward to trying out the newer model to see if it can become my ball of choice

    • Paul Kenyon

      Paul Kenyon
      Lancashire, UK
      12 hcap
      Links player so can test in a stiff breeze!
      Previous Q Star user if it helps

    • Chuck Tramontana

      Chuck from Arizona with a 12 handicap. Look forward to hitting this new golf ball.

    • Jaymee Hooshangi

      Jaymee from Ohio, 14 Handicap

  3. Jim Sorum

    Irvine, CA
    6 handicap

  4. Mark Grimwade

    Handicap: 20

  5. Paul Evitt

    Paul Evitt, North London, 8

  6. Kyle

  7. Hello – Wish to compare these to the BS Tour RX’s

    Landy Rodriguez
    Weston FL
    HC 16

    Thank you!

  8. Dave Hammond

    Would love to trial these!
    Dave Hammond
    Santa Rosa, CA
    HC 8.3

    • Brian Melville

      Would like to try these having used a previous incarnation to good effect.
      Brian Melville. H/cap 8. 0.
      Monifieth, Scotland. U.K.

  9. Brian
    Locust Grove Va

  10. Padraig Maclochlainn
    Co Donegal Ireland
    Handicap 5

  11. Jared Wallace

    14 from Miami

  12. Mike Harrington

    Burr Ridge, IL
    12 Handicap

  13. Keith Manning

    Peterborough, England

  14. Dave Sampson

    Dave Sampson
    Greenville, SC
    Handicap 9.3
    Titleist Pro V1 user, interested in more distance with short game control

  15. Brian Valdez

    Long Beach, CA

  16. Bill Luippold

    I’ve been a loyal user of the QStar for the last 4 years. Perfect ball for my 11 handicap swing speed. Would love to try the new fifth generation design, I can’t believe they can be any better than the other’s but hope I’ll find out.

  17. Bob Holland

    Bob Holland
    Lehigh Valley, Pa

  18. Mike Droll

    Mike Droll
    Palm Coast, Florida
    16 hcp
    Very interested in this new Q-Star after trying older generation and Soft Feel.

  19. Darren Tan

    Darren Tan
    18 hcp
    Finishing my supply of ChromeSofts so will be keen to try these.

  20. Mikkel Lund

    Mikkel Lund
    Hillerød, Denmark
    Hcp. 21.3


    Senior golfer with 13 handicap who currently plays the older version of the Q Star

  22. Beau Wrobel

    Beau Wrobel
    Michigan 7 Handicap

  23. Ed Melrose Ma. Have had good results with soft feel ball.

  24. Howard Z. Simms

    Howard Simms

  25. Gabe
    14 Handicap

  26. Charles Hamilton

    Would love to test the new Srixon Q Star. Have used previous versions. HCI 20.

  27. Gary Newlon

    I’m a 10 handicapper and I love playing golf.
    Gary Newlon
    Endicott, NY
    10 hcp

  28. Nate Woznick

    13.2 hcp

  29. Randy Dievendorf

    Currently using z star and looking to change to the new Q star
    Randy Dievendorf
    East Amherst, NY
    13.2 index

  30. Paul Joelson

    I used to play Srixon Q Star exclusively. I switched to Callaway Chrome Soft, but wa lesser price.ould gladly go back to the Srixon brand if I liked the Q Star at a lesser price. Handicap 14.9

  31. Kevin McCabe

    Would love it test the Q Star as I sometimes play the Q tour or Diablo Tour I am a 10.3 In NC

  32. Lyle Keith Williams

    Lyle Williams 12 handicap in Tavares, Florida. Have played Srixon balls before. Using Pro V’s almost exclusively. Distance is important to me but feel and spin just as important.

  33. Henry Barnard

    I have played both the ZStar and Q Star, and liked them for distance, especially at my skill level. Let me try the new one!

  34. Mark Lehman

    Would love to test these vs Vice Pro Soft

  35. Bill Brosky

    Ohio, 9.0. Thanks for the opportunity!

  36. Barry D Wallace

    Very interested in trying these. I have tried prior years Siroxons
    11 Handicap

  37. John Blick

    John Blick
    Swindon, Wiltshire. UK
    Only ever played Callaway, so a change might be a nice thing.

  38. Tim Chaffee

    Tim Chaffee
    Brookville, IN
    21 Handicap

  39. Mike Billings

    I played Q-Stars about 3 years ago, and found they got me consistently under 90. The next season the formulation on the ball seemed to change. It seemed to be a harder cover and tougher to compress. The side spin seemed to have increased, and they didn’t feel the same off the putter face. I wound up going to ChromeSoft Truvis, and recently discovered the Snell MTB-X, which has been in the bag more often. I’d like to take the Q-Stars for another spin to see if they can work their way back into my bag.

    • Mike Billings

      Forgot name city and handicap. Duh. Mike Billings, Ottawa, Canada, 13 Hdcp, playing Truvis right now, but enjoyed the Q-Stars previously. They were the ball that got me under 90 for the first time. Would like the optic yellow version if chosen. Thanks!


    Lawrence Williams
    West Palm Beach,Fl
    Hdcp 8

    Enjoy Qstar Tour but if distance gains are available without losing greenside control, then I’m in!


  41. Ken Varisco

    Ken Varisco
    Pace, FL

  42. Kyle Buckles

    Kyle Buckles
    Washington, DC

  43. Mike Hogan

    Cranston RI
    8 HDQ

  44. Michael Kulinski

    Mike K
    16 HDCP

  45. Phil Harrington

    22 handicap
    Would like to test

  46. Michael Trautman

    Look forward to being part of this testing.
    Handicap 6.3
    Mike Trautman
    St Louis MO

  47. Bill Cohen

    Would love to try the Q star and report back. Thank you for considering me. 12 handicap.

  48. Wayne Follenius

    Wayne Follenius, Monterey TN, 13. I currently play the Snell MTB and the Q Star your and would love the opportunity to test the new W Star.

  49. David M Bushey

    David bushey
    Richmond, va
    please and thank u

  50. Gordon Kaardal

    I have tried Q Soft before and am intrigued in finding out how the new ones work. Would love to try these.
    HCP 12
    Angus, Ontario, Canada

  51. Jon Dobberstein

    Jon Dobberstein

  52. Dennis Schmidt

    I am 69 years old and play 3 times a week. I have played the other srixon products over many years.
    Dennis J. Schmidt
    Fort Pierce, FL
    10 handicap

  53. Richard Moore

    Been using Q Star for a long time.
    Richard Moore
    Hip: +25
    Columbia, Tennessee

  54. Christopher Brooks

    I have been playing Srixon golf balls since they were introduced . I always seem to have my best rounds when I play with them and try to be consistent and only use them. I am a 15 handicap took two years off of golf and have just recently got back into it full force.

  55. Larry Humeny

    Love this line of golf balls!
    Larry Humeny
    Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
    20+ handicap

  56. julian Downer

    Julian Downer
    Hampshire , England
    28 h/c
    I,m making a concerted effort now to drop my h/c so anything to help me concentrate more would be more than welcome


  57. Russell Avery

    Russell Avery
    12 handicap
    Have played the old Q Star tours. Would like to try the new Q Star.

  58. Lee Brown

    I have played the QStar and QStar Tour in the past and liked it particularly around the green and on scoring shots. Would like to test the new one. Went to the QStar when my swing speed started slowing down. Currently a 5 handicap. Taylors, South Carolina.

  59. Terrence Clark

    I use Z Star against PRO V1 if I want serious spin on greens but they do mark up very quickly. AD333 in winter is brilliant and reasonably priced. Interested to see where this ball fits?


  60. Switched from Bridgestone soft feel to the QStar yellow this year and love the distance feel and how the ball lands and gently runs out 1-3 yards on the green with long and mid irons stops dead with shorter 8 iron to L wedge, the higher spin balls hurt most players as they reverse direction usually away from the hole.

  61. Bob Orminski

    I would love to give these new balls a try
    Hcp 16

  62. Adolfo
    Springfield, NJ
    17 Hdcp

  63. Fred Edwards

    Fred Edwards
    Minerva, Ohio
    I have used Srixon balls before and found them to be very good!
    Thank you!

  64. Ryan James Colvin

    Ryan Colvin
    Durham, NC 27713
    2 HC

  65. Zigmond Post

    I’m looking for a different soft ball preferably a yellow color. Currently using a Titleist Tour Soft and formally used Titleist NXT Tour. Want distance and workable around green. I have been playing golf for 65 years and play a lot. Still can beat those young guys. Handicap 11.

  66. Allen Bird


  67. Ed Siwiec

    Tried them and went back to Callaway, but I’ll this generation.

    Ed Siwiec

  68. Jae Chung

    Jae Chung
    Plano, TX
    8.4 Index

  69. I currently use Q Star Tours and I would like to see if these Q Stars are any different. 9 hdcp. MN

  70. Tom Feitel

    Had a ball fitting at Club Champion and this was the best performing ball for my swing along with Callaway ERC. Have not had a chance to prove it in play yet! Location Chatham, NJ index 9.8

  71. Thomas Greene

    Srixon golf balls are top of the line and I would very much like to test them out.
    Thomas Greene
    12 handicap

  72. Angelo Intravaia

    Angelo Intravaia. I play the Q Star Tour. Would love to compare it to the new Q Star.
    Handicap: 14. Orlando, Florida

  73. Scott Whittington

    Would like to see how they compare to Vice Pro
    Granbury, TX
    10 handicap

  74. John Grajek

    John Grajek
    Portage MI
    7 handicap

  75. Thomas Heitman

    Thomas Heitman

  76. Kevin Ray

    Been playing the Vice Pro recently so would be interesting to see how the Q Star compares.

  77. Wally Sabati

    Walter Sabati
    Las Vegas, NV
    Hdcp 15

    I would love to try these golf balls. You never know what you’ll discover playing a ball with new technology.

  78. Bob Stevens

    Frankfort, Ky
    20 hcp

  79. Charles John Elliott

    I prefer to use the srixon range of balls. Would be interested to see how the new range go.

  80. Joseph Eck

    Joseph Eck
    19 Handicap
    Kansas City

  81. Randy Porter

    Blue Springs, MO
    Looking forward to testing the new Q-Star and providing detailed feedback to the PluggedInGolf audience. Thanks for a great opportunity.

  82. Bob – Chantilly, VA
    20+ hcp
    Been using Srixon clubs for a while (irons, driver, hybrid & driving irons) and love them. Also a fan of the Srixon soft balls.

  83. Homer Lang

    Would love to find a budget friendly 2 piece ball that performs around the green. I’m a 19 handicap. Currently playing Bridgestone e12 soft, snell black, and vice pro soft. I generally don’t spend over 40$ for golf balls or whiskey. Live and play in Southwest Georgia.

  84. Josh Giesige
    Edgerton, OH
    8 HDCP
    thx for opportunity!

  85. Tom Sullivan

    I have played the previous generation of the Q Star. I found the. Ball to be responsive to touch shots and provided adequate distance off the tee.
    TJS 8 handicap.

  86. joseph lopiccolo

    Would like to see if it compares to the ball I’m currently playing.
    Joseph Lopiccolo
    Kenner LA
    7 hip

  87. douglas chambers

    was a long time Titleist user currently playing taylormade tpx5 but my friend who plays on tour suggested I try srixon so this might be perfect opportunity to try them handicap 8 Boca Raton florida

    irixonso this might be perfect opportunity

  88. Dan Shepherd

    Dan Shepherd
    Handicap 13
    I’ve enjoyed Srixon products in the past. It would be interesting to experience this iteration of Q-Star.

  89. Thomas Allee

    Thomas Allee
    Perris, CA
    19.4 handicap

    Thank you

  90. james j wenzel

    James Wenzel
    Barrington, IL
    10 hcp
    currently play Z Star both models would love to compare

  91. Andrew Chambers

    Andrew Chambers handicap +1.9 just qualified fo US AM tour rep suggested I try srixion currently play taylormade tp5x Boca Raton Florida

  92. Tim smawley

    Always played a different brand but willing to try something new!
    Tim Smawley
    Hdcp 16
    Alberta Canada

  93. Ken Richardson

    4.3 Index, would love to try the new Q Star. I currently play Scrixon irons and I am sure the new ball would compliment them.

  94. George M Pasino

    George Pasino
    White Georgia USA
    16 Hdcp
    Love playing with the Srixon Q-star ball.

  95. Jim Ebling

    I am 62 years old and am a 16 handicap golfer. I play a variety of Pennsylvania courses so that would be an excellent test for these golf balls. I think it is important that higher handicap golfers test out new equipment to see if it is usable by these types of golfers like myself.

  96. Jim Dolliver

    I’d love to try out the new Q Star balls
    Sedona az

  97. Ed C.
    Charleston SC
    4.7 hcp
    Like the Qstar Tour. Interested to try the new ball.

  98. Tim Armentrout

    Tim Armentrout from California. My handicap is 11. Would like to test the q-star’s out

  99. Chris Gordon

    Chris Gordon
    Hennessey, OK

  100. Kent Franklin

    Kent Franklin
    Greenwood , Indiana
    14 hcp

  101. Robert Wardlow

    Robert Wardlow
    Central New Jersey, USA
    19 Handicap
    Playing Pro V1, want to try the new Srixon Q-Star

  102. Dino Vozikis

    Dino Vozikis, Illinois,handicap-7. Would love to try Srixon’s new ball.

  103. Walter Zahler

    Walter Zahler
    Hickory, NC
    11 hcp
    Have been using Z-star balls and have wondered as a senior golfer if the Q-star might be better. I love Srixon golf balls!

  104. Rod Wilson

    A few of my buddies swear by Srixon balls and I’d love to test a few.
    Rod Wilson
    Greensboro, GA
    HC: 13

  105. Dennis Jackson

    25 hcp

  106. Steve Dickson

    Steve Dickson
    Scotland, UK
    Play Chrome Soft but have used AD333 in the past.

  107. Bill Hyde

    Love to try new Q-Star and compare it to the competition.
    Pinehurst, NC
    Handicap 9

  108. Gil Bloomer

    Gil Bloomer
    Vail, AZ
    12 HDCP
    Love to compare these new ones to the old, which I play.

  109. Jim Luzar

    Tried a sleeve in the cold spring of Wisconsin in early May and was impressed with the distance and feel.

    Handicap 5 Milwaukee Wisconsin

  110. Lorne Lewis

    Q Star Tour is my ball of choice. Would luv to experience the difference with the new 5th generations.

    Lorne Lewis
    Calgary, Alberta, Canada
    Golf Canada Handicap Factor 15.2

  111. anthony cardello

    I only play Srixon Q Star golf balls so I am very interested in playing the new ball.

  112. Kyle Brown

    Kyle Brown
    Indianapolis, IN

  113. Walt S.
    14 hdcp.
    I’m usually not a 2 piece ball player, but these look interesting to try.

  114. Kevin Moen

    Kevin Moen
    Dallas, OR
    Would like to compare Q Star to Pro V1
    5.1 Handicap Index

  115. Chuck Warner

    Chuck Warner
    Schnecksville, PA
    HCP 6

    Trying to find something with greater short game spin and straighter flight.

  116. Roy Hyden

    Roy H
    Chandler az 85249
    7.7 handicap
    Would love to test and comment on these balls

  117. Herb Gates

    Would love to try…sounds like game improvement!!! hdcp 20

  118. Michel Cyr

    I play the Taylor Made Tour preferred but would be very happy to try the Srixon Q-Star. With my 18 hdcp, it would surely improve my game

  119. Marty Kremke

    I love the Q-star!

  120. Mike Linner

    Would love to compare the new Q-Star to the old Q-Star. I’m a 20-25 handicapper.

  121. Edward Christoffersen

    I have played the Original Q Star which is longer than the Z Star ! The Z Star does hold the Greens better ! Looking forward to playing the newer generation Q Star, as I am experienced in Golf Equipment Evaluation.

  122. James Redmond

    James R
    Chicago, IL
    7.3 HDCP

  123. Dave Clark

    Dave Clark
    Keswick VA
    HCP 6.1
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  124. Currently use taylormade(a) would love to compare.

  125. Greenberg Joseph

    Joe Greenberg
    Hollywood SC
    compare to Z star, my game ball
    index 8.2

  126. David Beech

    Hcp 28, Lincoln, UK

  127. Jim Nalepa

    Jim – 5.7 handicap and I play Srixon irons and a hybrid from Srixon so I would love to marry up the two . Live in Scottsdale , AZ

  128. Ryan
    Los Angeles, California

  129. Jason Barbieri

    Jason Barbieri
    Logan, UT
    Handicap: 11

  130. Richard Bronson

    Played old one did not like would like to try new one
    Richard Bronson
    La Quinta, Ca 92253
    HC 7

  131. Peter Toland

    St. Petersburg, FL

    The Q-Star performed well on the GolfSpy ball test. I was going to try them out. You might make it easier to do so :)

  132. Glenn S Hough

    I’m definitely interested in trying out the new Q-Star!
    Glenn Hough
    Mount Pleasant, SC
    15 Handicap

  133. Kevin Davis

    Would love to see how they fly at altitude…
    Western Colorado

  134. I have used the Pro-V1 for a number of years but like to try out one or two different balls each year. Would love to try out the Q-STAR. Thanks.
    Rick S
    Dike, IA
    5 handicap

  135. Mark Williams

    Excited to try these out!
    Charlotte, NC

  136. HCP 11. Use taylormade(a) would love to compare

  137. Robert Ringler

    Rob Ringler
    Leander, TX

  138. Laurie Thomas

    Laurie Thomas
    Northland NZ.

  139. bruce wallingford

    Bruce W.
    Bluffton, SC
    Would love to test the new Q-Star. thanks

  140. 14 HDCP
    Novelty OH

  141. Sandy U
    River Ridge LA
    HC index 3.7
    Pro V1 addict

  142. Mark Niebrugge

    Mark Niebrugge
    Fort Lupton, CO
    HDCP 23

  143. John Hulewicz

    John Hulewicz 8.2 from Goshen Indiana. Play Pro V1 but would love to compare new Q star for a few weeks or more. Might be a difference maker for me 😎

  144. Steven Burns

    Aloha, I’m Steve Burns and I play 2 to 3 times a week in Hilo, Hawaii. My 12 handicap is consistently evolving downward, after having picked up the game again a year ago after many years away. Being that I’m fairly new to the game after many years away from it, I am sometimes perplexed over all the new technologies and choices with balls and equipment. I’m a young senior and I’m constantly working to understand the best equipment and ball choices for my swing, age, and style of play. I’m currently mostly playing Titleist ProV1’s, TaylorMade TP5x, and Bridgestone e12 balls and deciphering the differences with my drives and short game. I’m lucky to be playing at a course that is uncrowded during the week and hence I’m able to typically hit/play 2 – 3 balls a hole during my round for comparison purposes. Needless to say, most of my practice occurs on the course and not on the range. PROV1’s so far are a slight preference with a bit more straighter trajectory consistency and less tendency to over side-spin off into the trees . I have not yet had the pleasure of testing any of Srixon equipment or balls and would love to put these Q-STAR tour level balls to the test and share my impressions, and comparisons with Plugged-In Golf subscribers. Thank you for the opportunity.

  145. Dan Corun

    Dan Corun
    Currently playing Soft Feel. I would like a chance to test the Q-Star against them. Thank you.

  146. Nelson Radcliffe

    Lemont, IL
    HC 11.1
    Have not found a two piece ball that works for me. Willing to try.

  147. Taften Kuhl

    Taften Kuhl
    Index: 5
    Springfield, IL

  148. Colin Leather

    Playing off 12 at a fast running downland course in Surrey, UK. I like the AD333 Tour so keen to compare performance.

  149. Kip Johnson

    Northeast Ohio
    Hdcp 6.1

  150. Brian Kleveland

    Would enjoy an opportunity to try these out.
    Brian Kleveland – 8 – Columbus, NE

  151. Marty Langford

    I would like to compare to the Callaway chrome soft which I normally use. Marty hdcp 26 Edgewood, Wa

  152. Mark Dunn

    Amazing opportunity to try out the new Srixon Q-Star, this opportunity is normally reserved for Professionals – Mark Dunn – Highwoods GC East Sussex – Handicap 13

  153. Albert Eng

    Albert Eng
    Alhambra, CA
    HDCP 15

    Started using the Srixon Q-Star Tour four months ago. I’ve never used the Q-Star

  154. Martin Smith

    Handicap 5
    Always played Titleist and Taylor Made, Never played Srixon before but always looking for alternative ways of improving my game would love to make the comparison!

  155. Philippe Cotennec

    My name is Phil Cotennec and I live at 223 Route 301 in Cold Spring, NY. My handicap is 15.

  156. Matt Schairer

    Would love to put the Q star to the test.

    Matt Schairer
    Trumbull CT

  157. John G. Walker Jr

    I have been a long time Srixon user. I currently use the Srixon Q Star Tour. I’m very interested to see how this ball compares to those.

    John Walker
    Florence SC
    Hcp – 7
    Senior golfer age 66.

  158. Bill, Florida, 7.1 hcp

    I m curious about these balls. I have known some who love them and some who have changed back to their original ball.

    I would like to test these and decide for myself.

  159. Steve DeMond

    Srixon makes great golf balls!

  160. Scott K. Giles

    OK, let’s see how good they are.

    Scott K. Giles

    Goodyear, Arizona

    Handicap is 8.2

  161. James Petraglia

    Have played Srixon balls for several years.
    Hcp of seven
    High Point NC

  162. Adam Aaronson

    Adam Aaronson, Arlington, VA, 14.1

  163. Jeff Stewart

    Love to try the new Srixon balls. I’m 17 hcp.
    I’m from West Chester, Pa.

  164. Dino Quintanilla

    Ventura CA
    Always looking for a better ball

  165. johnny peroddy

    Johnny Peroddy 5 handicap 69 years young and still love to move the ball!!! Looking forward to trying the new Q Star. Like other Srixon golf balls. They may replace the ball I’ve used last 15 years!!!

  166. Ron Johnson

    Ron J
    6 handicap
    72 yrs

  167. Rick Talley

    RickTalley, ready to serve
    Hdcp 8
    Granite City, IL

  168. Bing Lee
    12 handicap
    Point Roberts Washington

    Love to compare these with premium balls.

  169. Rikki Styles

    Rikki Styles, I live in Las Vegas, NV and play to a 5. Currently I play Srixon z star 3rd generation spinskin and love the action with the rtx wedges. I have played Qstar and Qstar tour older models. I could definitely test the newer Qstar and give it a comparison. Thanks.

  170. Gaines J. David

    Currently use Calloway Superhot 55 from Costco which are available anymore.

    Hcp= 18
    Santa Barbara, CA

  171. Rob Alberti

    A former 10 hcp, returning to the game after a couple years off due to injuries, I have a driver swing speed over 110 and am trying several different balls out. Intrigued by the QStar price, I am a squeaker at times but put off by so many who say it is only for slower swingers. Living in MD I have several very different courses close by and would enjoy putting these balls in play I think.

  172. Stephen Powers

    Abilene, Texas
    15 handicap

  173. Margaret Smith

    Margaret Smith
    Oconomowoc, WI
    Handicap 19
    Would love to be part of your test group!

  174. Gregory Prentice

    Greg Prentice
    Hncp 23
    Claysville, PA

  175. Phil Bayliss

    Phil Bayliss
    York, PA
    Handicap 12

    Play Srixon hybrids and the previous model Q ball but felt they fell behind the competition. Would gladly test them to see if they go back into my bag

  176. Bret Boes
    Lahaina, Hawaii

  177. william neal

    Would like to see if there is a better ball than Bridgestone.
    Kitty Hawk, NC
    Hdcp 6.7

  178. paul smith

    Found a Srixon Z STAR while playing last week – love the performance. I play most days now I am retired and would love to try out the new ball.
    Hcap – 16
    Iroquois ON, Canada

  179. jerry teats

    yes please handicap is 16

  180. Still searching for the right ball. Hcp 20 Mars, Pa

  181. Chris Castro

    I’d love to give these a go.

    Chris Castro
    Ontario, California
    HCP: 14

  182. Jason Warren

    Jason Warren
    Paducah, Kentucky
    HCP: 16
    I play at Calvert City Country Club..currently play ProV1. I love the control around the green. I would really enjoy playing these balls. And give a true assessment. Thanks Jason

  183. Darrell Miller

    Hey guys, it’s Darrell from Ohio. I’m a 14 handicap that can play at a high level, or can play like a guy that should be playing pickleball instead of golf. I’ve never played a Srixon ball, but I would like to give them a try. I’ve been playing the Callaway Supersoft for the last few years. I don’t purposely work the ball left or right, but I could let you know how it feels and how it responds to good and bad strikes. I’m sure that I could also let you know how easy the ball is to find underwater and in long rough. If it goes into the woods it stays there because of the poison ivy. I don’t do poison ivy. Keep me in mind, and have a good day.

  184. Ross Cleary

    Ross Cleary
    Gillieston Heights
    NSW Australia

  185. Brad Wittal

    Playing 2018 version, would love to trial the new QStar!

  186. I’ve used Srixon Q-Star over the last 5 years and the ball does everything well – and I tend not to lose them – which says a lot. Somehow they seem to be more steady than the Q-Star Tour, although casual observation indicates the Tour ball is longer.
    I’m Mike D., I live in Columbus OH and I am a 15 hcap.

  187. Randy Sirbaugh

    Randy Sirbaugh
    Manhattan, KS
    I’ve played the Qs and Zs before and really liked them. They were really close to being my steady gamer.

  188. Barton McLaren

    Barton McLaren
    Maple Ridge, BC Canada

  189. Richard McDonald

    Richard McDonald
    Wexford, Ireland

  190. Randall J Johnson

    Randll J Johnson
    Sobieski Wi
    Play Taylormade Project (a)
    Handicap 14

  191. Thomas Christopher

    Tom Christopher
    Dunmore PA
    12 handicap
    Thank you !

  192. Willie T
    New Bern, NC
    Handicap – 35

  193. Tom Kells

    2.9 handicap

    Have played them in the past and look forward to trying out the new model.

  194. Allan

  195. Syracuse, NY
    Index 10.3

  196. Play a lot with both Q and Z balls and enjoy them both. Play the Q when the course is softer and the Z when course gets a little firmer in the summer.

  197. David Jolliff

    I would love to try the new Srixon Q-Star golf ball. I’m David Jolliff, I live in Myrtle Beach, SC-“The Golf Capital of the World”. I play a 12.7 Handicap

  198. Tim Delay

    Love to try these. I’m an 8 handicap and play at least once a week. Currently playing with Bridgestone BRX

  199. Dean Jacobson

    8.4 Index
    I play Bridgestone, Taylormade & Srixon

  200. Paul nicholas

    Paul Nich
    Hcpc 16.5
    Priskilly Forest
    Need all the help I can get!

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