Test & Review the Cleveland CBX Wedge

Test the New Cleveland CBX Wedge

With their latest wedge release, Cleveland asks us a simple question, “If you’re playing cavity back irons, why aren’t you playing cavity back wedges?”

Do you want to know if a cavity back wedge can help your short game?  PluggedInGolf and Cleveland Golf will be sending CBX wedges to five readers to test and review.  Enter below to be one of them.

How to Enter

Step 1: Post a comment.  Your comment must include: your name, location, handicap, your current wedge, and what loft of CBX wedge you want to test.

Step 2: Make sure you’re subscribed to the PluggedInGolf newsletter.

That’s it!  On Friday, September 15, we will contact five golfers via email, so keep an eye on your inbox.

The five winners will be expected to test the Cleveland CBX against their current gamer and fill out a short questionnaire about how the CBX performed.  Those answers will be shared on PluggedInGolf.com.

REMEMBER: If your entry does not include all the required information, you will not be eligible.  Also, make sure you use your real email address when posting the comment so that we can contact you.

***Please note that your post will not be visible immediately.  We need to approve all comments, so it may take a few hours before you see it.

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Matt is the Founder and Editor in Chief of Plugged In Golf. He's worked in nearly every job in the golf industry from club fitting to instruction to writing and speaking. Matt lives in the northwest suburbs of Chicago with his wife and two daughters.

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  1. Name: Matt V
    Location: San Diego,CA
    Handicap: 5
    Current wedge: 54* and 60* Ping Glide WS
    Loft to test: 60*. This is the club I use the most and would need to convince me to make a change.


  2. Mitchell
    14 handicap
    Ping Glide

  3. Would love to test one of these CBX wedges in 56*. I currently am a 12hcp from Missouri that games Callaway MD3 wedges.

  4. Name: Guy C, Location: Mississippi, Handicap: 11 Current Wedge : Cleveland 588 RTX 60/10 Want to test the 60/10 CBX

  5. Hello, thanks for the opportunity!

    Nelson Flores
    Laguna Niguel, CA 92677
    36 handicap
    TaylorMade Burners
    I would love to test the 52 degree

  6. Cody Gebauer. Des Moines, Iowa. 15 handicap. Taylormade EF wedge. 58* wedge.

  7. Location: Arlington Heights, IL
    Current HDCP is 17
    Current wedge is Callaway MD3
    Would like try a 58* CBX Wedge

  8. Ken Monday
    Toledo, OH
    25 Handicap
    Taylormade RBZ 50 degree
    52 Degree

  9. After playing Vokey’s for 30 years my hand eye coordination began to slip. I changed them for Mizuno JPX wdges. “Bingo”. Short game became fun again. Every morning I go to a patch of grass & brush it 10 times. I use my 60 degree anywhere near the green as I prefer the high flop instead of the bump & run. (just my “fun” preference) I would like to test the CBX 60*. I currently play G irons which have one of the highest “fun” factors ever in golf. Congrats on your site. One of the best reads in golf.

  10. Dan
    17 Handicap
    Current wedges are black Cleveland 588 RTC CB
    I’d like to test the 46* wedge please.

  11. How about I test a CBX wedge on English turf??
    Jimmy Butler,
    H’cap of 8 and would like to test a 60 degree wedge as currently play an MD Golf Norman Drew Players lob wedge, which is the only blade in my bag.

  12. Ryan
    Los Altos, CA
    17 handicap
    Edel 50, 55, 60
    I would like to test the CBX 58 degree

  13. Hello and Thks!
    Larry McDonald
    Mount Washington Ky
    11 handicap
    TM 300 in 56 & 60
    60 with 12 bounce

  14. Tyler E
    Whitby, ON
    12 handicap
    Cobra tour trusty
    Would test 56 degree


  15. Ken Mykietowich
    Winnipeg Manitoba
    13 handicap
    Taylormade Tour Preferred 56 12° bounce
    I would like to test 56 CBX
    Thanks for the chance. ⛳

  16. Very interested in testing these wedges as struggling with present wedges.
    Lyle B
    56 degree
    Thank you for the opportunity.

  17. Kevin R
    Rochester, NH
    6.1 Handicap
    Titleist Vokey wedges 54 degree and 58 degree
    would test 54 degree

  18. Mike
    Cleveland Smart Sole 2.0; Ping Glide
    54 or 56

  19. Name: Thomas D.
    Location: South Carolina
    Handicap: 18
    Current Wedge: W/S PMP
    Loft: 56

  20. Bret VR
    Sioux Center, IA
    Callaway PM Grind 60*/MD3 56*
    Would like to test the 60*

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  21. Adam S.
    Baton Rouge, Louisiana
    14 Handicap
    Cleveland RTX 2.0
    Would like to test a 54 degree.

  22. Peyton c.
    Goshen IN.
    17 handicap
    Cobra tour rusty 56 degree.
    Would like to test 56 degree

  23. 13 handicap
    Play a Nike 52 wedge
    Jackson, tn.
    Tommy S
    Would test 56 degree

  24. Name: Rob C
    Location: Nanuet, NY
    Handicap: 12
    Current wedge: 52* Cleveland CG15 and 56* Cleveland CG14
    Loft to test: 52* I use this club all over from 120 yards and in.

  25. Name: Dean Oakley
    Location: Milton Keynes, England
    Handicap: 17
    Wedges: RTX-3 54° & 58°
    Would love to test the 50° CBX as the gap between my PW and 54 is really hurting my game right now and I know this will plug it beautifully.

  26. Kendel
    New Freedom, Pa
    4 HcP
    Titleist Vokey SM4 Wedge
    It would be an honor if I could test the 60 degree w/ 7 bounce

  27. Name: Jacob
    Location: Oklahoma City, OK
    Handicap: 16
    Current wedge: 44* Callaway Strata
    Loft to test: 56*. I think this would make a fair comparison in deciding to move toward Cleveland from Callaway to meet my needs

  28. Zach hunter
    Hartford CT
    22 handicap
    Current wedge 58* vokey
    Would like to test 52* to bridge the gap

  29. Name: Chris B
    Location: Leesburg,
    Handicap: 8
    Current Wedge: Vokey SM6 56*
    Would love to get out of the bunkers on a more consistent basis. The 56* CBX will work perfectly out of the various sand conditions on my home course

  30. Troy Peterson
    Hugo, MN
    8 handicap
    56 degree vokey is my current and would like to test 56 degree with 12 bounce

  31. Thomas McFarland
    Katy, TX
    About a 14-20 handicap not sure never had one. Rounds range from 84-90
    52* Taylormade TP
    54* Titleist SM4
    56* Titleist
    60* Taylormade Speed Blade

    I would like to test a 54 or a 58 to replace my 60

  32. Mark Johnson
    Vokey SM6
    Want to test 60

  33. Jacob Donovan
    Northeast, Indiana
    handicap index 10.2
    current setup 52 & 58 Cleveland precision forged wedges
    would like to try the 58*
    ****im also left handed

  34. Would love to test the new CBX 56/12 Wedge.
    Craig Goetz
    Handicap index 18.1
    currently using Taylormade 56 degree sand wedge and Cleveland 588 CB 2 64 degree wedge
    right handed

  35. Name: Allan K
    Location: NJ
    Handicap: 15
    Your current wedge: Miura K grind 52° bent to 50°
    I would love to review and test the new Cleveland CBX 50° gap wedge. Trying to find something that is more forgiving, but still has the technology and feel of a players iron. Love the V sole 👍

  36. Reid C
    Richmond, VA
    11 handicap
    Cleveland 588 rtx 52, 60
    Would love to review CBX 56 degree
    Right handed

  37. Name: Edward Collier
    Location: Ft. Worth, Tx
    Handicap: 13.5
    Current wedges: Scor 47, 51, 54, 58
    I am ready to move the Scor wedges to the backup bag and move back to Cleveland wedges. I was looking to pick up a few RTX 3 wedges to put in my bag, but have been reading about the CBX wedges, I think I would like to go this route instead. More forgiveness and blends better with my current irons, I need to try these. Thinking a 54° would be a great test club to make my decision on which Cleveland wedges to pick up.

  38. Name: Eduard Pors
    Location: The Hague, The Netherlands
    Hcp: 11.0
    Current wedges: Callaway X-Series Jaws Chrome Wedge 52°-12; 56°-16; 60°-13
    I am in the market for new wedges and would love to try the cleveland CBX wedges. Preferably would like to test the 50° and/or the 56°. I totally understand the reason behind a cavity wedge, and I feel like they might help me score better. I can use some help on pitches and chips, cavity back in my wedges might help me improve my scoring.

  39. Name: Jeff
    Location: Ohio
    Handicap: 14
    Current wedges: Vokey SM6 (58/12 K grind, 54/14 F grind)

    I would like to test a 56 degree wedge

  40. Kirk Boland
    HDCP 0
    Cleveland CG10 58deg
    Would like to try the CBX 58deg

  41. your name = Isaac Scott

    location = Jefferson NC

    handicap = 4

    your current wedge = TaylorMade ATV (2009)

    and what loft of CBX wedge you want to test = 58*

  42. Mike Cunningham
    Torrington, CT
    HCP: 10.5
    Current Wedges: RTX-3 CB 50/54/58

    I would love test the new CBX wedge in a 50* for the forgiveness, increased spin, and results from tough lies and sand. I used wedges for full shots a lot and this seems like a great fit!

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  43. Jeff
    14 handicap
    Callaway Mack Daddy 2

  44. Name: Ron Vaive
    Location: Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada:
    Handicap: 3
    Titliest vokey 52, 60
    CBX 52 or 60

  45. Your comment must include: your name, location, handicap, your current wedge, and what loft of CBX wedge you want to test.

    Chicago, IL
    All the Miuras

  46. Aaron J. Bucksbaum

    Aaron Bucksbaum
    Chicago, IL
    HCP index 16.1
    Callaway Mack Daddy Forged 54, 58

    I would like to test 54. It’s my most versatile wedge.

  47. Richard O’Connell
    Rockaway Beach NY
    HDCP 18
    Edel 50/55/60
    CBX 50 or 60 (Lefty)

  48. Jeff Black

    Georgia 30741

    6.5 handicap

    Current – Cleveland Reg. 588 58° (tour grind). This is the club I use for all shots 105 yds and in.

    Would like to test CBX 58°

    Thank you for the opportunity…!!

  49. Dave G.
    Clarendon Hills Illinois
    Current handicap of a lot (25)
    Currently play the Cleveland CB 15
    Would like to test the 56 or 62

  50. John K
    Indiana, 46628
    Index 10.2
    Callaway MD3 Milled, 58, graphite shaft
    Test 58, graphite shaft

  51. Jon H
    Detroit, MI & 60606
    Hcp 15
    Mizuno MP T4

  52. your name: Keith F.
    location: Hudson Valley NY
    handicap: 15
    your current wedge: Older model clevland with the grooves starting to wear off
    loft of CBX wedge you want to test: 60 degree

  53. Jake Krayson,,,Fairfield CT,,,14 handicap,,,,,,,current wedges Cleveland CG12,,,will test 54 degree

  54. John Mullett
    Mt. Vernon, OH
    Current handicap is 18
    Currently using Bridgestone J15 wedges
    Want to test 55 degree CBX

  55. Howard Simms

  56. Welland, Ontario
    Handicap 16
    Would like to test 56• wedge
    Current wedge Volkey 56•

  57. Lee B
    Pittsburgh, PA
    currently Taylormade EF Satin wedges, 54 and 60
    would prefer to test 54 if selected!


  58. Dan
    Pittsburgh Pa
    HDCP 4
    RTX 52 AND 58

    Like to test 52


  59. Jim Zemola
    Fairfield, CT
    8.7 index
    Vokey 52,56,60

  60. Larry
    Tampa, FL
    Currently play a Vokey S-grind 56 and Taylormade RBZ 55. Neither works great or consistent for my 100 yard shot. I use an RBZ 60 that works great for flops and out to about 80 yards. I also play an RBZ 50 that is consistent for 110-120. I need a more consistent 80-100 club and I have not gotten comfortable with either of my 55/56 clubs. Would love to try a new 55/56.

  61. Currently use Mizuno jpx900 wedge 52 deg

  62. playing Cleveland rtx cavity back wedges….52 and 56…Akron, Ohio,
    handicap 16
    would like to test 56

  63. Name: Bob
    Location: Virginia
    Handicap 7
    Current wedge : Vokey 54/58
    CBX 54
    Who better to skull a couple of new wedge shots then a retired sailor! Hoo Yah! Thanks

  64. George A
    Charleston SC
    HDCP 20’ish
    Vokey Spin Milled 56 & 60
    Would like to test 54 or 60

  65. Glen K
    Bath MI
    Hcp = 7.7
    Currently playing the Scor 4161 wedges
    Would like to test a 52*

  66. Josh G
    Edgerton, Ohio
    8.8 Handicap
    Currently using Bombtech wedges (52, 56, 60 and GULP the 72)
    CBX wedge to test would be 60, for sure. By far most used.

  67. Burke M
    Manakin-Sabot, VA
    Current Wedge-Nike Engage
    Would like to test the CBX 52 degree

  68. Mike
    Portland, OR
    Ben Hogan TK
    54 degrees

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  69. Ken V
    Pace, FL
    HDCP: 10.1
    Current Wedge: Cleveland RTX-3
    Would love to test the CBX 48 degree

  70. Jim Rosteck
    Rio Vista, CA
    HI 12.8
    Current wedges are Cleveland RTX-3 with Accra shaft
    54 bent to 55 and 60
    Would like to test 54

  71. name: Todd Williams
    location: Kenbridge, VA
    handicap: 12
    current wedge: Bombtech 56*
    CBX wedge: 56*

  72. Pat M
    Fishkill, NY
    14 handicap
    I play Cleveland 56* wedge
    Would like to test CBX 56*

  73. Eric Hutchens
    Birmingham, AL
    Vokey SM5 Wedge
    CBX loft would be 55

  74. John Fecker
    Cincinnati Oh
    HDC= 13
    Volke 60
    Cleveland 56/14

    Would like to test 60

  75. John Reedy
    Topeka, Ks
    Handicap 15
    Mizuno S5

  76. I would be interested in testing a 58degree sand wedge. I am using Callaway Epic irons and Titleist Vokey SM6 wedges. My handicap is 7. The head professional at my club in York, Pennsylvania is impressed with these wedges.

  77. RCW
    Akron, Ohio
    Currently using: Mizuno JPX 800 Pro.
    45 Degree loft with Stiff Shaft
    My interest is to test the 48 Degree version of the CBX

  78. John Sweat
    Warner Robins, GA
    HI – 17.4
    Wedges: 64 Sure Out, 50, 55, 60 Mizuno Hot Metal
    Would like to test a 54 or 56

  79. I Play vokey 54 and 60 wedges. 14 handicapper from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Would to love to try a 58 or 56 wedge, Michael P

  80. Mike Kolling
    Battlefield, MO
    HI: 6
    Current wedges Titleist Vokey 54 & 60,
    Would like to test your 54/55 degree wedge
    Thank you.

  81. Name: Albert Frank
    Location: 665 Ford Avenue, Kingston, PA 18704
    Handicap: 18
    Current Wedge: Cleveland CG16 44 degrees
    CBX Wedge loft to test: 44 degrees
    I became a Cleveland user after participating in the 7-iron “Pass it along” program several years ago and purchased my current CG16 irons. Testing the new wedge will probably encourage me to upgrade. The only problem would be finding someone worthy of using my CG16 set. ;-)

  82. Glenn H.
    Mount Pleasant, SC
    Handicap : 13
    Wedges : Callaway 54 * Mack Daddy 2 Chrome
    Would love to test a Cleveland CBX 54* Wedge!

  83. Andy Greenwald
    Hdcp = 12, but my short game is one of my weakness’s
    Currently, I play the Callway steelhead XR Pro 56/12 wedge
    I am interested in the CBX 58 or 60 degree wedges

  84. Steven Kapchinsky
    San Antonio Tx
    Age: 52
    Current Wedge Cleveland CG 14 56
    degree and Mizuno JPX 54 degree
    Wedge to test 56 degree
    Handicap 17

  85. Zach
    McKinney, Tx
    HC: +0.3
    Taylormade ATV 50-54-58
    58 or 54

  86. Gary Callison
    San Antonio, TX
    18 handicap
    Taylormade 58 degree
    Like to test 58 or 60

  87. Love to give the CBX a go!
    Scott Torrence
    Franklin, TN
    Handicap 12.2
    Current Wedges – Cleveland RTX-3 52, 56, 60.
    Would like to test the 56* (52 & 60 are perfect – 56/14 could use help – this may be the answer)

  88. Name: Iuri Santos
    Location: Celebration – Florida
    Handicap: 11
    Current Wedge: Miura Y grind
    Loft: 60

  89. Trey
    Collinsville, Mississippi
    8 handicap
    Cleveland RTX 2.0 56 degree
    52 degree

  90. Bob Stelben
    Darien, CT
    Current wedges-Taylormade 52,56,60
    Looking for a new set

  91. ChristopherKee
    Ashburn VA
    5.1 GHIN
    Vega 08 56*
    Would like to test CBX 56*

  92. I would be glad to test the Cleveland CBX Wedge. My name is Lynwood Dunn and I am a 16 handicap. I currently play 2 Callaway wedges which are 56 Degree and 60 Degree. I live in Rockingham, NC which is about 25 miles from Pinehurst. I also play a lot of golf in Myrtle Beach, SC. Thanks you for your time.

  93. John Tuohy
    Newbridge Golf Club
    HDCP 15
    Currently have Cleveland wedges 52 and 56 degree
    Would love to try out a 48 or 56 degree CBX

  94. Sounds like a great idea, cavity back wedge. Why did we wait so long.

  95. Chuck
    Long Island, NY
    Avg Score ~95
    (± or – .. usually + .. no USGA Hcp.)
    Callaway MD3
    50° / graphite shaft / right-handed

  96. Handicap 8.2. Currently playing Cleveland RTX 50. Callaway 54,58. Would like to test a 54 or 58

  97. Guy Hall
    Shreveport, LA
    Currently Titleist Vokeys, 52 & 56
    would like to try 52 degree, playing 50 yrs, used to be a good wedge player now so so, need help!

  98. Steve G.
    North Ridgeville, OH
    Malty CER PW and Gap; Tour Edge SW
    I would like to test the 52 degree

  99. Mike Berlin
    Kansas City, MO
    TaylorMade EF Spin Groove 50, 54, 58

  100. Theotis Clark
    Houston, TX
    Handicap 21
    Current wedges Cleveland 588 Rotex
    I would like to test the 48 degree wedge

  101. Don Stine
    Richmond, Illinois
    10 HDCP
    Current Wedge: Volkey
    Would love to test CBX 52 degrees

  102. Andrew
    52′ mizuno s5, 56′ MD PM grind
    I would like to test a 52′ cbx for full shots and chips around the green.

  103. Jim Morey
    Boerne, Tx
    Handicap 19
    Cleveland CG10 60
    Would love to test a CBX 56 degree

  104. Dudley Massachusetts…………….13 handicap…………Taylor Made Satin Wedge……….would like to test 60 degree

  105. Name robin owens
    San Jose California
    I’m handicap and I have a 12 handicap
    Ben Hogan tk 15 *50 *55 *59
    I would like to try a *50 Cleveland. Thanks

  106. Name: Chris
    Location: Corona, CA
    Handicap: 14
    Current Wedge: Mizuno T7

    CBX Wedge to Test: 58*

  107. Location – Indian Wells , CA
    Handicap 13
    current use – Callaway BB PW and SW; and an old no name 64 deg wedge
    would like to test the 60 deg LH wedge

  108. I love Cleveland wedges!
    Trent Wyczawski
    Handicap 14
    Right now I play 588 rtg’s the rusty ones!
    I would like to try the 56*

  109. Would luv to demo!
    Steve Held
    Montpelier, Ohio
    8 handicap
    Current – TM 300 in 56 & 60
    Would like 56 degree

  110. Name: Cliff Laude
    Location: Wesley Chapel, FL
    Handicap: 15
    Current Wedge: 52* 56* 60* Cleveland CG-15
    Test Wedge: 48*

  111. Would luv to demo!
    Steve Held
    Montpelier, Ohio
    8 handicap Current – TM 300 in 56 & 60
    Would like 56 degree

  112. Knoxville TN
    Hdcp. 8.8
    Current Wedges: Maltby M+Series
    50* 56* 60*
    Would like to test 56*

  113. Appreciate the offer. Aging senior and more wedge forgiveness would be a blessing. Currently game TM Milled Grind (54 & 58)

  114. Chris
    Lexington, KY
    15 handicap
    Cleveland RTX 3 60 degree
    56 degree

  115. VT Tarulis
    Carlsbad CA
    I play regularly but don’t have a handicap or even keep score. I play for the pleasure of hitting good shots.
    Currently I use TaylorMade ATV 52* and Cleveland Smart Sole 2.
    I would very much like to test the CBX 52*.

  116. Burnsville, MN
    Handicap: 7.4
    Current Wedges: Mizuno T7 52 and 56
    I have a gap between my 52 and PW so I would enjoy testing a 48 or a 52 to go head to head with my current T7 52.

  117. Name: Gary
    Location: Jersey Shore, NJ
    Handicap: 16
    Current wedge: 56* and 60* Vokey SM4
    Loft to test: 56*. This is the club I use the most and would need to convince me to make a change.

  118. Bob Gaul
    Inverness, IL
    handicap 15
    Current wedges Harry Taylor
    I’d like a 58 degree wedge. If doesn’t come in that then a 56 degree.

  119. Melbourne Australia
    Handicap 14
    Callaway Mack Daddy 2
    52 degree Stiff.

  120. Currently playing a titleist 54 degree wedge. 6 handicap.

  121. Somersworth NH
    Hcp 18
    Currently using Warrior Golf 52, 56, 60
    Would like to test 48

  122. Kyle Antonson
    Fayetteville, NC
    20 hdcp
    TM EF

  123. Brian Brosnan
    Handicap 10.9
    Arlington Heights IL
    Current Wedges Vokey Sm6 52/f , 56/m
    I would like to test the 56 low or medium bounce option

  124. name: Michael
    Location : London, England
    Handicap : 18
    Current wedge: Titlesit AP1 712 W (50 degree)
    Test 48 or 50 degree CBX

  125. Edward
    16 handicap
    TaylorMade 50/55/60
    Test = 60 CBX

  126. Robert Kidd
    Seattle, WA.
    Handicap 12
    Current Wedge – Ping Glide 50 / SS

    Would like to test the CBX 50 Degree

  127. Name: Alex L
    Location: Pasadena,CA
    Handicap: 14
    Current wedge: 56*11 Cleveland RTX-3 and 60*05 Mizuno MPR
    Loft to test: 46*.

  128. Name: Tom Lawrence
    Location: Orlando, FL
    Handicap: 10
    Current Wedges: Cleveland RTX-3 – 48, 52, 58
    Left Handed

    I would like to test a 56 or 60 degree left-handed wedge

  129. Would love to give these a shot !!!!

    your name: Fernando Jaime
    location: San Antonio, Texas , USA
    handicap: 3.9 GHIN
    your current wedge: CG RTX-3 Tour RAW
    CBX wedge you want to test: CG CBX, right handed, stiff, 50 Degree

  130. Jan Schneider
    Hood River, OR
    Mack Daddy PM 56 and 60
    Would like to test the CBX 54

  131. Current wedges are Ping.
    Carl Overstreet
    Kissimmee, Florida
    Handicap 18

  132. Scottish Sherwood
    Denver, CO.
    Handicap: 12
    Current wedges are Tour Edge Exotics PW, AW & SW
    I prefer to test the CBX 56 or 54-degree wedge.

  133. Scott Sakamoto
    Tacoma, Washington
    Handicap 8
    Current Wedges: Titleist Vokey SM5 60, bent to 58, 2* upright
    Would love to test the 58-degree wedge if selected

  134. Barry Guthrie
    Lynchburg Va
    Handicap 18 plus
    Lefty here
    Current wedge is a Taylormade TAX
    would like to test 54 or 56 degree

  135. Terry Pahde
    Knoxville, Tennessee
    Ping G30
    Would like to test the 50* wedge

  136. John Holbrook
    Chicago Heights, Illinois
    Handicap 12
    Current Wedges Taylor Made 52, 56, & 60
    Would love to test the 60-degree wedge if selected

  137. Matt Schairer
    Trumbull, CT
    Cleveland Rotex 2.0 cavity back
    50 deg.

  138. Dan Corun
    Honoraville, Alabama
    Cleveland 588 MT

  139. Rick Payne
    Cincinnati Oh
    Calloway 60
    Would like to test the 60

  140. Mark Robinson,Toronto, ON, Handicap 18,current wedge Titleist Vokey sm5 56, I would like to test a 58/10

  141. Step 1: Post a comment. Your comment must include: your name, location, handicap, your current wedge, and what loft of CBX wedge you want to test.

    Noel Guillaume – Emu Plains NSW Australia 2750

    HC – 8
    Miura 54*

    Would love to test the CBX 54*

    Thanks for the opportunity.

  142. Scott Giles
    Goodyear, AZ
    Handicap 7.4
    Cleveland 900 Tour 60 degree is my current wedge
    Let’s try a CBX60 degree

  143. John Kraus
    Slippery Rock, Pa.
    9 Handicap
    Current wedge – Callaway Apex Cf 16 approach wedge. Left hand
    Would like to test the Cleveland CBX 50 degree wedge. Left hand

  144. Rob K
    Denton Texas
    Use Ping Glide 2.0 ES 54 & 58 degree

  145. Garen Eggleston
    Handicap -11.1 index
    Galloway Ohio
    Cleveland 56°
    Would like a 60°

  146. Ray Kilmer
    Dayton, OH
    Current Handicap is 18
    Current Wedges are Cleveland RTX 2.0 56 and 60
    Would love to try a CBX 60*

  147. I have a garage full of wedges. I have never found one or even a combo that I could hit with confidence. currently using calloway sure out 58 &64.to big a gap between utility wedge and difficult to hit off of tight lies. currently a 12 hdcp. would like to try a 56 degree. niles selden Spokane wa.

  148. Brian Kluck
    Scotch Plains, NJ
    Callaway MD3 Milled
    CBX 56*

  149. John McNeil
    La Palma, CA
    Callaway MD3 Milled
    Would love to test the 58 degree

  150. Dave Sanguinetti
    Livermore, CA
    Cleveland CG12 57*
    CBX 58*

  151. Locatelli Rao
    South Pasadena, CA
    15 hcp
    Mizuno S5
    Would like to try the 60*

  152. Ray Whitty
    Waterford, Ireland.
    5 handicap.
    Titleist SM6 vokey 50 & 54.
    Like to test 50 or 54 CBX wedge.
    I struggle constantly with blade wedges. Love the idea of the cavity back wedge with same look and performance of blade but forgiveness of cavity back. Definitely will buy these anyway.

  153. Fred
    Hcp 13
    Callaway MacDaddy PM 56 bent to 54
    Callaway MacDaddy PM 58

    Would lové to test the CBX 54

  154. I love Cleveland wedges and would really like a chance to try a new one I live in Bloomsburg, pa. I’m a 20 handicap I currently play a 56 and 60 rtx 2.0 Cleveland wedge and I would like to try a 60 degree

  155. Name: R J Huang
    Location: Melbourne Australia
    Handicap: 23
    Current wedges: Mizuno MX-100 PW 45-4, AW 50-5, SW 55-11;
    McGregor Tourney LW 60-8*;
    Cleveland CG15 LW 60-12*
    *LW: now selectively using either one of two LWs (bounces)
    depending on sand conditions.
    Wedge be interested: Cleveland CBX LW 60-10; perhaps this 60-10 degree wedges can simplify my LW selection in my bag, on the top of bringing more other important benefits.

  156. John Stem
    Berryville, VA
    Currently play RTX3 50, 54, 60
    Would like to test CBX 52

  157. presently a 12 handicap from buffalo n y play vokey sm6 wedges 50 54 58 would love to try the new cleveland offering in a 60 loft they make good wedges be interesting to see how it compares to vokey

  158. Nick Johnson
    Saint Paul, MN
    Mizuno t4