TaylorMade SIM Fairway Wood Review

By: Zack Buechner

50 Words or Less

The TaylorMade SIM fairway wood is for the player whose needs focus more on getting the ball up in the air with enough spin to hold a green.  Though geared towards the better player, its adjustability and high-end stock shafts give options for any type of player.


TaylorMade designers pushed the boundaries to address a specific issue that many golfers face today with fairway woods – launch.  The SIM fairway is perfect for the golfer who uses their woods off the deck a lot, whether its into the green on long par-4s or a second shot on reachable par-5s.  The SIM fairway wood was created with launch and spin in mind in order to hold greens and give the ball stopping power next to the pin on approach shots.


The engineers over at TaylorMade didn’t stray too far from their previous 2-tone visuals on the crown.  The biggest change is the departure of the grey and black crown color scheme and a return to the original 2016 models of white and black.  The white is a cleaner, more polished look at address and was the more popular option among TaylorMade fanatics.

The major difference visually between the SIM and the two other SIM fairway woods is the shape of the head.  The standard SIM is less rounded along the crown and sits slightly closer the ground.  It makes sense from a design standpoint since its suppose to help golfers on shots off the turf.

Sound & Feel

The feel of the SIM fairway is typical of TaylorMade woods of old, which most will find appealing.  The “snap” at impact is firm but makes you feel like you crushed it.

I could differentiate the heads between the SIM family of fairways as this one felt like it created better contact when I wasn’t teeing the ball up.


The SIM fairway wood performs as advertised.  Its titanium face is hot and the ball speeds prove that.  It’s also designed to sit lower at address for better performance off the turf.  Combined with high launch and enough spin to stop a ball on the green, the SIM fairway is geared for the golfer that uses their fairways more in the fairway rather than the tee box.  Comparing the SIM FW to other SIM models, I noticed a small drop in club head speed without losing much ball speed.

The profile of the stock shaft is what impressed me the most in the SIM fairway.  The Diamana Limited 75 has a great ability to balance the club through impact and tighten dispersion.  This shaft is mid to low launch but that seems to counteract the high launching club head.  The combination of the SIM and the stock Diamana shaft was not the best fit for me and my swing, but there’s certainly a place for it with the right golfer.


The key to finding that perfect golf club is to get fit and the SIM family of woods is no different.  The SIM fairway wood with titanium face will generate faster ball speeds for the right type of golfer.  For the golfer who is low spin and low launch, this might be the ideal fit.  It comes at a higher price tag, but with the upgraded shaft options and adjustable hosel, it may be worth it.

TaylorMade SIM Fairway Wood Price & Specs

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  1. Alfonsa James

    I agree with your assessment. I have the driver and three fairway woods. I hit them better and much longer.

  2. David Scott

    Was fitted w/Sim 3-metal Max-D 16 degree w/UST Helium 5F4FW (stiff) shaft to replace my old Callaway Hot X 15 degee w/stock PvX stiff shaft. Sim achieves greater launch height (expected) but same distance…what’s not to like?

  3. Curious to see how this club would stack up against my Rogue 4 wood.

  4. James Bittl

    The taylormade sim max irons seriously are the poorest excuse for consistent distance I’ve ever tried, literally taken 20+ yards off on average. Don’t recommend at all.

  5. Eric Dryer

    Wound you say this is an upgrade to the M5 Fairway?

    • Matt Saternus


      It might be a better fit for some players, but it’s not going to be noticeably better, assuming an equally good fit.



  6. Yes Or no wheel

    I’m a big fan of TaylorMade golf clubs and I’m excited to try out the new SIM fairway wood. I’m looking forward to seeing how it performs on the course.

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