TaylorMade SIM DHY Review

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The TaylorMade SIM DHY is a versatile, easy to hit utility iron.  Usable all over the course, not just from the tee.


With their GAPR line of 2018, TaylorMade recognized that different players need different things from their “bridge” clubs.  TaylorMade continues to offer a variety of options in the new SIM line with the SIM UDI [review HERE] and SIM DHY.  Where the UDI is meant purely for high speed players and tee shots, the DHY is meant to be more versatile in application and more accessible to different types of players.

Check out the new TaylorMade Stealth DHY HERE


In the bag, the TaylorMade SIM DHY looks similiar to the SIM UDI.  The back is silver with a band of black near the sole that gets wider at the heel and toe.  The sole of the DHY is noticeably wider than that of the UDI, hinting at its higher launch characteristics.

In a playing position, the SIM DHY has a look that bridges the gap between an iron and a hybrid.  The top line is thick, but the amount of offset is modest.  The DHY’s back and sole are clearly visible behind the top line.

Sound & Feel

The biggest surprise I got when hitting the TaylorMade SIM DHY is the quality of the feedback.  Given its size, I was expecting very little, but the feedback is actually very precise.  Pure strikes, small misses, and large misses each have their own distinct feel, and locating the exact impact location is easy.

On centered shots, the SIM DHY has a modern feeling: slightly springy off the face and very fast.  This feel is accompanied by a crisp snap.  When you move away from the center, the sound transforms into a “clack” and the feel firms up.


Despite the name, the DHY – Driving Hybrid – excels all over the course.  And unlike the UDI – a club that needs a good amount of swing speed to use well – the DHY can be played effectively by a wide array of players, from Dustin Johnson to the 20+ handicapper.

What makes the SIM DHY much easier to play than a long iron is the low CG.  TaylorMade was able to get the center of gravity so low thanks to the wider sole and hollow body construction.  What this means on the course is that the ball launches easily onto a medium/high trajectory.  With the 19 degree (3I) version, I was hitting trajectories that I normally associate with a mid iron.  Those higher trajectories translate to greater stopping power, so your long approaches won’t run through the green.

The other key attribute of the SIM DHY is the forgiveness.  Thanks to the Speed Pocket and ultra-thin face, you don’t need to live on the sweet spot to enjoy consistently high ball speed.  As with any club, the best results will come from the best swings.  However, unlike a traditional 3I, a mishit will get near the green rather than being a 50 yard lay up.

As with the SIM UDI, TaylorMade chose an excellent stock shaft for the SIM DHY.  The Mitsubishi Diamana Limited is slightly more active than the Thump in the SIM UDI but not by much.  There’s plenty of stability to let you swing all out, but the added kick is an important part of creating the higher, softer landing ball flight.


For the mid to high handicap player (or low handicapper without an ego), the TaylorMade SIM DHY is one of the best long iron replacements I’ve tested.  It’s easy to launch and creates consistently high ball speed.  If you need to retire your 3I or 4I but can’t get comfortable with a hybrid, check out the SIM DHY.

TaylorMade SIM DHY Price & Specs

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  1. Hi Matt,
    How was it out of the rough?

    • Matt Saternus


      It’s a fairly big club, so it’s not going to cut through the rough easily, but it does elevate the ball easily. All in all, I’d probably rather hit the DHY out of the rough than a 3I.


  2. stephen kinnane

    hows this compare to launch and spin speed of ts3 hybrid

  3. Love it. Great review and if you were throwing it out with a stiff shaft I’d take it 🙏😉⛳

  4. ronald Refkofsky

    Good info.Was looking for something to take the place of a mid iron

  5. I have both 2# and 4# dhy. Easy too, great distance, the is perfect for stinger shots. i have also the 3# udi: niche iron, for very low trajectory, only for windy days (at least for me).

  6. Love the website and really appreciate the reviews and insight. I’ve read several utility iron reviews and I’m a high single digit to 12 handicap depending on time of year and have played a 1 iron many years ago. I’m looking for some suggestions for 2 irons (17-18 degrees) that I can get my hands on to test. Leaning towards Srixon U 85 and Titleist U510 but my pro mentioned this DHY as well. Any others I should take a look at?? Currently playing Ping G400 irons with Nippon Tour 105X and will most likely stay with that shaft. Appreciate your time with a response and thanks in advance.

    • Matt Saternus


      There are lots of great utility irons out there, so I would start by asking what you’re trying to get from this 2I. Is forgiveness the top priority? Distance? Shot shaping? Let me know and I can give you a couple places to start.



  7. Thanks Matt. Forgiveness is a top priority and the ability to hit it high or low, albeit this may be more shaft related (up for suggestions on these too) . Not looking for just a high “drop and stop” shot as it will be used on and off the tee box. Right now this club will fill a gap in my set and offer another option off the treat my home course. Appreciate your input!

    • Matt Saternus


      For forgiveness, I think the DHy is excellent. The U510 is also quite good. If you want something a bit smaller, the New Level NLU-01 is worth a look, too.



  8. Matt,

    Thank you for taking the time to respond. Really appreciate the advice and input. You guys do an awesome job! If I can get my hands on the New Level to try out, I’ll work on a comparison to share later on. Any shaft recommendations or do you think the Nippon shaft I have in my irons is a good option.?

    • Matt Saternus


      I like playing my iron shaft in my utility iron. If distance isn’t the top priority, I would start there.


  9. How do you think the 2 DHY would perform if it was bent to 16 degrees? As someone who does not carry a 3 wood since I have trouble off the deck with it, I was considering it as an option off the tee as well as into the green on par 5s.

    • Matt Saternus


      Assuming you have the swing/speed to get enough elevation, there’s no reason that couldn’t work.



  10. I am a high swing speed player, but am looking for more forgiveness in my high irons. Not sure is the SIM DHY or the SIM UDI would better suit my game. A fitting is in my future to see what works best for me. Maybe you can help. #GetFit2021

  11. I have the GAPR MID 4. I have always struggled with fairway woods and traditional hybrids, but can be decent with my irons. The GAPR quickly became my new best friend. With increased struggles and plummeting confidence with my driver, do you feel the SIM DHY in a 2 or 3 would be a good tee alternative?

    • Matt Saternus


      It certainly could be. I always suggest a fitting to get the right specs and shaft so you can maximize your distance off the tee.



  12. This vs the titleist u510 if you had to game one?

  13. Hi Matt,
    how do you compare DHY vs ZX utility in terms of forgiveness and distance?


  14. Ryan meisenzahl

    Hey matt,

    Not sure if this thread is still active at all but any advice would be greatly appreciated. I am a 6 handicap looking to replace my 4 & 5 iron as I struggle with irons once I get 190+ out. Would the dhy be a suitable replacement if height and stopping power is my priority? Currently playing the accra i115 steel shafts if that helps

    • Matt Saternus


      Yes, the DHY would be on my list to try, but I always recommend a fitting and trying numerous options before buying.



  15. Hello Matt,
    I’m a mid too high handicap, I have recently changed from ping S58 irons to 6-P sim 2 irons and I’m looks for something to fill that longer distance approach shot, would you recommend the sim DHY 4-5 utility irons? I currently use a ts2 5 hybrid but recently I can’t seem to get a long with it, if not is there any others that’s you could recommend, (stiff shaft) thanks sam

    • Matt Saternus


      I would always recommend being fit, but yes, I think this is a fine choice for a long iron replacement.


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