Srixon ZX Utility Iron Review

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The Srixon ZX Utility Iron is a great option for the quality ball striker.  Beautiful looking club.  Lots of potential ball speed.  Forgiveness is a mixed bag.

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With so many utility irons now available, we’re now seeing OEMs targeting their offerings to specific player types.  Though utility irons used to be the exclusive realm of better players, there are now versions for higher handicap players, too.  For this review, I tested the new Srixon ZX utility iron to see what type of player it’s best suited for.


From every angle, the Srixon ZX utility iron is a good looking club.  In the bag, the cavity-free back gives it the look of a blade.  The classy, players appearance is enhanced by the lack of colored paint fill and the minimal branding.

At address, there’s very little offset and the top line is slim.  The use of two different finishes – matte and chrome – effectively hides the part of the sole that sticks out beyond the top line.  This look definitely hints at the target audience being the lower handicap player.

Sound & Feel

If the look of the Srixon ZX utility iron hints at it being a players club, the level of feedback announces it with a bullhorn.  When you miss a shot, you will feel it and hear it very clearly.  Mishits don’t sting your hands, but you will know exactly where the ball met the face.

This bracing feedback is paired with a very exciting impact sensation on center.  Well struck shots feel extremely fast.  That feeling is paired with a sound that’s crisp, clicky, and a little louder than average.  The combination makes you feel like a centered shot may never land.


As I said about Srixon’s stellar new ZX7 irons [review HERE], this club has technology but doesn’t shove it in your face.  Like most modern utility irons, the ZX is a hollow body club.  It also utilizes multi-material construction to create a very hot face and a low center of gravity.  All of this without exposed weight ports, fancy colors, or buzzwords.

Launch monitor testing provided evidence for my suspicion that the ZX utility iron is best for the better playerOn pure strikes, the ball speed and distance are fantastic.  However, mishit shots, particularly in the heel, will lose significant amounts of ball speed.  While the ZX utility iron is much easier to hit than a traditional long iron, there are more forgiving options for the high handicap player.

Interestingly, the ZX utility iron deals beautifully with thin shots.  If a well struck shot launches at 15 degrees, a reasonably bad thin miss will launch at 13.  This is a tremendous asset to the player who typically skulls their long irons, and it speaks to the importance of matching your specific needs to your club.

Finally, I found the ZX to be a mid-spin utility iron.  For me, this is a real positive: it creates more distance and helps to hold the green.  However, if you’re a high spin player, this could cost you distance.  To add yet another variable, keep in mind that I tested this club with the stock shaft.  A stronger shaft might lower the spin and boost the carry distance for higher spin players.


The Srixon ZX utility iron is an impressive club that illustrates the importance of being fit for those tricky top-of-the-bag slots.  This club has tremendous ball speed potential and treats thin shots almost like pure strikes.  If those traits, plus slightly above average spin, are intriguing to you, visit your local fitter to dial one in for yourself.

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Srixon ZX Utility Iron Price & Specs

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  1. Matt
    How does the Srixon compare to the New Level NLU-01?

  2. Matt,

    I went by a local club fitter and had a chance to hit the ZX5 iron in a 6 iron head. I typically play a 4-P set. I’m a 10 hcp and hit the ball pretty solid.

    I’m thinking of getting a combo set with the ZX Utilitiy in the 4 iron for a little more forgiveness as a opposed of gaming the ZX5 4 iron. The issue is they don’t have the ZX5 or ZX utility in the 4 iron to hit.

    Would you say the ZX utility is meant to offer more forgiveness than the ZX5 in the 4 iron or are they more or less the same?


  3. Would there be a down side to play this with same shaft as my irons (Modus 125x)? Would the swing weight or total weight be too heavy?

  4. Hey Matt, what is your personal take between the P790 UDI and the Srixon ZX in terms of footprint and forgiveness?

  5. Jon Skinner

    Hi Matt,
    In terms of utility irons out there that you have tried which would you rate the highest in terms of feel and turf interaction? I notice that a lot of the offerings tend to quite hollow feeling and have very wide soles . I am looking for a direct 4 iron replacement to blend in with my Miura TC-201 irons.
    Many Thanks
    Kind Regards

    • Matt Saternus


      To be clear, feel and turf interaction are subjective categories, so all I can give you is my opinion. I like my New Level 4955 a lot. There are smaller utility irons, but I find them lacking in utility – i.e. I might as well just play a long iron.


  6. Jonathan Skinner

    Hi Matt, thanks will certainly check out the New Level 4995 HB as from your review looks like it certainly warrants looking at . Have you tested or are going to test the two Honma offerings the TW-X and the TR21X in the long irons as these look interesting? Kind Regards Jon

  7. Brandon Ho

    Hi Matt,
    On the Srixon website it says it comes with stock UST Recoil 95 shaft in X stiff but then on UST’s website it says the 95 Recoil does not come in the X stiff… thoughts?


  8. Hey Matt, would you say the Srixon zu85 utility iron is more forgiving than this utility iron? Thank you.

    • Matt Saternus


      I didn’t review the Z U85, so I can’t offer a comparison. Dylan has a review here:


    • Hey Matt,
      I have the Srixon ZX4 iron set from 5-Pw and love them. However, I am thinking of buying a 4 utility iron to fit in as a 4 iron replacement and maybe even a 3 utility. Your day in your review that there are better options for slow swing players in the 67 age category like me. What are some of the good options you could suggest ?
      Thanks for your interesting articles.

      • Matt Saternus


        My best advice is to get fit and find the best option for your swing. As a starting point, I think the TaylorMade DHy and PING iCrossover are both very good.



  9. In your experience, if a zx5 3 iron and zx 3 utility are both struck equally good will one go longer than the other. Asking for gapping purposes.

  10. Tom Lipscomb

    Just wanted to say thanks for the write up and advise on the ZX. I picked up a like-new 3i online and was so impressed in the sim last night with how easy it is to hit, get height and consistent distance. My big issue now is what makes way in my bag!

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