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TaylorMade M4 D-Type Driver Review

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The TaylorMade M4 D-Type driver gives you the forgiveness and performance of the M4 driver with a little extra help for the chronic slicer.


A sliced tee shot is one of the most demoralizing things in golf.  Rather than flying down the fairway, your ball climbs a mile into the sky, takes a hard right, and deposits itself in the muck.

You can fix your slice by working on your swing, but there’s nothing wrong with buying a little help.  The TaylorMade M4 D-Type driver can be that help.


From address, there’s no way to distinguish the M4 D-Type from the standard M4 driver.  Both have a crown that’s largely carbon fiber with a silver section near the ball.  I find that this disguises the size of the head and makes it look very compact and pleasing.

When you flip the club over, you’ll see the red, white, and blue M4 branding with the “D-Type” designation.

Sound & Feel

In terms of sound and feel, the M4 D-Type delivers everything that I want.  It feels extremely solid through the hands and produces a “crack” that’s medium volume and low pitched.

Equally impressive is the feedback.  From small misses to big ones, you can feel the impact location precisely through your hands.  Shots hit near the center all sound pretty good, but when you miss more substantially the tone and volume change.


The M4 D-Type has two features designed to promote a draw.  First, the crown graphics are tweaked to make the face appear more open.  TaylorMade claims that the appearance of an open face causes player to create a more closed face at impact.  More importantly, 41 grams of weight have been moved toward the heel to make the head more draw-biased.  In my testing, I found the draw bias noticeable but not overwhelming.  To my mind, this makes the M4 D-Type an ideal choice for the player who wants to turn a straight shot into a draw or a small cut into a straight ball.  If you’re a dramatic slicer, you’ll probably also need to make an adjustment to the Loft Sleeve.

Additionally, the M4 D-Type has the signature technologies of the standard M4 driver: Twist Face and the Hammerhead Slot.  I really like the pairing of Twist Face with a draw-biased design because it will allow higher handicap players to focus on controlling their club face and path and worry less about mishits sending their shots astray.  Similarly, the Hammerhead Slot boosts forgiveness so that shots all over the face still get plenty of ball speed and distance.


Whether you’re a chronic slicer, someone who wants to see a straight ball turn over, or a guy who tends to hit their drives off the heel, the TaylorMade M4 D-Type driver is a good choice.  You get all the forgiveness of the impressive M4 with a little extra help in producing the shot shape you want.

Buy the TaylorMade M4 D-Type Driver HERE

TaylorMade M4 D-Type Driver Price & Specs

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  1. Hi

    How does the M4 D type stack up against the Callaway Rogue draw in respect the draw biased and forgiveness

    • Matt Saternus


      The Rogue has more draw bias. On forgiveness, it’s fairly close. My guess is that the Rogue might win by a nose.



  2. Hi Matt

    Thanks for reply, how does the rogue have more draw bias?


  3. Matt,
    I have the M4 5 wood and 19 and 22 degree hybrids. Love the feel. I fight a steep down swing and slice so I need plenty of draw bias in my driver ( currently 12 degrees) . Would it be better to get more draw bias with the Calloway Rogue D or get M4 D so all shafts consistent? Thanks.

    • Matt Saternus


      I would lean toward having consistency in the shafts and possibly setting the M4 to a more closed face.



  4. Michael Devo

    When will the M5 be out so the M4 draw will come down in price? Really $429.99?

  5. Hi Matt
    I hit a 10 yr old Taylor Burner 220 to 240 with a R 10.5 degree. I like the M4 but what do you think about
    the stock Matrix Platinum 55 White tie R shaft? In the Taylor 2017 custom shaft catalog it has the highest launch and spin on the Chart. Would the Fuji Red Atmos 55 have less spin? Thx Gary

    • Matt Saternus


      There’s no way to say definitively which would spin less. Both are billed as high launching shafts, but how they perform in your hands can’t be known until you hit them.



  6. You mentioned for dramatic slicers an adjustment to loft sleeve might be needed with M4D driver. What would that adjustment be? What would you suggest loft sleeve be in general for slicers? Thanks.

  7. Hi
    I have a 2018 M4 D-type driver and i have a question about the adjustments in the tip. I understand the +2 to -2 adjustments of the loft. But on the other side of the tip there is the text “LIE” and no +- information. Whats is that about and how is the club if i set it to that? Not much information about it on the web.

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