TaylorMade GAPR MID Review

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The TaylorMade GAPR MID is the driving iron for the rest of us.  More forgiving and slightly higher launching than most driving irons.  Great ball speed.


Over the last year or so, driving irons have become a major trend on Tour.  The result is that everyone wants to bag one.  Unfortunately, few of us have the club head speed or consistent ball striking to make traditional driving irons work.  Enter the GAPR MID with the driving iron look that you want and the performance your swing needs.


The GAPR MID is somewhere between a hybrid and a driving iron, but it uses two different finishes to disguise its bulk.  On the face, the hitting area is matte black, the heel and toe are gloss black.  This makes the face look smaller than it is.  The same trick is used to put the focus on the top line (matte) versus the mass behind it (gloss).

Interestingly, the “notch” in the crown is finished in matte black, which draws your eye to it.  Despite this, I found that players did not have strong feelings about the notch in the MID like they did about the HI.

Sound & Feel

At impact, the GAPR MID produces a feel similar to the GAPR LO and other driving irons.  Centered shots feel crisp, and you’ll hear a “snap.”  When you move away from the center, both the sound and feel become dull.  Feedback is not as precise as it is on the GAPR LO, but it’s more precise than the GAPR HI.


The first thing I noticed about the TaylorMade GAPR MID was the ball speed.  With one of the lower lofted models, I was seeing smash factors as high as 1.46, equal to some of the best fairway woods.  Getting that from a driving iron is impressive.

While ball speed is good, what makes the GAPR MID playable for the non-Tour golfer is the forgiveness.  In launch monitor testing, it was immediately noticeable how the GAPR MID retained more ball speed and higher launch compared to standard driving irons.  Whether you use this off the tee or into the green, getting extra yards on mishits is critical to scoring well.

Having the ability to adjust the loft of the GAPR MID allows you to hit the exact yardage that you need.  Especially in the lower lofted clubs, hitting the right distance gaps is about more than decreasing loft – you need the right combination of speed, launch, and spin.  Through adjustability, you can make sure that you’re covering the numbers you need for the course you’re on.


TaylorMade is promoting the idea that the GAPR family will fill the gap between your longest iron and your fairway wood.  While it can certainly fill that role, I can easily see some players using these in place of long irons, hybrids, and fairway woods.  For the golfer that prefers the feel of swinging an iron, the GAPR MID will be a gift to their long game.

TaylorMade GAPR MID Price & Specs

Matt Saternus


  1. Good info, thx. Have been considering this .. now I need to go give it a test!

  2. You had me sold. I play a 100yr old short 6k course. The 2 par 5’s are the only holes I really need a driver. I had 1 foot out the door…. until I saw the price $$. I’ll pass, ty for the great review as always!

  3. Matt- Have you hit the Ping Crossover? If so, how would you compare it? Seems like it is trying to accomplish the same thing.

  4. One thing I and many of your readers would appreciate is comparison to competitive options. You’ll notice your comments are always begging for this. You don’t have to do a full test but some discussion would be appreciated. Overall love the content though keep up the good work.

  5. Paul Sullivan

    Thanks for the review! One thing that no reviewer or even TaylorMade explains is how many degrees up or down this thing is capable of! Can’t find any info about it…geesh. ;)

  6. richard romano

    I am a high handicapper.. i do not like the feel of typical woods..and cannot hit them…… is the mid ok for me.. or do i need to go to the hi version?

    • Matt Saternus


      That depends on your swing and your speed. I would suggest trying both, preferably in a fitting where you can see the performance difference between the two.


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