Swing Station Training Aid Review

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Swing Station is an alignment aid designed to help you improve the fundamentals of alignment, stance, ball position, and aim.  Easy to use and effective.


Stand on the first tee of your favorite course some time and you’ll see golfers aimed all over creation.  To help fix this problem, and many others, the Swing Station was created.  Can this simple device get your alignment on track?  Read on to find out.

*Note: This product used to be called Hackers RX, as you see in the pictures.  The name was changed to Swing Station due to negative feedback.

Set Up & Ease of Use

The Swing Station is comprised of two “golf balls” connected to three extendable arms.  The arm that connects the two balls goes straight out, and the other two arms can be set at a variety of angles.  You can set it up for any use, or fold it back up for storage, in seconds.


If you’ve ever seen a driving range at a PGA Tour event, you’ve probably noticed that almost every player has an alignment aid on the ground.  The reason?  Alignment is a fundamental that’s easy to work on but requires constant attention.

The most common use of the Swing Station is shown above: two arms extended straight along your toe line with the other arm perpendicular to define ball position.  This illustrates one advantage of the Swing Station over alignment rods: the ability to maintain a perfect perpendicular relationship between the rods so you can keep ball position constant.

While it’s not as sexy as swing-altering trainers, the fundamentals that Swing Station instills are important, and it teaches them effectively.


If all it did was replace your alignment sticks, the Swing Station would still have excellent longevity.  As I mentioned earlier, alignment is something you should be reinforcing every time you practice.

However, the Swing Station has many other uses you may not recognize immediately.  As they outline on their website, you can use the Swing Station to work on shaping shots, on the putting green, in the bunker, and in the short game area.  I found it particularly useful in the sand because it’s very easy to get careless with ball position from an open stance.

Finally, the Swing Station is small and light, so it can live in your bag.  If it’s always in your bag, you’ll get more use out of it.


The Swing Station retails for a bit under $50 (support PluggedInGolf, buy it HERE).  I can already see the comments piling up below, “I could buy 50 alignment rods for that price!”  That’s absolutely true, and alignment rods will continue to do a good job like they always have.

That said, I like the Swing Station for a few different reasons.  First, having that perfect indicator of ball position is valuable.  Second, the ability to change the size and angles makes it more versatile than alignment rods.  Finally, the Swing Station won’t scratch the crown of your driver.  My PING G LS TEC driver still bears the scars from a round with a careless caddie…sigh.


Alignment sticks are great, but if you’d like something that offers a little more versatility, the Swing Station is worth a look.  For less than the cost of a dozen Pro V1s, you can perfect your alignment and ball position so you won’t be the guy on the first tee making people wonder, “Where’s he aiming?”

Buy the Swing Station HERE

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  1. Don mccool

    I have purchased the Swing Station. I have not received any instructional materials. How do I get the information necessary in order to use the system? Please reply. Don MCCOOL. Mccooljd@ gmail.com

  2. The web site does work. How do I get the instructions for this tool.

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