Swing Caddie SC4 Launch Monitor Review

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The Swing Caddie SC4 is the new king of the $500 launch monitor hill.  Very easy to use with or without a connected device.  Lots of data.  Good accuracy.  Golf simulation ability.

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It’s increasingly common to see golfers with their own launch monitors on the range.  One that you’re likely to see often is the Swing Caddie SC300i [review HERE], one of the best personal launch monitors for the last couple years.  New for 2023 is the SC4, which improves on the SC300i in almost every possible way, including the addition of simulation.  Let’s dive deep into why this earns my recommendation as the best launch monitor under $600.

Swing Caddie SC4 launch monitor carrying case

Set Up & Ease of Use

One of my favorite things about Swing Caddie’s launch monitors is how easy they are to use.  Once you charge the SC4, push the power button, drop it five feet behind your hitting area, and get to work.  Because it has an onboard display, you don’t need to connect a device.  Not only does this boost its ease of use, it makes it more likely that you’ll use it because there’s less hassle.

There are two additional steps to take if you want to get the most accurate numbers.  First, when you turn it on, a number will appear on the screen.  Adjust the tilt of the unit until the number is zero.  Second, if you want the horizontal launch angle to be accurate, you’ll need to align the unit with your target.  There is a small red line on the top of the Swing Caddie SC4 to help with this, but it’s much easier with the alignment plate.  The alignment plate and carrying case are sold separately.

The rest of the controls are found on the remote, which is cleverly tucked under the kickstand and secured with a magnet.  The remote is slim and extremely light, so you can keep it in your pocket while practicing.  This new remote is a substantial improvement over the SC300i, making it easier and quicker to select the right club, change loft, and keep practicing.

Accuracy & Effectiveness

The Swing Caddie SC4 offers a lot of data.  Like the SC300i, it reports swing speed, ball speed, carry distance, launch angle, apex, and smash factor.  The SC4 goes a level up by adding launch direction to the mix and reporting spin rate on screen (the SC300i only gave spin numbers in the app).

To test the accuracy of the Swing Caddie SC4, I ran it head-to-head with my Foresight GCQuad [review HERE] both indoors with premium balls and outdoor with range balls.  In all scenarios, I found the SC4 to be as good or better than anything I’ve tested in this price range.  The data is typically very close to the GCQuad – often perfectly in line – and never wildly off.  Launch direction was the stat that deviated the most and the most often, but it did always point in the correct direction.  Ultimately, I would not use the SC4 for a professional club fitting, but it’s more than accurate enough to be a practice tool.

For players who find that the SC4 is not reporting accurate data, Swing Caddie offers the Shot Data Equalizer in the My Swing Caddie app.  With this, you can adjust the carry distance, swing speed, launch angle, and/or ball speed up or down as much as 10%.

Also worth noting is that the SC4 almost never misses a shot, whether indoors with limited ball flight or when moving around a bit outdoors.  This is definitely above average for a launch monitor in this price range.  You may not think of this as a huge plus until the one shot your launch monitor misses is the best swing of the day.

Finally, the display on the Swing Caddie SC4 is extremely bright and easy to read.  Indoors or out, I didn’t have to squint, bend over, or walk back to the unit to read my numbers.  The display is packed with data, which can be a bit overwhelming at first, but I got used to the layout quickly.

My Swing Caddie App & E6 Golf Simulation

The biggest addition to the Swing Caddie SC4 launch monitor is the ability to power golf simulation with E6 Connect.  It takes just a few taps to get your device connected to the app, and you’ll be playing real golf courses with amazing graphics, like you see above.  With the purchase of the SC4, you get one golf course and the driving range for life.  Unlocking more courses requires an E6 subscription, which you can learn about HERE.

In using the SC4 with E6, a few things stood out as being particularly impressive.  First, when you change clubs in the game, the SC4 automatically registers the change, too.  Also, the SC4 stayed connected to the game throughout – something which should not be taken for granted.  Finally, for those that are serious about their simulation, the SC4’s onboard display offers a great way to learn more about the game.  When you’re in the rough or sand, your shot in the game will lose some distance, but the onboard display shows the real stats on the swing.  This gives you the chance to dial in all your in-game shots for a real home simulator advantage.

While the My Swing Caddie app is not required to use the SC4, it makes a strong case to be part of every session.  This is easily one of the best launch monitor apps available.  First, it offers several different ways to view your data while you’re practicing (above).  You can also film your swing and connect the videos to the swing data.

Additionally, the My Swing Caddie app tracks all your practice shots so you can view your historical data.  This is a great way to get a clear picture of the distances you actually hit each club and how you’ve improved over time.


Finally, there are a couple additional features that show the level of effort Swing Caddie is putting into making the user experience as good as it can be.  One is turning your phone into a second remote (above, left).  If you prefer to leave the remote attached to your SC4, or it runs out of batteries, you can make any change in the app.  Additionally, you can customize your bag.  This goes beyond just naming your clubs – you can specify the loft of each club so that the SC4 knows that your sand wedge is 54 degrees and gives you the most accurate data.

Swing Caddie SC4 launch monitor


The Swing Caddie retails for $550, but Plugged In Golf readers can get it for $500 HERE.

At this price, the SC4 is easily my favorite launch monitor.  I love the ease of use, and it provides a lot of data points with solid accuracy.  Additionally, the app is excellent and the ability to use it with E6 golf simulation is a big value add.  Unless you’re going to step up to spending several thousand dollars for a launch monitor, the Swing Caddie SC4 is the easy choice.

Swing Caddie SC4 launch monitor in box


The Swing Caddie SC4 continues to raise the bar on what golfers can expect from a $500 launch monitor.  This is as accurate a launch monitor as you can find at this price, and it provides all the data on a crisp onboard display.  And with the addition of simulation, the SC4 gives you more ways to enjoy golf no matter the weather.

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Matt Saternus


  1. I appreciate the authenticity and vulnerability you bring to your writing.

  2. Mike McCabe

    Hi Matt,
    This is a bit less $ than the Garmin R10. Putting cost aside, how would you compare these one-on-one?

    • Matt Saternus


      I prefer the SC4, primarily for the onboard display.


    • Mark Poole

      How to do you connect to E6. I got mine today but not sure how too :)

      • Matt Saternus


        There should be instructions with your SC4, but the short version is to download E6 connect and then find the device in the settings menu.



      • Great review… question on the launch direction, especially whrn using with E6. If I was to hit a draw, does the unit pick up that it is a draw or does it just show as being launched to the right of centre and therefore look like a push on the software?

      • “the short version is to download E6 connect and then find the device in the settings menu.”

        Dude, how? There are NO INSTRUCTIONS via VC or E6 to connect. I’m trying to figure out how you did it.

        • Download E6 demo – install and create account on laptop – power up laptop and connect to internet – bluetooth pair with sc4 – start E6 and sc4 should pop up as a device. took me 4 tries.

  3. Looks like a great device; thanks for the review

    • Jeff Harris

      Does it work for putting?

      • Matt Saternus


        No, it does not.


        • Jeff Harris

          Not surprised by that.

          What about short chip shots?

          I have a Garmin R10 and it struggles to read shots under 25-30 yards.

          In my opinion, not supporting putts or short shots makes it a challenge to play simulated golf. I spend nearly 100% of my time with the Garmin using the driving range.

          • Jeff,

            The stated range starts at 20 yards. I had no issue with the SC4 picking up chips and pitches, even below that range.


  4. Nice review. I know you said overall it was pretty accurate compared to the GCQuad, but how did the spin rate readings compare? That’s my biggest hesitation when it comes to launch monitors in this price range.

    • Matt Saternus


      Sometimes the spin numbers are almost identical, but there’s more variance with the SC4. As I said in the review, it’s not something I’d give a second thought to for personal use.


  5. Matt,

    Does it pick up swing speeds on practice swings with no ball contact similar to other Swing Caddie launch monitors?

  6. I just used one of these the other day outside and the spin was off really bad. It stated my 7 iron was only spinning 2500 to 3000. I’m also getting lessons on trackman which shows around 6500 to 7000. Did you happen to see big spin misses overall? I did really like the unit and thought about buying it but that kinda drove me away.

    • Matt Saternus


      Yes, I saw some shots with large spin discrepancies against professional grade launch monitors, but they were more the exception than the rule.


  7. How does this compare to the new Rapsodo?

    • Matt Saternus


      I haven’t tested the new MLM yet but I do know that it’s more expensive, has an annual fee, and does not have an onboard display.



    • As someone who just returned the MLM2Pro, I can say that Matt’s review of the SC4 sounds like a much better product.

  8. Gary Young

    Does it measure angle of attack?

  9. Issac Dweck

    Hi and nice review. Does the device record the club path and face angle? I feel that those are two of the most important data points. If not, which personal launch monitor does?

    Thank you!

  10. Michael Agishian

    Does this also pickup swing speed without a ball? Just wondering if I can sell my prgr which I mostly use for the the stack system trading. Probably pulling the trigger either way.

  11. Great review Matt! Wow this looks really interesting. I have been thinking about upgrading from a swing speed monitor to a launch monitor mainly for winter use in my garage and the SC4 seems to be a great fit at the right price. Does it take much effort to get it in the right spot behind the ball for a good reading?

    • Matt Saternus


      Not at all. I had to get it extremely far from the prescribed set up to “miss” shots.



  12. And bought one!
    Love your reviews. I have the MLM2PRO also so I’m looking forward to comparing the two. The onboard display and no annual fee on the SC4 is attractive amongst other features and the now simulation feature.

  13. Does this work for dry swings? Can you use it for speed training?

  14. My only problem with it, and why I have to return it, is I can’t do swing speed training with it. The SC200 could. I tried everything but I couldn’t get it to just track swing speed without hitting a ball.

  15. How is this compared to Flightscope Mevo (not the plus model) ? I have Apple Watch and I am thinking about getting my very first Launch Monitor, and will 100% use at the driving range. Does this device have mute button as I don’t like its shouting my yardages.

  16. Matt,

    You said the SC4 comes with E6 – one course and range. Does this require a separate license or subscription or does this mean I can access those features right out of the box? Thanks for your reviews!

    • Matt Saternus


      There is no additional purchase to access the course and range. If there was, I would have said as much.


  17. Can you use a tee or does the ball need to be hit from the ground?

  18. Hi Matt,
    Thanks for the review. Could you please let me know if the device measures swing speed without a ball? I’m thinking about stating speed training and although I could buy a cheaper device for swing speed measurement without a ball, I’d be tempted by this product as a way of future proofing myself if I wanted more out of the monitor. Thanks.

  19. Does the SC4 and E6 work on PC or is it still just available with IOS?

  20. Emeriro Reyes

    I’m from the Philippines but if ever I will get one I would have it deliver to my brother place in San Diego, USA, how mucb will be shipping cost?

  21. You mentioned the use of an alignment plate, for horizontal metrics. I see no mention of that on their website..??
    Thanks, Kevin

  22. Can you dowload the data stored in the SC4 to a PC?

  23. Received the Golf Rags towel. As a thank you, I used your link to purchase the SC4 on cyber Monday! #DoubleSecret

  24. Hi how many do I need in front of the ball? I know the instructions says 10 ft but it seems Misread my distance by 20-30 yards, I know I’m old not that old. Im right the 10 foot mark or the 15 feet total length. I could lengthen my space by a couple feet if you think that would help?

    • Matt Saternus


      10 feet should be correct. There is an adjustment mechanism in the app if your distances are consistently wrong.



  25. Should the unit be level with my mat within a specific height ? I read somewhere if the sc4 isn’t level it might not read correctly?

  26. Will SC4 connect to WGT?

    • Matt Saternus


      Unless something has changed since I wrote the review, simulation is only available through e6 Connect.


  27. Matt,

    Can the wedge lofts be set to 54 and 58 degrees?


  28. Is the Optishot Orion run the same program as swing caddie on the launch monitor? I have a deal of $200 off the orbit. Want to make sure the orbit is as good. Otherwise I will get the SC4.

    • Matt Saternus


      I haven’t tried the Optishot Orion, so I can’t offer any information about it. The Optishot Orbit does look exactly like the SC4, and it wouldn’t shock me if they were the same device sold under two different names.



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