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Swiftwick Golf Sock Review

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Often overlooked, a great pair of socks can take your golf game to a new level of comfort and performance.  Swiftwick socks offer a variety of models to suit your preferences exactly.


Swiftwick is an international brand developing performance socks for golf, running, cycling, hiking, and other adventures.  Golfers, especially golfers that walk their course, know the value of performance socks.  Take care of your feet, play more golf.  Swiftwick gives you a sock that wicks moisture, compresses for support, and provides cushion for all-day comfort.

Style & Fit

Switwick socks come in nine different styles and many different colors.  For this review, I will focus on the three styles that are designed with the golfer in mind: the Performance, the PURSUIT™, and the MAXUS™.  The golf line of socks come in three different cuff heights, Zero (no show), One (ankle), and Two (quarter crew).

The Performance One

The original Swiftwick sock.  Nylon in the heel and toe provide maximum durability.  The One cuff height rises just above the ankle for additional support and protection in shoes with a higher back.

The lightweight Olefin wicks moisture and dries quickly. Cushioning is not as obvious, but the Performance sock does not skimp on comfort.  Swiftwick blends synthetics and wool to give comfort and cushion, but also compression.  I really like the snug feeling that the Performance gives you around your mid-foot and arch.


The new PURSUIT™ is constructed with nature’s technical fiber Merino Wool and upgraded with a reinforced heel and toe to maximize durability.  The four season fiber of Merino Wool provides warmth in the winter and cooling in the summer, as well as absorbs moisture without feeling soggy.  The PURSUIT™ is engineered with fine-gauge Merino Wool that produces a soft, no-itch feel from cuff to toe.

The One cuff height rises just above the ankle for additional support and protection in running shoes with a higher back.  This is an amazing sock.

The MAXUS™ One

Swiftwick MAXUS™ are ideal if you desire a maximum cushioned socks without compromising fit and performance.  The plush footbed is constructed using high volume fibers that wick moisture 40% better than competitive materials with a thin Olefin upper to increase breathability.  One cuff height rises just above the ankle for additional support and protection.


I have always shied away from no-show cuff heights, as most no show styles tend to slip down my heel and into my shoe.  That can be very annoying during a round of golf, and can also lead to blisters.  Swiftwick Zero sock’s were true to their guarantee, and stayed up the entire round.  As good as the Zero performed, my personal preference is the One.  As far as comfort and feel, the One helps cover your heel from some of the newer shoe models that have added heel height.

Of the three golf styles, the PURSUIT™ was the best blend of comfort, compression, and moisture wicking.  It is truly a great performing sock.  Your choice will depend on the sock thickness you prefer on your feet.  Each style provides Swiftick’s cushion, comfort, and moisture wicking abilities.

Recently, I had the privileged to play golf at Bandon Dunes Resort.  When I found out that Bandon was a walking only resort, I quickly did research for a quality, comfortable sock.  Adding Swiftwick socks to my apparel was one of the best decisions I made.  Thirty-six holes of golf, four days in a row will test any golfer and their feet.  Over the five days, the combined golf and non-golf walking, totaled approximately 40 miles and the equivalent of over fifty flights of stairs.  I was never happier to have a great pair of socks.

No blisters, no sagging, and no wrinkled feet from excess moisture.  As far as a high-end, performance sock, Swiftwick delivers on all accounts.  My favorite feature was the compression around the middle of my feet.  I had never thought about how much a compression sock would help with comfort and feel.  I truly believe that I would not have had as great a golf experience without my Swiftwick socks.


Golfer’s can spend $100 if not $200 on a nice pair of golf shoes.  Don’t stop there.  Spend a little extra on a high quality sock.  Swiftwick offers an amazing combination of comfort, compression, and moisture wicking in their sock line.  I am now a believer.  Not only will I have Swiftwick socks on my feet whenever I play golf, I will wear them as my everyday sock too.

I highly recommend that you treat your feet to Swiftwick socks.

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