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SuperStroke putter grips were the spark behind the revolution in big putter grips and they continue to offer more variety to golfers than any other company.

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Just a handful of years ago, having a large putter grip meant you were a hopeless putter.  Now, thanks to a major championship and millions of dollars, SuperStroke has changed all that.  Golfers today realize that grip size (and shape) is a matter of preference and fit, which is helping more golfers make more putts.

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SuperStroke has always done a nice job offering a wide variety of colors, and they’ve recently expanded that effort with the release of the Midnight Series, seen here.  As you would expect, the Midnight Series uses black as the base color instead of the standard white.

SuperStroke is also getting into the spirit of the Ryder Cup with American and European models.

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SuperStroke grips have an interesting way of blending soft and firm feels.  The core of the grip is firm, but the “cover” of the grip has a nice softness to it.  The result is a balanced feel – not mushy but not hard, either.

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One of the things that I constantly preach from my soap box here at PluggedInGolf is the importance of fitting.  It’s because of the importance of fitting that I think SuperStroke grips are so good.  Before they existed, your choices in putter grips were tiny and slightly less tiny.  Now, thanks to SuperStroke, golfers have a huge variety of choices for not only size, but shape.  If you look at the picture above, you can see the SuperStroke 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, and Flatso Ultra.  Additionally, SuperStroke makes a 5.0 (a larger version of the same shape as the 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0), the Claw (a grip designed for alternate hand positions), and the Flatso in two larger sizes.  With all these options, you can find a grip that fits your hands and your stroke precisely which will lead to better putting.

One other thing I like about all SuperStroke grips is that they have a “Parallel Design” meaning they don’t taper or get smaller as you move towards the head.  This allows for even grip pressure and helps to fight the wristy “flip” that so many players battle in their putting.  It’s that lack of taper, plus the larger size, that caused me to switch to a 2.0 – a grip that you can now find on all my putters.

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So which SuperStroke grip will help your putting?  I wrote a complete guide to big putter grips which you can check out HERE, but the thing I’d like you to take away from this review is that SuperStroke gives you more choices than ever before.  Using a big putter grip no longer carries a stigma – Jordan Spieth and others make tons of money with them – so check out all your options at your local pro shop and find the best grip for your game.

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Matt Saternus


  1. I’ve always wanted to try the Flatso Ultra. I have a similar grip on my Ping Karsten now but I am not a fan of how it tapers towards the bottom. Thanks for the review!

  2. Danny Pearson

    The Slim 3.0 would be sweet to have on my putter. I have a similar size grip now, but it’s a different shape. Would be cool to see how the little different shapes treat me.

  3. Steinthor Sigurdsson

    Would love to try the Ultra Slim 1.0 or the Flatso Ultra. I already have the Ultra Slim 2.0 on two of my putters and really like it.

  4. chris bourquin

    The ultra slim but any of em would be great to try

  5. Shaun MacQuarrie

    I’m interested in trying the Ultra Slim 1.0 I’ve never used any of the Super Stroke grips but this appears to fit the feel I’m looking for.

  6. Ultra slim 1.0

  7. Slim 1.0. Thanks for the contest

  8. Ultra Slim 1.0 is my grip of choice, just put the European Ryder Cup version on and I’ve actually been making putts!

  9. todd williams

    sorry I had a typo in my email on the previous comment.

    Definitely the Flatso Ultra been wanting to try it on my new putter but I hate cutting off a perfectly good grip.

  10. Flatso Ultra please is definitely what draws my interest.

  11. As always, a brilliant review that doesn’t leave you wondering. Great work Matt

    Slim 3.0 then I can convince the wife I need a new putter for it to go on. Cant waste it on an old putter.

  12. I’d really like to try the 2.0, but since it’s not listed, the Slim 3.0 please!

  13. Slim 3.0 should be fine for a good tryout.

  14. I really want to try the Slim 3.0!

  15. Jeff Jennings

    I have a modest arc and would like to try the Flatso Ultra!

  16. Any of them would be great !!! But if I had to choose, it would be slim 3.0

    Fingers crossed !!!


  17. Matt Saternus

    Congrats to the winners of this contest:

    Scott M – Flatso Ultra
    Chris Bourquin – Ultra Slim 1.0
    T. Weirich – Slim 3.0

    I will be emailing all of you to get your mailing addresses shortly.

    Thanks to all who entered! More contests coming soon!

  18. Danny Pearson

    Congrats guys!

  19. Thanks Matt!

  20. I have a Winn 1.5 lite super grip with taper down shape. I use a large size glove. I still tend to flip hands or quite on follow through and more often end short. I hope or think a 3.0 or 5.0 Superstroke will cure some ills.

  21. Gary Taylor

    Like the 3.0 flat, would like the 2.0 slim

  22. Larry Branch

    I’d like to try the Flatso Ultra 1st, then the Flatso Mid 2nd. Presently using the Fatso 5.0 and it seems too large. If I don’t like the Flatso models then I guess I will try the Fatso 3.0

  23. I use the 2.0 on my Scotty Cameron and like it. Was considering the 1.0 like the one that Jordan Spieth uses since we both putt left-hand-low. How would it affect my stroke? Any advice?

    • Matt Saternus


      Yes, changing your grip will likely change things in your putting stroke. Likely that it will lead to more face rotation. If the 2.0 is working, why change?



  24. Larry. Werner

    I have been using Super Strokes grips on my putters for a long time. But I also have used a ball pickup on the ends to help get the ball out of the hole because of a health problem . But I now have a problem. I have received a new putter which came with an adjustable Super Stroke grip which a lock screw at the end of the grip. I don’t know what kind of a ball pickup will work because it mounts to the grip on the end with screws. Can anybody help with this problem? Thanks

    • Matt Saternus


      I understand that problem well since I use a couple of back weighted putters. Unfortunately, I have not seen a product that solves this problem yet. If I do, I will be certain to post about it.



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