Sun Mountain 2Five Golf Bag Review

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The Sun Mountain 2Five golf bag is the lightest full-featured stand bag available.  The weight makes walking a joy, but it doesn’t lack for features.  A tremendous bag.


With their newest, lightest stand bag, Sun Mountain implores golfers to “Play Lighter.”  Weighing just 2.5 pounds, it’s a breeze to carry, but can still haul all the gear you need for a round.  Whether you consider it the lightest full-featured stand bag or a brilliant evolution of the Sunday bag, the 2Five is a must-have for walking golfers.

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While Sun Mountain kept the branding to their normal stylish minimum on the 2Five, they definitely kicked it up a notch in the color department.  The 2Five is available in eleven color combinations including lime (pictured here), orange, yellow, and purple, plus black/purple and black/green combos that really pop.  For the traditionalists, there are more staid options, including a great looking red/white/blue colorway.

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Though the Sun Mountain 2Five feels barely-there when you pick it up, it is also unmistakably a high quality piece of gear.  The handles and straps are all thick, sturdy, and would be at home on a much heavier bag.  While the nylon used is very thin, I haven’t noticed any negatives in terms of durability.

There is one area where the light weight required a compromise: the stand mechanism.  The carbon fiber legs are sturdy, but the legs don’t deploy as easily as they do on Sun Mountain’s other carry bags.  This is because Sun Mountain’s other bags have solid plastic bases that provide a stronger counterpoint for the deployment mechanism.  However, they also weigh more.  If I was writing this a few years ago, the legs of the 2Five would have been as good as any other bag available, but Sun Mountain has spoiled us with their improvements to the Three 5.

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Design & Performance

When I first examined the Sun Mountain 2Five, I was impressed with the amount of features they were able to retain in such a light bag.  As I started using it on the course and the range, I became even more impressed because I realized that they kept the most important elements while discarding the ones that are unnecessary.  When you’re carrying it on two shoulders, you have easy access to a water bottle pouch and a substantial zip pocket.  On the opposite side, there’s a pen holder, towel ring, umbrella loop, lined valuables pocket, and a full-length pocket for rain gear.  Everything you need, nothing you don’t.

Equally noteworthy is the way the 2Five organizes your clubs: a 9″, 4-way top with full-length dividers.  I’ll say it again: full length dividers.  If you’re not sure why this is a big deal, you’ve never used a bag without full length dividers.  When you have them, sliding clubs in and out is easy.  Without them, your post-shot routine is guaranteed to include cursing and slamming your clubs into the bag to make them fit.  Despite its negligible weight, the 2Five easily holds a full set of clubs and dispenses them with ease.

Finally, the X-Strap Dual Strap System on the 2Five works really well.  It doesn’t slide on quite as easily as the Auto-Fit Straps on the Three 5 for two-shoulder carrying, but it’s superior for single strap carrying and lighter.  Whether you’re carrying on one shoulder or two, the AirFlow System and hip pad make the walk even more comfortable.

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Whether you look at the new Sun Mountain 2Five as the lightest stand bag or the most full-featured Sunday bag, it’s a great piece of equipment.  If you regularly walk the course, or aspire to walk more, this is the bag you should be carrying.  It has everything you need while shedding the unnecessary extras to make your walk easier.

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