Sub 70 TAIII Wedge Review

Sub 70 TAIII Wedge

50 Words or Less

The Sub 70 TAIII Wedge is a wow.  Sporting sharp visuals and value, performance, and pizzaz, these wedges are undoubtedly worth a spot in your bag.  


With their continued partnership with Tommy Armour III, Sub 70 illustrates their dedication to better players.  They are showing that being a value brand doesn’t mean being a clubmaker focused on players that need game improvement.  These clubs may be the best example on the market of a premium-performing, tour-inspired wedge at a price point that’s lower than you’d expect.  

Sub 70 TAIII Wedge address


If I didn’t know that Armour had a hand in designing these wedges, I would have assumed that the Black Panther did.  The Tour Black finish was striking, only made more stunning by what may be the most beautiful milling on golf clubs made for the general public.  Looking at the intricate concentric circles on the toe of the club and the diamonds on the top made me smile.  It’s a club you enjoy looking at as much as using. 

While we as golfers don’t often think of the looks of a club having a performance benefit, I do think the color of these wedges does.  The matte finish removes any glare.  Additionally, the slimming black makes the white golf ball look larger in comparison which allowed me to focus my attention more easily.  If you don’t like the black finish, Tour Raw and Tour Satin finishes are also available

Sub 70 TAIII Wedge

Sound & Feel

Forged clubs typically feel softer than non-forged ones, and these are no different.  While not soft like Miura, PXG, or Takomo, they certainly feel smoother to the touch than PING or Callaway wedges.  Despite the soft forged feel, the sound is a bit ‘clickier’ than I expected.  While not objectively bad, some may be slightly put off by the higher-pitched sound


It’s not often that I’m surprised by the performance of a golf club, but with these wedges, I was wowed.  I have tested most wedges on the market and can comfortably say these are among the best in terms of spin.  In addition, they launched higher than comparable wedges on both short and long shots.  I regularly found through a combination of the peak height, land angle, and spin that these wedges were ripping back several yards!  As someone who doesn’t typically do that, my jaw was on the ground.  

Sub 70 TAIII Wedge face

For reference here are the numbers I saw on a Trackman launch monitor.  For full swings, the 52-degree regularly spun around 9500 RPMs, the 56-degree was on average at 10500 RPMs, and the 60-degree was regularly spun between 11000-11400 RPMs.  I have to attribute those spin gains to the laser-etched microgrooves between the traditional grooves on the face of the wedges.  

The beautiful milling of the clubs proved to be functional as well as aesthetic.  That’s because not only is there milling on the back of the club but on the sole as well.  The milled sole coupled with lower bounce options adds to the smooth-feeling turf interaction

While there aren’t high bounce options offered, there are low bounce offerings in the 54, 56, 58, and 60-degree wedges.  The performance is only made more notable when you factor in the price, $135 per wedge.  That’s $45 less than every major manufacturer’s wedge but with no discernable drop in performance. 

Sub 70 TAIII Wedge bag shot


While there are more forgiving wedge options out on the market, the target audience of these wedges should be excited.  Consistent ball strikers, those in need of wedge spin, and those who love sleek-looking wedges need to be looking to the Sub 70 TAIII Wedges as an option.  After this experience, they may even make it into my bag. 

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  1. Higher launch does not sound like a positive for wedges. Can you get them flying low?

    • I’m with Jon – with a lot of spin, I’d rather a penetrating flight with stopping power, not ripping the ball off the green.

  2. Cody Baxter

    These are gorgeous wedges. #sunfish

  3. Andrew Recob

    Being in Illinois I am very interested in anything Sub70. Keep the reviews coming. #Sunfish

  4. Allan Chandler

    Looks like they are TALL Wedges. Coincidence? #Sunfish

  5. #Sunfish

  6. Patrick Burke

    They look great. The spin has me intrigued. #Sunfish *

  7. Josh Giesige

    Sub70 continues to deliver on performance and wow are these wedges sharp! Would look nice alongside my 699s. #Sunfish

  8. Brent Nastiuk

    Definitely a unique look. I like it. #Sunfish *

  9. These are nicest wedges I’ve seen since the Ben Hogan Ft. Worth TK Wedges. Which are also low bounce. #Sunfish

  10. Thanks for the review. With how often wedges need to be replaced, cost is a big factor. #sunfish

  11. David J Sell

    Very intrigued by these wedges, and TOTALLY AGREE with how sharp they look !

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