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Star Grip makes some of the highest quality golf grips available.  Incredible three year warranty.  Built for tapeless installation, which is faster and less messy than traditional methods.


If you ask one hundred golfers what they don’t like about golf grips, the most common responses would be that installing them is a mess and they don’t last long enough.  Not in that order.

Star Grip is a company that claims to have solved both problems.  With their solvent-free installation and an incomparable three year durability guarantee, they clearly separate themself from other grip makers.  We first checked out their grips in 2016 [review HERE], but they’ve changed a lot since then, so it’s time for a fresh look.


Aesthetically, the thing that separates Star Grip is their near-total lack of branding.  All of their grips allow for 360 degree installation because there is no logo to put up or down.  Each grip is solidly one color with a non-paintfilled Star Grip logo on the butt.

This lack of branding leaves ample room for the colors and textures of the grips to shine through.  With the exception of the Smoothee Wrap, all of the Star Grip grips come in a variety of colors.  Each wrap comes in black, white, blue, and red.  The Sidewinder (above) adds pink, green, grey, and orange to that mix.


Across the four grips in their current line up, Star Grip offers a variety of feels.  The Sidewinder is the firmest of the Star Grip offerings.  It has a “symmetrical S” texture that’s similar to Tour Velvet.  This was the easy choice as my favorite grip.

The Classic Wrap is softer and tacky.  The texture is minimal outside of the wrap pattern.  Star Grip’s Tour Star is very similar but without the taper.

Finally, the softest grip in this family is the Smoothee Wrap.  In addition to being the softest, it has no “perforations,” so more of your hand is in contact with the grip.

Tape-Free Installation

In addition to selling grips, Star Grip sells a variety of gripping accessories.  Their Air Installation Guns retails for $30 or $50, depending on whether you choose the standard or pro model.  They also sell a high quality build up tape, hook blade, and tape remover.

One of the key selling points of Star Grip golf grips is their tape-free installation.  And before the “Well, actually” crowd gets to the comments section, yes, technically any grip can be installed like this.*  What sets Star Grip apart is the high rubber content of their grips.  This makes the grips more elastic so there’s less risk of stretching or tearing.  The inside of the grip is also very tacky, keeping it in place.  Finally, the manufacturing consistency of these grips is second to none.

*While I love Golf Pride grips, if they wanted their grips installed with air, I don’t think they would have created the Concept Helix [review HERE].

To install a grip with air, you need an air compressor and the grip installation tool.  Set the pressure to at least 60 psi and simply slide the grip into place.  You can do the same to remove the grip.

The benefits of this method are numerous.  First, there’s no mess.  Second, the grip is immediately ready to play – no waiting for the solvent to dry.  Third, you can adjust the grip at any time.  Fourth, this method has no consumables – tape or solvent – so it’s cheaper in the long run.  Finally, air installation allows you to try a variety of different grips without destroying them.  You can start with Grip A, switch to Grip B, then go back to Grip A.

So, yes, you can install Star Grip grips with tape and solvent, but why would you?


I installed a variety of Star Grip golf grips on my clubs with the air installation tool.  I haven’t “blown on” grips in a long time, so the first thing I wanted to investigate was how securely they held to the club.  I’m pleased to report that they were perfect.  There was no way I could tell the difference between these grips and grips installed with tape and solvent.  I hit numerous shots off the toe and heel to try to make the club and grip twist, but it was rock solid.

The Sidewinder is the grip that could challenge for a spot in my bag.  It has more texture and grip than other similar grips, and I like the firm feel.  If you want something more cushioned, the Classic Wrap or Tour Star are excellent.  Both have a lot of cushioning, but they’re not squishy or lacking durability like other comfort grips.

My only complaint about Star Grip is that they are not ideal for wet conditions.  After sprinkling the grips with water, I had to dry them substantially before I had a firm hold of the club.

Finally, we need to talk about the Star Grip warranty.  The idea of a warranty on a grip sounds laughable.  My personal experience with one major brand tells me that if they offered even a one month warranty, they’d be out of business.  Star Grip offers a warranty for three years!  If the grip becomes “hard, dry, slick, or lose their tackiness” the company will replace them free of charge.  That’s an incredible promise and shows tremendous belief in their product.


With a three year warranty, you might expect that Star Grips carry a price tag well beyond most others.  You’d be wrong.  Each grip costs just $8 – about half the price of the #1 selling grip.  If you’re looking for a high performance grip with unbeatable value, your search ends with Star Grip.

Visit Star Grip HERE

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  1. Is there any difference to Pure grips in your opinion? That’s what I have now. Very similar experience. Great dry, awful wet. Easy to install and super durable.

    • Matt Saternus


      It’s been about 10 years since I’ve used Pure grips, so I can’t give you a current comparison. The biggest thing I would point to is the warranty – I just went to Pure’s website and did not see any mention of a warranty.



  2. Mike Singleton

    Been using their Star Sidewinder grips for 8-9yrs now. Best grip on the market for tack & durability. The humidity/rain issue is just that….you must dry your hands before grabbing the grip. In my experience, unless your using tackified leather you’ll eventually have the same slippery slope…..just later in the round. These Star Grips also clean easily with water, or I always rinse a towel with soap & water before the round and just wipe the grip before each shot for best tack experience. No question they are the best value and their exterior diameters are just a hair larger for more secure lower hand grip. If they just made a few more sizes & styles in putter grips, there would be no need to buy their neighbors ( Pure Grips ) putter grips !!!!!

  3. Been my go to grips for 2 years or longer. Great people great product. Absolutely accurate review.

  4. Pure is going out of business. They’re only unloading the last of their inventory.
    I use both. I prefer Star Grip.

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