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Golf Pride Concept Helix Grip Review

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The Golf Pride Concept Helix grip allows you to change grips in little time without tape or solvent.  Excellent performance without twisting or loss of traction.


The majority of golfers don’t change their grips often enough, and it’s easy to understand why.  Paying someone else to do it can be expensive and time consuming.  Doing it yourself is fine – assuming you have the space for a gripping station in your home.

In an effort to make grip changes easier, Golf Pride has released Concept Helix.  By removing tape and solvent from the process, they’ve made it easier than ever to install new grips.  But does this new approach work as well as the tried and true method?  I tested them to find out.

Need a softer grip?  Check out the Golf Pride CPX HERE

Installation & Removal

So how do you install grips without tape or solvent?  You need to start with a totally clean shafts.  If you have brand new shafts, that’s great.  If your clubs already have grips on them, it’s going to take some time and elbow grease to remove the old tape and get the shafts totally clean.

Once you have a clean shaft, put the installation tool (Golf Pride calls it a “horn”) into the mouth of the grip, as seen above.  With the help of the horn, you can slide the grip all the way onto the shaft, as seen below.

Now you’ll need to remove the horn from the shaft and place it on the butt of the grip, as shown below.  You’ll twist the horn numerous times until it’s snug.  Then work your hands up and down the grip, twisting as you go.  Finally, put the horn back on the butt cap and make the last few twists.

This sounds like a lot of steps, but my first install only took two minutes.  Subsequent grip installations were even faster.


The big question with the Golf Pride Helix grip is, “Will the grip twist when you swing it?”  My testing found that, when properly installed, it will not.

I installed Helix grips on a driver, a wedge, and an iron.  Each club was clamped into a vice and marked with a line straight down the grip and onto the shaft so I could see if it twisted.  I took several dozen hard swings with each club and did not find any movement in the grips.

Leaving the installation aside, this is a solid grip, as you would expect from Golf Pride.  The rubber feels good in hand with very little tack.  There is some added traction thanks to the tread pattern.  If you’re a fan of Tour Velvet, you’ll be very happy with Helix.


When I first saw the Concept Helix grip, I assumed it would be quite expensive.  I was surprised to see that it currently retails through the Golf Pride website for $10 each (minimum order of 3).  The installation tool is included.  This is only $1.50 more than the Z-Grip (the traditional grip most similar to the Concept Helix), and it removes the cost and hassle of standard installation.


From a practical standpoint, the Golf Pride Concept Helix grips are a success.  They provide the same solid hold on the club that traditionally installed grips do.  It will be interesting to see if golfers adopt this new approach and if Golf Pride is able to build out the family of Helix grips.

Visit Golf Pride HERE

Matt Saternus
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  1. Jim W Rosteck

    Interesting concept but Arccos sensors will not work with this.

  2. Kevin Fitzgerald

    Hi Matt the grips I use are midsize with 2 extra layers of tape. Is there an equivalent. Thanx

    • Matt Saternus

      Not at this time.


    • I measured the Helix grips along with a couple comparisons for those interested.

      TLDR: Similar to a Midsize grip with plus 2 wrap on the lower hand.

      The first number is 3″ below the buttcap (Left Hand), second number is 7″ below the buttcap (Right Hand). These are installed numbers. Standard 1 wrap of tape on normal grips.

      Concept Helix – .921″ , .857″
      Z Cord Midsize – .923″ , .825″
      MCC+4 Midsize – .933″ , .877″

      Biggest difference is the weight, 66g is heavy and could reduce the swingweight by 3-4 points from typical grips if not accounted for.

  3. I love them. I ordered 4 originally and did my driver, 3 hybrid, 5 iron, and 8 iron. I was so impressed I ordered 8 more and now have them on everything now.

    I have been using wrap grips for years and wasn’t sure I would like these. I was wrong. Having never changed my own grips, this was stupid simple.

  4. Can also change grips with air. Have been doing it for a couple years now. No mess, no fuss plus allows for endless tinkering and grip swap outs.

  5. No Arccos no Helix

  6. Cool concept but changing grips is easy and fun…and not difficult at all. Don’t need a station either…just take trash can outside and light a cigar… away from solvent!!!!

  7. I’m a fitter/repair guy with a shop at my club.
    I’m not concerned my customers will take to this.
    They leave be a note in our Proshop and next time they golf their clubs are re-gripped to exactly their choice of grips and specs.

  8. So how’s the removal part of “Installation and Removal”work, or were you just referring to the old grip removal?

  9. Thanks for the review! I ordered 3 after reading it.
    I got one installed, it was super easy to slide down, getting the old tape off the shaft was the toughest part. I’m not sure what it’s suppose to look like after installation and tightening, the space between the pattern shrunk as the grip twisted when installed. Matt are you able to add a photo of the grip installed on a club?

    It kept its length and it seems to be like a mcc +4 in thickness. It doesn’t seem to move. I’m sure golf pride can iron out any kinks in the concept.

  10. Very interesting. I enjoy regripping my clubs, so I’m not quite sure about this. But, it’s a very neat concept.

  11. Todd Williams

    Interesting idea. Not sure it will catch on. Does hit another category of player. Those that have always wanted to install their own grips but never tried. #SecretGiveaway2021

  12. Can the grip be installed then removed and then be reinstalled again? Great for driver length testing if so!

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