Srixon ZX Fairway Wood Review

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The Srixon ZX fairway wood launches the ball high without excess spin to maximize carry distance.  Ideal for carrying hazards or reaching those par 5s in two.

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Srixon is a brand that no matter how hard I try to resist, I always seem to be wanting their newest offerings year-after-year.  The combination of quality products, performance improvements, and Tour use are hard to ignore and the ZX fairway woods continue that trend.


The first thing I noticed when I opened up the box was the look at address.  Even though it has some offset to it, when you set it down, the ZX FW sits almost perfectly square to the ball.  It has a triangular shaping to it with a glossy finish and subtle carbon crown, giving it a premium look.  It exudes quality, and I couldn’t wait to hit this to see if it could steal a spot in my bag.

For 2021, Srixon’s ZX woods added a “Rebound Frame” which separates the face from the crown and ultimately creates a ridge across the top of the head.  To my eye, this looks like a blend of elements we see from PXG and Callaway, and it sets up nicely behind the ball.

Sound & Feel

Srixon has had recent success in the sound and feel of their previous woods, and it seems they didn’t stray too far from that success when they designed the ZX.  Well struck shots rocket off the face and have a muted, metallic sound that is extremely soft.  Off-center shots give a bit more feedback.  The heel and toe aren’t as soft as the center, but they aren’t not too punishing.

Using the stock HZRDUS Smoke shaft, the club felt light in my hands.  I actually gained about a half MPH in clubhead speed over my current 3W, on average.


The ZX fairway takes low spin to the next level.  The spin numbers I was seeing were almost as low as my driver.  The interesting part here is that with lower spin, we typically see an increase in roll out.  That wasn’t the case here, largely because of the high launch angle.  The benefit is a crazy amount of carry distance.  I also noticed a tendency for the face to stay more slightly open through impact, which definitely helps with the left miss.

Launching it high and long and still managing to hold a green was really where this club shines.  Off the tee, knowing I can carry a hazard or bunker was a ton of fun.  While it is a bomber, this FW is likely best fit for the golfer who needs a higher ball flight and uses their woods into par 5s and longer par 4s.

The other target golfer is the one that struggles with a steep angle of attack and simply needs less spin.  We always recommend a fitting, but the ZX could help golfers to reduce spin and make their woods long again.


An absolute spin-killer, the ZX fairway woods from Srixon launch the ball high and long.  There’s a reason so many Tour players are putting these into play.   Whether you need something to carry those hazards off the tee or just want to give yourself more eagle chances on par 5s, the ZX fairway woods might be the perfect fit.

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Srixon ZX Fariway Wood Price & Specs

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  1. Nice review- I’m definitely going to try this club- was it the 13.5 head you tested – and you still found it easy to launch? – thanks

    • Zack Buechner


      Yes I tested the 13.5 degree version (which is typically the loft that I play in my 3wood spot) and I found it very easy to launch.


  2. I’ve just ordered a whole bag of Srixon. ZX5 irons, driver and woods. What are your thoughts on their equipment this year? I live in a rural area where I can’t try them in hand and took a leap of faith based on great reviews.

    • Zack Buechner


      The Srixon lineup is really impressive this year. All of our staff who tested their newest releases had nothing but good things to say. You can check out their individual reviews but I’m sure you’ll be happy with your decisions!


  3. I am already jealous or is it envious? I purchased the Cobra 13.5 in the winter with a high launching shaft to achieve the same results you are emphasizing in your Srixon review. FW wood with lower loft (13.5) and higher flight to land softly on the green. I use the 3 wood mostly for 2nd shots to a par 5. I think more and more people will want low spin that launches high. I like the clean looks of this club.

  4. I gotta order one of these. I’ve been looking for a 13.5 or 14 that can launch from the fairway with less spin.

  5. I got zx7 driver and irons along woth zx 3wood an 5wood. The fairway woods cut through thick rough like butter , plus with the ball launching high quickly it gets out of the rough with ease. Ive used the fairway woods out of every lie you can imagine including fairway bunkers , the 5wood clears high bunker lips with ease. Despite there high launching characteristic, there also easy to play a low punch an run shot with from behind trees or against strong head winds. What a phenomanal line up srixon has produced, i even got rid of my vokey wedges for cleveland rtx zipcores as i find the zip cores way more controlable when wanting more or less spin and from tough lies in the rough or greenside bunkers then my old vokeys

  6. Hi, I’m looking at this 13.5 for my bag and have a couple of questions:

    1/ How tall is the face?
    2/ Any issue from tight lies?
    3/ Did you try this out of the rough?

    I’ve been playing Callaway XR Pro 4W and Driver for years now and love the low profile of the 4w.


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