Srixon Z U65 Utility Iron Review


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The Srixon Z U65 utility club is a great long iron replacement for the better player.


The space between the driver and the longest iron is often the most difficult part of the bag to assemble.  Should you use fairway woods?  Hybrids?  How many long irons should you carry?  Srixon is helping to make these decisions easier with the Z U65 utility iron.  For better players, this club can easily replace long irons and bridge the gap to the driver.



The Srixon Z U65 is an easy club for the better player to slide into the bag because it’s one of the best-looking long iron replacements on the market.  The top line is a little thick, but Srixon uses mirrored surfaces to make the rest of the club look small.  The heel and toe are mirrored, so the blade looks small.  More importantly, the backside is mirrored, so nothing is visible behind the top line.


Sound & Feel

When hit on center, the Z U65 feels as good as the forged irons in Srixon’s current line up – soft and solid.  When you miss the center, this club is not afraid to let you know it.  The sound gets louder and the feel is quite firm.  This kind of clear feedback is exactly what better players want from their clubs.



Low handicappers and PGA Tour players want similar things from their long iron replacements.  They want a club that’s easier to elevate than their regular irons, but they don’t want to give up control of trajectory or shot shape.  Those are exactly the characteristics that the Srixon Z U65 delivers.

Compared to an iron with the same loft, the Z U65 launches higher, carries longer, and lands softer.  Unlike many hybrids, however, it’s easy to flight the Z U65 down and shape shots.  While it’s more forgiving than long irons, the Z U65 is not as forgiving as regular hybrids, but that hasn’t stopped numerous Srixon staffers playing it on the PGA Tour.



The Srixon Z U65 is not a long iron replacement for the masses, but for the better player, it’s one of the best ones available.  It looks great and feels tremendous when you hit it pure.  Most importantly, it offers low handicap players full control over their long game.

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Srixon Z U65 Utility Iron Specs & Price


Matt Saternus


  1. Could you guys review the JPX-900 hybrid? Really like the look from pictures

  2. Sorry I ask so many questions but I really appreciate your take on reviews! I’m much prefer long iron to hybrid….so as far as friendliness would you choose the 18* U65 or z565 3i at the top of your bag?

    • Matt Saternus


      No problem at all, the questions are great. The U65 is easier to launch and a bit longer. The key consideration is shaft.



  3. Unhappy srixon golfer

    It is a disgrace that these can’t be make in left handed as well, it discrimination.

  4. Great review Matt. I have a gap now between my 4 iron and my 2 hybrid. Would a 3 iron be a good choice for me ? I hit my taylormade speedblade 4 iron well .

    • Matt Saternus


      It certainly could be. That’s a tough spot in the bag and it really requires testing to find the exact yardage that each clubs goes and what it does well. I think that even more than driver, this is the spot where club fitters can provide great value.



  5. Hey Matt, great review as usual. I’m not loving my hybrid (strong fades) and was looking at this for replacement. What would the appropriate loft be to go from my p790 4 iron which is 21*?

    Thanks as always,

    • Matt Saternus


      Thank you, I’m glad you like the site.

      Figuring out lofts in that range can be tricky because, depending on your swing and your speed, lower lofts can reduce launch angle and spin too much resulting in short carry distances and uncontrollable trajectories. I would start my test with something in the 18* range, but I would definitely want to be on a launch monitor to verify that I was getting a good gap between that and my 4I.



  6. Great review. What are your impressions on the shaft? I’ve read many people stating that the tip section was too soft. Thanks!

    • Matt Saternus


      I wouldn’t agree with “too soft,” at least not for myself. There’s some action in the tip, but I find that useful for getting enough launch and spin to maximize carry distance. At the end of the day, it’s all about finding a shaft that fits your individual swing.



  7. Matt what shaft and flex did you test?

  8. Matt, all my clubs are x-stiff shafts. I am looking to buy the 20degree with the Miyazaki. should I stay with x-stiff ?

  9. I really like hitting the U65 20 with the Miyazaki shaft. I like it so much I’m interested in replacing all my irons with something like the U65. Have you tested out other Srixon irons and do any hit/play like he U65?


  10. Obviously this is an old review but what would you compare hitting this kind of iron to? I love my AP2 3 iron and am looking for a 2. Would it be harder to hit than that? Found a good deal on one online

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