Srixon Z F85 Fairway Wood Review

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The Srixon Z F85 fairway wood produces a penetrating ball flight that stays on line, even on mis-hits.


With the growing popularity of the Q-Star Tour ball, the Srixon name has grown throughout the game of golf.

Although Srixon has been producing quality clubs for quite a while, their brand awareness should grow noticeably with the launch of the Z 85 family of clubs.


It’s all black.  From the Golf Pride grips, black Project X HZRDUS shaft, to the traditionally shaped club head, this club is a black beauty and a true looker.

The crown features minimal markings and a subtle pattern that does not distract at set up.  The step down feature aids in squaring up the clubface.  Overall the head is a balance of curves and size that gives the golfer a sense of confidence when addressing the ball.

Kudos to Srixon for not skimping on the head cover.  A very stylish red and black leather cover with white embroidered stitching not only looks great but provides ample protection for the club head.

Sound & Feel

At set up, the 65 gram shaft felt a little light.  The Project X HZRDUS RED shaft, although not very stiff, was comfortable and provided great feedback on swings and contact.

Impact sound was a muted, yet satisfying, ‘thwack’.  Feedback on mis-hits was slight, but enough to let you know that you did not square that one up.


A reliable club is never a bad thing to have in your bag.  The Z F85 fairway wood delivered solid contact and ample forgiveness.

I was amazed at the tight dispersion numbers that the Z F85 produced. Even on mis-hits, the ball landed close to the intended path.  Knowing that you have that reliable of a club in your bag can give you a lot of confidence when facing a tight fairway.

The Z F85 has great smash factor numbers.  The smash factor is the amount of energy transferred from the club head to the ball.  Even with my modest club head speed, the Z F85’s smash factor was impressive at a average of 1.44.  Even on mis-hits, the energy was still there at 1.40.

With the great smash factor numbers, I was hoping to see some significant yardage gains.  Although I had a respectable carry average, the numbers did not always reflect the feeling at contact.  In several cases, I felt like “I got all of that one,” only to see modest numbers in the end.  The Z F85 is no slouch in distance, but really shines in accuracy.  The Z F85 created a low and piercing ball flight.


For consistency and forgiveness, the Srixon Z F85 fairway wood is top notch.  Impressive Trackman numbers provide insight into the potential this club could bring to your game.  If you need a club that provides performance, consistency, and will keep it in the fairway, the Srixon Z F85 checks all the boxes.

Srizon Z F85 Price and Specs

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Born in Houston, TX, raised in New Orleans, LA, Mike and his family currently live in Orlando, FL. Mike is a First Tee Level 1 Certified instructor and enjoys sharing his love for the game with the Orlando area youth that participate in The First Tee of Central Florida program.

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  1. It seems like the spin numbers are kind of high and launch is a little low- in your opinion, would a higher launch and lower spin get the distance numbers more competitive?

  2. Hello Matt – was this a forgiving FW? Lets say compared to the G400? Or is it for a lower handicap player that would use the 785 driver? Thank you

    • Matt Saternus


      I did not write this review, but my observation – from limited use – is that it’s not extremely demanding nor is it very forgiving.



    • Matt Saternus


      Per Mike: The club is pretty forgiving, but very low trajectory.



  3. Hello Matt – I apologize and thank you

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