Srixon Z 355 Fairway Wood Review

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50 Words or Less

The Srixon Z 355 fairway wood is easy to hit and very consistent.  Not high launching, but the strong ball flight does produce repeatable distances shot after shot.

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If you’ve read our reviews of the Z 355 driver and Z 355 irons, you already know the story behind Srixon’s latest game improvement line.  The key is Action Mass Technology: pairing a heavier head with a lighter, counter balanced shaft to create distance and consistency.  We found this approach to be very effective in both the driver and irons, so now we turn our attention to the Srixon Z 355 fairway wood.

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At address, the Srixon Z 355 fairway wood looks the part of a game improvement fairway wood.  It has a large footprint and a relatively shallow face, making it look very appealing for hitting it off the deck.  Better players will appreciate the lack of alignment aids on the gloss black crown.

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Sound & Feel

While the Srixon Z 355 fairway wood does sport the same Action Mass Technology as the driver and irons, the head is not as heavy as it is in those clubs.  That said, the swing weight is definitely higher than other fairway wood giving you more feel for the head during the swing.

The best word to describe the sound of the Z 355 FW is “strong.”  It creates a low-pitched, metallic crack with medium volume that sounds very hot.  Feedback from this club is fairly minimal except for substantially mishit shots.

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More than anything else, I was impressed by the consistency of the results I got from the Srixon Z 355 fairway wood.  Because of the heavier head, mishit shots retain most of the ball speed of pure strikes.  Even more surprising, the launch and spin numbers were quite robust, even on mishits.  That means you won’t see some balls launching high and others cruising just inches off the ground.

The thing that surprised me about the Z 355 FW was that it tended to launch the ball fairly low with little spin.  My expectation for a game improvement club is that it will launch the ball high with fairly high spin.  The low launch and spin isn’t objectively a good or bad thing – it just depends on the player.  As someone who hits everything fairly low, I would like a higher launching club to maximize my carry distances.  Players who tend to launch their shots high, however, may find added distance and a more pleasing ball flight from the Z 355.

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In some important ways – primarily the high level of forgiveness – the Srixon Z 355 fairway wood is your typical game improvement fairway wood.  In others – mainly the low launch and spin – it’s anything but ordinary.  Whether your game needs improvement or not, this fairway wood deserves a look if you’re going to upgrade that spot in your bag.

Matt Saternus

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